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Default KLEE Exam

I need sample question papers based on KLEE Exam. So is there anyone who will provide link to download sample papers of KLEE Exam?
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As you are looking for sample question papers for KLEE Exam, so here I am providing sample question paper:

KLEE Exam Sample Question Paper
Question 1:
Which one of the following expressions is correct?
(a) The scenes of Kashmir are charming
(b) The sceneries of Kashmir are charming
(c) The scenery of Kashmir is charming
(d) The scene of Kashmir is charming

Question 2:
Which one of the following is a fundamental duty of citizens?
(a) to sing National Anthem
(b) to pay equal wages to men and women
(c) guardians to provide for education to children between 6 and 14 years of age
(d) to organize village panchayats

Question 3:
Which one of the following does not relate to a company –
(a) articles of association
(b) prospectus
(c) dissolution
(d) winding up

Question 4:
Which one of the following does not relate to environmental protection –
(a) Public Liability Insurance
(b) National Environment Appellate Authority
(c) National Environment Tribunal
(d) National Highway Authority

Question 5:
The adult suffrage has been provided under –
(a) Constitution of India
(b) Representation of Peoples Act
(c) Right to Information Act
(d) Indian Majority Act

Question 6:
I can say this ________________ his face.
(a) on
(b) upon
(c) over
(d) to

Question 7:
____________ M.B.B.S. doctor is qualified to practise medicine.
(a) A
(b) The
(c) An
(d) Every

Question 8:
Nothing can be achieved without ___________ a certain.
(a) Getting
(b) sacrificing
(c) enduring
(d) imbibing

Question 9:
He is so __________ of his own intelligence that he will not entertain any suggestion from others
(a) hopeful
(b) enchanted
(c) jealous
(d) enamoured

Question 10:
He was about to move his bike into the compound of his apartment when a passersby ___________ down the motorbike.
(a) Forced
(b) fell
(c) knocked
(d) climbed

Question 11:
The security of the minister has been _____________ up following an attack at a public meeting.
(a) speeded
(b) bloated
(c) steered
(d) beefed

Question 12:
Find out the correct spelling –
(a) jewelery
(b) jewellry
(c) jwellery
(d) jewellery

Question 13:
Find out the correct spelling –
(a) prevalent
(b) pravalent
(c) prevelant
(d) prevalant

Question 14:
Poets often write in a _____________ mood.
(a) disgusting
(b) critical
(c) sensible
(d) reflective

Question 15:
Your remark is wide __________ the mark.
(a) off
(b) of
(c) around
(d) upon

Question 16:
A “pandora’s box” is so called because –
(a) it belonged to the Pandavas
(b) it is made at Pandara road
(c) it contains undergarments
(d) it contains all the gifts\

Question 17:
Which one of the following expressions is correct?
(a) One of the boy are absent
(b) One of the boys is absent
(c) One of the boys are absent
(d) One of the boys is absent

Question 18:
What is an anagram?
(a) The result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase
(b) A geometrical shape with ‘n’ number of sides
(c) A telegraph transmitted via analogous mode
(d) A technique for constructing holograms

Question 19:
Who is the author of the books “Three Men in a Boat” and “Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow”?
(a) Jerome K. Jerome
(b) Ruskin Bond
(c) Rudyard Kipling
(d) O. Henry

Question 20:
Who created the popular fictional character, Jeeves?
(a) P G. Wodehouse
(b) Jerome K. Jerome
(c) The creators of
(d) Charles Dickens

Question 21:
Metals that can be easily beaten into sheets are known as:
(a) Beatable
(b) Malleable
(c) Polymers
(d) Ductile

Question 22:
Why does a freshly cut apple change color after some time?
(a) Due to growth of sugar degrading bacteria in the apple
(b) Due to bacterial defense mechanism of the exposed fruit tissue
(c) Due to oxidation reaction
(d) All of the above

Question 23:
What is the meaning of the phrase ‘ubi jus ibi remedium’?
(a) Justice for all is the remedy of social evils
(b) Where there is a right, there is a remedy
(c) Complete justice requires speedy remedy
(d) Justice must not only be done but seem to be done

Question 24:
Which one of the following pairs of military honors is matched incorrectly:
(a) Param Vir Chakra: India
(b) Victoria Cross: Britain
(c) Medal of Honor: United States of America
(d) Legion of Honor: Germany
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