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Default Re: MP Bhoj Open University PGDCA Syllabus

Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University, or simply Bhoj University, , is a public university in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. The university provides higher education mainly through open and distance learning.

The Syllabus of the PGDCA Course Subject Computer Organisation and System Software of the MP Bhoj Open University is given below

CS-01: Computer Organisation and System Software

Unit - I

Number System Introduction, Binary Number System, Digital Signals and Logic Gates Analog Signal, Binary Representation, Boolean Algebra, Postulates of Boolean Algebra, Boolean Function Simplification. Logic Circuit Designing, Combinational Logic Circuit Designing, Design, Procedure of a Combinational Circuit, Arithmetic Circuits, Digital Circuit Design, Bi-directional Shift Register,

Unit - II
Digital Devices, Integrated Circuits, Digital Multiplexer, Demultiplexers, Decoder, Encoders, Decoder Expansion, Computer Organization, Program, Registers, Instruction Sets, Instruction Execution and Microoperation, 8086 Microprocessor, Interrupts, Directives, Computer Arithmetic, Floating Point Numbers, Arithmetic Operation on Floating Point Numbers, Division Algorithm, Multiplication,

Unit - III
Memory Organization, Memory Unit, Other Types of Memory, Associative Memory (Content Addressible Memory), Hardware Organization of Associative Memory, Building Large Memories Using Chips, Cache Memory, Virtual Memory, Input/Output Organization, Introduction, Accessing I/O Devices, I/O Module, I/O Techniques, Processor Bus, Subroutines, Program Interrupts, Control Organization, Control Organization, Hardwired Control, Microprogrammed Control, Microprogrammed Control Unit, Controller Function, Microinstructions, Microinstruction Format, Sequencing and Execution, Micro operations

Unit - IV
Parallel Processing, Concept of Parallel Processing, Methods of Parallel Processing, Techniques for Overcoming Pipelining Conflicts, Flynn's Classification, Vector Processing, Memory Interleaving, Array Processors, Introduction To System Software, System Software, Language Translators, Batch Monitors, Introduction to Software Processors, Elements of Assembly Language Programming, Assembly Language Statements, Overview of Assembly Process, Design of Assembler, Data Structure, Pass Structure of Assemblers, Modularity

Unit - V
Loaders, Loader, Linking and Loading Schemes, Subroutine Linkages, Program Relocatability, Linking for Program Overlays, What is a Compiler?, Approaches to Compiler Development, Structure of a Compiler, Passes, Macros, Macro, Macro Definition and Usage, Conditional Assembly, Expansion Time Variables, Nested Macro Calls, Schematics for Macro Expansion, Design of a Macro Preprocessor, Introduction to Operating Systems, What is an Operating System?, Evolution of Operating System, Kernel of an Operating System, Real Time Operating Systems, Time Sharing Systems, Services Offered by OS, Accounting.

For more Information you may Contact to the MP Bhoj Open University the contact details are given below

Contact Details
MP Bhoj Open University
Address: Kolar Road, Near Swarn Jayanti Park, Chuna Bhatti, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462016
Phone: 0755 249 2105
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