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Default Re: Jawaharlal Nehru University LLB

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Delhi is a public central university located in New Delhi, India.

The University does not offer LLB Program. It offers the following programs.

Programs offered-

Undergraduate Program

B.A.(Hons.)1st year in Arabic(ARBU)
B.A.(Hons.)1st year in Chinese(CHNU)
B.A.(Hons.)1st year in French(FRNU)
B.A.(Hons.)1st year in German(GERU)
B.A.(Hons.)1st year in Japanese(JAPU)
B.A.(Hons.)1st year in Korean(KORU)
B.A.(Hons.)1st year in Persian(PERU)
B.A.(Hons.)1st year in Pushto (PUSU)
B.A.(Hons.)1st year in Russian(RSNU)
B.A.(Hons.)1st year in Spanish(SPNU)
B.A.(Hons.)2nd year in Arabic(ARBS)
B.A.(Hons.)2nd year in Chinese(CHNS)
B.A.(Hons.)2nd year in French(FRNS)
B.A.(Hons.)2nd year in German(GERS)
B.A.(Hons.)2nd year in Japanese(JAPS)
B.A.(Hons.)2nd year in Korean(KORS)
B.A.(Hons.)2nd year in Pashto(PUSS)
B.A.(Hons.)2nd year in Persian(PERS)
B.A.(Hons.)2nd year in Russian(RSNS)
B.A.(Hons.)2nd year in Spanish(SPNS)
Integrated M.Sc-Ph.D programme in Computational & Integrative Sciences(CISM)
Integrated M.Sc-Ph.D programme in Molecular Medicine(CMMM)

Masters Program

Integrated M.Sc-Ph.D programme in Computational & Integrative Sciences(CISM)
Integrated M.Sc-Ph.D programme in Molecular Medicine(CMMM)
M.A. in Ancient History(ANCM)
M.A. in Arabic(ARBM)
M.A. in Arts & Aesthetics(SAAM)
M.A. in Chinese(CHNM)
M.A. in Development and Labour Studies(DLSM)
M.A. in Economics(ECOM)
M.A. in Economics(with specialisation in World Economy)(EILM)
M.A. in English(ENGM)
M.A. in French and Francophone Studies(FRNM)
M.A. in Geography(GEOM)
M.A. in German Literature(GRLM)
M.A. in German Translation/Translation & Interpretation(GRTM)
M.A. in Hindi(HNDM)
M.A. in International Relations and Area Studies(IRAM)
M.A. in Japanese(JAPM)
M.A. in Korean(KORM)
M.A. in Linguistics(LINM)
M.A. in Medieval History(MEDM)
M.A. in Modern History(MODM)
M.A. in Persian(PERM)
M.A. in Philosophy(SPHM)
M.A. in Political Science(POLM)
M.A. in Politics(with specialisation in International Studies)(PISM)
M.A. in Russian(RSNM)
M.A. in Sanskrit(SANM)
M.A. in Sociology(SOCM)
M.A. in Spanish(SPNM)
M.A. in Urdu(URDM)
M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences(SESM)
M.Sc. in Life Sciences(SLSM)
M.Sc. in Physics(SPSM)

MPhil/Phd Program

M.Phil. in Portuguese(PRTP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in African Studies(AFSP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Ancient History(ANCP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Arabic(ARBP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Canadian Studies(CANP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Chinese Studies(CHIP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Chinese(CHNP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Cinema Studies(CNSP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Comparative Politics And Political Theory(CPTP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Computer & Systems Sciences(SCSP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Diplomacy and Disarmament(DADP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Discrimination and Exclusion Studies (SDEP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Economic Studies & Planning(ECOP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Economics(ECNP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Educational Studies(EDUP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in English(ENGP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in European Studies(EUPP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in French(FRNP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Geography(GEOP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in German(GERP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Hindi Translation(HTLP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Hindi(HNDP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Indo-Pacific Studies (South-East Asia/South-West Pacific)(IPSP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Inner Asian Studies(IASP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in International Legal Studies(ILGP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in International Organisation(ORGP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in International Politics(INPP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in International Trade & Development(ITDP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Japanese Studies(JPIP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Japanese(JAPP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Korean Studies(KOIP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Korean(KORP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Latin American Studies(LAMP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Law & Governance(CLGP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Life Sciences(SLSP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Linguistics(LINP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Media Studies (CMSP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Medieval History(MEDP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Modern History(MODP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in North East India Studies(NESP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Persian(PERP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Philosophy(SPHP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Political Geography(POGP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Political Studies(POLP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Population Studies(POPP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Programme in Social Sciences in Health(CSMP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Research Area I(ONEP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Research Area II(TWOP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Research Area III(THRP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Research Area IV(FORP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Russian & Central Asian Studies(RCAP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Russian(RSNP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Sanskrit(SANP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Social Systems(SOCP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in South Asian Studies(SASP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Spanish(SPNP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Studies in Science Policy(SSPP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Tamil(TAMP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance Studies(TPSP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in United States Studies(USSP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Urdu(URDP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Visual Arts(VSAP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in West Asian Studies(WASP)
M.Phil./Ph.D. in Women Studies(WSPP)
M.Tech/Ph.D. in Computer & Systems Sciences(MTCP)
Master of Computer Applications(MCAM)
MPH/Ph.D. in Programme in Community Health(MPHP)
Pre-Ph.D./Ph.D. in Nanosciences(NNSP)
Pre-Ph.D/Ph.D. in Biotechnology(SBTP)
Pre-Ph.D/Ph.D. in Chemical Science(CHEP)
Pre-Ph.D/Ph.D. in Computaional Biology & Bioinformatics(CBBP)
Pre-Ph.D/Ph.D. in Mathematical Science(MATP)
Pre-Ph.D/Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine(CMMP)
Pre-Ph.D/Ph.D. in Physical Science(PHYP)
M.Sc Biotechnology


Apart from the above programmes JNU also offers the following certificate and diploma programmes -

Advance Diploma in Mass Media in Urdu
Advance Diploma in Pushto
Diploma in Bhasha Indonesia
Certificate programme in Mongolian
Certificate Programme in Bahasa Indonesia
Certificate programme in Urdu
Certificate programme in Pali
Certificate programme in Computational Linguistic


Jawaharlal Nehru University
New Mehrauli Road, Munirka, New Delhi, Delhi 110067
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