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Default BSC IT IMS Kuvempu University

Tell me on which site I can download syllabus of B.SC IT Program offering by Kuvempu University? Provide detailed syllabus of B.SC IT Program of Kuvempu University.
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Default Re: BSC IT IMS Kuvempu University

The Kuvempu University was established in 1987.

The University offers many UG and PG Programs.

It offers B.SC Computer Science (CS) Program.

It does not offer B.SC IT Course.

So I am providing detailed syllabus of B.SC CS Program for your reference:


BCS-1 Computers Fundamentals and C Programming

Unit 1- Introduction to Computer Systems: 15hrs
Definition of a Computer, History of Computers,Generations of Computers, types ofcomputer – based on size and working principle, Block diagram of a Computer with functional units(explanation), Parts of a computer system, Information processing Cycle.Definition of software and hardware,types of programming languages,assembler,compiler, interpreter, linker, loader (Definitions only),number system – decimal,binary,octal and hexadecimal number,interconversion of decimal to binary and viceversa.ASCII
codes. Algorithm-definition, Characteristics, notations. Flowchart-definition,Symbols used in writing the flow-chart Writing an algorithm and flow-chart of simpleproblems.

Unit 2- Introduction to Computer Systems: 06hrs
Introduction to C, featuresC , basic C program structure, character set, tokens, keywords
Andidentifiers.Constants, variables, data types, variable declaration, symbolic constant definition.

Unit 3- Operators and Expressions: 06hrs
C operators- arithmetic, relational, logical, bitwise, assignment, increment and decrement,
Conditional (? and special operators, Arithmetic expressions, precedence of operators
andassociatively. Type conversions, mathematical functions.Definition of macro and pre-processor directives, Managing I/O operation – reading andwriting a character, formatted and
unformatted/O functions.

Unit 4- Control Structures: 10hrs
Conditional control statements- if, if-else,nestedif,switch , go to statement, while, do-whileand for statements. Unconditional control statements- break, continue and returnStatements(definition and explanation with syntax, flowchart and examples)

Unit 5- Arrays, Strings and Functions: 10hrs
Definitions of an array, types-one and two dimensional array,(definition, declaration, initialization with examples).Strings–definition, declaration and initialization of string
variable, string handling functions- strcmp,strcpy,strrev,strlen,strlwr,strupr(explanat ion withsyntax and examples) Functions – definition, need, syntax for function declaration, functionprototype, category of functions, nesting offunctions, function with arrays, scope of variables, parameter passing mechanism- call by value and call by reference. Recursion and Recursivefunction(definitions only)

BCS-2 Data Structures using C
Unit 1– Introduction to Data Structures, Structure and Union 08hrs
Pointers–Definition, Declaration, Examples and usage.Static / dynamic memory allocation.Structure–Definition, declaration, accessing structure members. Union – Definition,declaration, Differences between structures and union .Definition of Data Structure and types with examples.

Unit 2- Stack 6hrs
Definition and example, operations, representation of stack in C, applications of stack,evaluation of postfix expression, conversion from infix to postfix. Recursion –Tower of
Hanoi, Factorial, GCD.

Unit 3- Queues and lists 10hrs
Definition and example, operations on queue, types of queue, sequential representation,disadvantages of ordinary queue, circular queue and priority queue(concepts only).Linked
list–Definitions and types of lists ,operations on SLL, stack and queue implementation using linked list, circular anddoubly linked list (concepts only).

Unit 4- Trees 10hrs
Tree definition, representation, types of tree, Tree terminologies with an example, Binary
tree,linked list representation of binary tree, tree traversals,binary search tree(definition only)and its applications.

Unit 5- Searching and sorting 10hrs
Searching technique- sequential, Binary search, interpolation, binary treesearching definition of Sorting definition and its types –radix sort, quick sort, shellsort,heapsort,binary tree sort.


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