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Default Re: XI CBSE Sample Papers

On your demand I will provide you Central Board of Secondary Education, XI Class Chemistry subject exam paper.

Here is the exam paper

1. What is the maximum number of electrons that can be present in an atom in which the highest principal quantum number is 4? [1]

2. How is bond order related to the stability of a molecule ? [1]

3. What is the binding force between molecules if a substance is a gas under ordinary conditions of temperature and pressure ? [1]

4. In the reaction;

Mn02 + 4HC1 — MnC12 + C12 + 2H20, which species is oxidized ?

5. How many hydrogen bonded water molecule(s) are present in CuSO4.5H20 ? [1]

6. A sample of NaNO3 weighing 0.83 g is placed in a 50 ml volumetric flask. The flask is then filled with water to the mark on the neck. What is the molarity of the solution ? [2]

7. Determine the empirical formula of an oxide of iron which has 69.9% iron and 30.1% dioxygen by mass. [2]

8. Calculate the hydrogen ion concentration in the following biological fluids whose pH are given : [2]

(a) Human muscle-fluid, 6.83

(b) Human stomach fluid, 1.2

9. Write four major water pollutants. [2]

10. Draw the structures of cis- and trans-isomers of the following compounds name ; [2]


(ii) C2H5C(CH3) = C(CH3)C2H5


Suggest the name of two Lewis acid other than anhydrous aluminium chloride which can be used during ethylation of benzene. [2]

11. Electromagnetic radiation of wavelength 242 nm is just sufficient to ionize the sodium atom. Calculate the ionization energy of sodium in kJ mol-1.

12. Write the electronic configurations of the following ions : [3]

(a) H+,

(b) Na+.

(c) 02-.

13. Define octet rule. Write its significance and limitations. [3]

14. Assign oxidation number to the underlined elements in each of the following species : [3]

(a) Ca02,

(b) NaBH4,

(c) H2S2O7.

15. Anhydrous A1C13 is covalent but A1C13.6H20 is ionic in nature. How would you account for this ? [31

16. (a) Write chemical reaction to show the amphoteric nature of water.

(b) How does H202 behave as a bleaching agent ? [3]

17. (i) A sample of pure PC15 was stored in an evacuated vessels at 473K. After equilibrium was attained, concentration of PC15 was found to be 0.5 x 10-1 mol L-1. If value of Kc. is

8.3 x 10-3, what are the concentration of PC13 and C12 at equilibrium ?

(ii) Give relation between Kp and IQ for above equation. [3]

18. What will be the pressure of the gas mixture when 0.5 L of H2 at 0.8 bar and 2.0 L of oxygen at 0.7 bar are introduced in a 1 L vessel at 27°C? [3]

19. Explain tropospheric pollution in 100 words. [3]

20. Carry out the following conversions : [3]

(I ) Ethyl alcohol to ethane.

(2) Sodium acetanilide to benzene.

(3) Benzene to nitrobenzene.
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