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Default NEET Model Exam

I have only syllabus of NEET UG Entrance Exam. I am preparing for this Exam. I need model question papers. So will you provide model question papers of NEET UG Entrance Exam?
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Default Re: NEET Model Exam

As you want model question paper of NEET UG Entrance Exam, so I am providing model question paper:

NEET UG Entrance Exam Model Question Paper
In the five kingdom classification, Chlamydomonas and Chlorella have been included in
1) Protista 2) Algae 3) Plantae 4) Monera

Maximum nutritional diversity is found in which of the following groups
1) Fungi 2) Animalia 3) Monera 4) Plantae

How many plants in the list given below have tap root modifications - Banyan, Vanda,
Turnip, Sweet potato, Groundnut, Sugarcane, Monstera
1) Four 2) Two 3) Three 4) Five

Consider the following statements regarding gymnosperms and choose the correct
A) In gymnosperms, the male and female gametophytes have an independent existence
2) The multicellular female gametophyte is called endosperm
3) The gymnosperms are heterosporous
1) A and B are true but C is false 2) A and C are true but B is false
3) B and C are false but A is true 4) B and C are true but A is false

Aerial roots are modified for both absorption and assimilation in this genus
1) Vanda 2) Monstera 3) Banyan 4) Taeniophyllum

The structure which contains vascular bundle and is the modification of stem is
1) Spine 2) Trichome 3) Thorn 4) Prickle

Green leaf like modified branches with a single internode are called
1) Phyllode 2) Phylloclade 3) Bulbils 4) Cladode

Find the correct match:
1) Mustard plant : leaves are opposite
2) Guava plant : leaves are alternate
3) Nerium plant : leaves are whorled
4) Calotropis plant : leaves are alternate

Which of the following is not a tendril climber
1) Smilax 2) Pisum 3) Grape vine 4) Bean

Cup shaped structure in the flower of guava is
1) Thalamus 2) Peduncle 3) Bracts 4) Ovary

A character not applicable to chinarose is
1) Alternate phyllotaxy
2) Twisted aestivation in the second whorl of flower
3) Cohesion in the third whorl of flower 4) Solitary, terminal inflorescence

Fleshy fruits that develop from inferior ovaries are found in
1) Sunflower, apple, cucumber 2) Apple, cucumber, citrus
3) Tomato, grapes, guava 4) Guava, apple, cucumber

Apomictic embryos in Citrus arise from
1) Synergids 2) Maternal sporophytic tissue in ovule
3) Antipodal cells 4) Diploid egg

Incorrect statement among the following
1) In mustard flower stamens have no adhesion or cohesion
2) In thorn apple stamens have adhesion, but not cohesion
3) In sunhemp stamens have cohesion, but not adhesion
4) In lily stamens have both cohesion and adhesion

Which of the following is wrongly matched:
1) Aloe - medicine 2) Sesbania - green manure
3) Thorn apple - fumigatory 4) Asparagus - vegetable

Which of the following biomolecules is correctly characterised ?
1) Lecithin - a phosphorylated glyceride found in cell membrane
2) Palmitic acid - an unsaturated fatty acid with 18 carbon atoms
3) Adenylic acid - adenosine with glucose phosphate molecule
4) Alanine amino acid - contains an amino group and acidic group anywhere in the molecule.

NEET UG Entrance Exam Model Question Paper

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