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Default Re: Guess Paper Of 10Th Class RBSE

I am providing you the sample question paper of English of Class X of Rajasthan Board Of Secondary Education RBSE

RBSE Class X English question paper

Subject- English

Time: 3:15 Hours


General Instructions to the Examinees:

(i) Candidates must first write their Roll Nos. on the question paper
(ii) All the questions are compulsory.
(iii) Write the answer to each question in the given answer-book only.
(iv) For questions having more than one part, the answers to those parts are to be
written together in continuity.
(v) This paper is divided into three sections A, B and C. All sections are compulsory.
(vi) Separate instructions are given for each section and question, wherever
necessary. Read these instructions very carefully and follow them.
(vii) Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.

Section A


1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below.
What are volcanoes ? In appearance it looks like a cone-shapped mountain. But
the slop of the cone is rather flat and hollow. This is the crater, which is as it were, the
mouth of the volcano. The volcano is formed by matter rock coming up from below the
earth’s crust; by molten rock we mean rock which is so hot that it runs like liquid. This
rock is called lava.
Imagine a sort of pipe coming up from deep down in the earth’s surface passing
through the rocks of the earth’s crust and coming up to the crater. The lava forces its way
up this pipe and overflows to form the sides of the volcano. The volcanic mountain is
therefore found in the areas where the earth’s surface is for some reason weak and cannot
resist the pressure of the molten lava.
One of the most famous volcanic eruptions of ancient times was of Mount Vesuvius
near Neples in 79 AD. Some neighbouring towns were buried under huge amounts of ash.
The ash preserved the bodies of many of the victims which can still be seen today.

(i) What do we call to the top of volcanoes ? 1
(ii) How does a volcano look like ? 1
(iii) Where are the volcanoes mostly found ? 1
(iv) When did the Mount Vesuvius volcano erupt ? 1
(v) How is lava formed ? 1
(vii) The upper part of the earth is called ……… 1
(vii) Find from the passage the word which means "fluid part of volcano". 1
2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.
A little boy used to play in the shade of a tree. One day the boy sat leaning against
the trunk of the tree, cried and sighed. “ I am hungry” “Eat my fruits”, said the kind tree and
it bent down one of its branches. The little boy ate the fruits and felt satisfied.
Many years passed and the boy grew up. Then once again he sat under the tree
with a look of dejection and helplessness. "What is it ?" , the tree asked. “ My wedding
day is bare a week away and I have nowhere to live.” “Cut down my branches and build
yourself a house,” said the tree. The young man sat to work immediately.
Time passed and now the young man was a sailor. Once again he sat under the
tree with a look of remorse on his face. It again asked what the matter was, he pleaded,
“ My captain is cruel, so to survive I must own a ship." "cut down my trunk and build a
ship,” said the tree.
The sailor grew old but once again he turned to the tree with a laden expression
on his face. It was cold and the sailor leaned on his stick was trembling. “Make a fire of
me,” said the stump of the tree. It soon burnt in the fire softly humming a tune.
(i) Why did the tree say to the boy to eat its fruits ? 1
(ii) How did the tree help the man before his marriage ? 1
(iii) What did the man do to survive himself ? 1
(iv) How many times did the tree help a single human being ? 1
(v) Did the tree remain alive at the last ? If yes why/if not why not ? 1
(vi) Name the different parts of this tree. 1
(vii) Find the the word from the passage which is opposite to ‘Kind’ 1
(viii) Find from the passage a word similar to “a strong feeling of sadness”1
Section-B (Writing)
Marks : 15
3. You are Sarika living in Bikaner. Last month you want to Jaipur. Write a ltter to
your friend Radhika describing her how you enjoyed this trip. You may take help of the
following points

(i) With whom did you go to Jaipur ?
(ii)Where did you stay ?
(iii)Duration of the trip.
(iv)What Places did you visit there ?
(v)What things did you buy ? 5
You are Shehnaz you have passed class-X in 2012 you have applied to Board of
Sec.Edu.Raj., Ajmer for the re-evaluation of your marks in English Subject on 10
2012. Send an E-mail to the Secretary, Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan on the
given e-mail address. Secy.boser raj @nic.in for inquiring about the status of your
marks. 5
4. Write a paragraph in about 60 words with the help of given outline : 4
To Save water is the most essential thing of today. Water ……….. important for all
living beings. No life without water ……………….. ocean water ……… not
consumable………….. should save…… rain water …………… build rain water
harvesting system in every building ……….. clean the rivers, ponds. Wells, tanks before
rainy season……….. not waste water ………….. it is very precious ……….

RBSE Class X English question paper

For more questions here is the attachment
Attached Files Available for Download
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