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Default Re: IIT Bombay Department of Electrical Engineering

There are several Faculty Members are in Department of Electrical Engineering of IIT Bombay.

I am providing list of all Faculty Members of Department of Electrical Engineering with their contact details:

Vivek Agarwal
+91-22-2576-7422 (O)
+91-22-2576-8422 (R)
Email: agarwal[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Sadanand D. Agashe
+91-22-2576-7411 (O)
+91-22-2570-1259 (R)
Email: eesdaia[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Kumar Appaiah
+91-22-2576-9416 (O)
Email: akumar[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Brij Mohan Arora
+91-22-2576-7409 (O)
Email: bmarora[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Sibi Raj B Pillai
+91-22-2576-7419 (O)
Email: bsraj[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Himanshu J. Bahirat
+91-22-2576-9415 (O)
Email: hjbahirat[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Madhu N. Belur
+91-22-2576-7404 (O)
Email: belur[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Vivek Shripad Borkar
+91-22-2576-9405 (O)
+91-22-2576-8405 (R)
Email: borkar[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Subhananda Chakrabarti
+91-22-2576-7421 (O)
+91-22-2576-8421 (R)
Email: subho[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Debraj Chakraborty
+91-22-2576-7420 (O)
+91-22-2576-8420 (R)
Email: dc[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Mukul C. Chandorkar
+91-22-2576-7475 (O)
+91-22-2576-8475 (R)
Email: mukul [AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Prasanna Chaporkar
+91-22-2576-7449 (O)
+91-22-2576-8449 (R)
Email: chaporkar[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Kishore Chatterjee
+91-22-2576-7472 (O)
+91-22-2576-8472 (R)
Email: kishore [AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Subhasis Chaudhuri
+91-22-2576-7437 (O)
+91-22-2576-8437 (R)
Email: sc[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Madhav P. Desai
+91-22-2576-7423 (O)
+91-22-2576-8423 (R)
Email: madhav [AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Bikash Kumar Dey
+91-22-2576-7429 (O)
+91-22-2576-8429 (R)
Email: bikash[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Siddhartha P Duttagupta
+91-22-2576-7866 (O)
+91-22-2857-7560 (R)
Email: sdgupta[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Baylon G. Fernandes ( Currently, Head of the Department )
+91-22-2576-7428 (O)
+91-22-2576-8428 (R)
Email: bgf [AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Vikram M. Gadre
+91-22-2576-7426 (O)
+91-22-2576-8426 (R)
Email: vmgadre[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Swaroop Ganguly
+91-22-2576-7403 (O)
Email: sganguly[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Udayan Ganguly
+91-22-2576-7698 (O)
Email: udayan[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Manoj Gopalkrishnan
+91-22-2576-5421 (O)
Email: manojg[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Shalabh Gupta
+91-22-2576-7499 (O)
+91-22-2576-8499 (R)
Email: shalabh[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Joseph John
+91-22-2576-7448 (O)
+91-22-2576-8448 (R)
Email: jjohn [AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Nikhil Karamchandani
+91-22-2576-9419 (O)
Email: nikhilk[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Abhay Karandikar
+91-22-2576-7439 (O)
+91-22-2576-8439 (R)
Email: karandi[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Gaurav S Kasbekar
+91-22-2576-9407 (O)
Email: gskasbekar[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Shrikrishna A. Khaparde
+91-22-2576-7434 (O)
+91-22-2576-8434 (R)
Email: sak[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Anil Kottantharayil
+91-22-2576-7438 (O)
+91-22-2576-8438 (R)
Email: anilkg[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Anupama Kowli
+91-22-2576-7467 (O)
Email: anu[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Shrikrishna V. Kulkarni
+91-22-2576-7430 (O)
Email: svk[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Anil Kulkarni
+91-22-2576-7416 (O)
+91-22-2576-8416 (R)
Email: anil[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Girish Kumar
+91-22-2576-7436 (O)
+91-22-2576-8436 (R)
Email: gkumar[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Animesh Kumar
+91-22-2576-7407 (O)
Email: animesh[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Apurba Laha
+91-22-2576-9408 (O)
+91-22-2576-8408 (R)
Email: laha[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Saurabh Lodha
+91-22-2576-7460 (O)
+91-22-2576-8460 (R)
Email: slodha[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Souvik Mahapatra
+91-22-2576-7412 (O)
+91-22-2756-8412 (R)
Email: souvik[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

D Manjunath
+91-22-2576-7427 (O)
+91-22-2576-8427 (R)
Email: dmanju[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Shabbir Merchant
+91-22-2576-7455 (O)
+91-22-2576-8455 (R)
Email: merchant[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Sharayu Moharir
+91-22-2576-7411 (O)
Email: sharayum[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Jayanta Mukherjee
+91-22-2576-7479 (O)
Email: jayanta[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Bhaskaran Muralidharan
+91-22-2576-9411 (O)
Email: bm[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Jayakrishnan U Nair
+91-22-2576-9412 (O)
Email: jayakrishnan.nair[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Pradeep R. Nair
+91-22-2576-9447 (O)
Email: prnair[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

K.L. Narasimhan
022-2576-9410 (O)
Email: kln[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Harihar Narayanan
+91-22-2576-7431 (O)
+91-22-2576-8431 (R)
Email: hn[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Debasattam Pal
+91-22-2576-7442 (O)
Email: debasattam[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Prem C. Pandey
+91-22-2576-7445 (O)
+91-22-2576-8445 (R)
Email: pcpandey[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Mahesh B. Patil
+91-22-2576-7446 (O)
+91-22-2576-8695 (R)
Email: mbpatil[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Sachin Patkar
+91-22-2576-7490 (O)
+91-22-2576-8490 (R)
Email: patkar[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Harish K. Pillai
+91-22-2576-7424 (O)
+91-22-2576-8424 (R)
Email: hp[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Preeti Rao
+91-22-2576-7695 (O)
+91-22-2576-8695 (R)
Email: prao[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Valipe Ramgopal Rao (Currently Director, IIT Delhi)
+91-22-2576-7456 (O)
Email: rrao[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Kasturi Saha
+91-22-2576 9413 (O)
Email: kasturis[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Dipankar Saha
+91-22-2576-7443 (O)
Email: dsaha[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Amit Sethi
+91-22-2576-7483 (O)
+91-22-2576-8483 (R)
Email: asethi[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Dinesh K. Sharma
+91-22-2576-7432 (O)
Email: dinesh[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Raghunath K. Shevgaonkar
+91-22-2576-7440 (O)
+91-22-2576-8440 (R)
Email: rks[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Maryam Shojaei Baghini
+91-22-2576-7425 (O)
+91-22-2576-8425 (R)
Email: mshojaei[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Anshuman Shukla
+91-22-2576-7415 (O)
Email: ashukla[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Virendra Singh
+91-22-2576-9432 (O)
Email: viren[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Shreevardhan A. Soman
+91-22-2576-7435 (O)
+91-22-2576-8435 (R)
Email: soman[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Virendra R. Sule
+91-22-2576-7492 (O)
Email: vrs[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Siddharth Tallur
+91-22-2576-9422 (O)
Email: stallur[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Ashwin A. Tulapurkar
+91-22-2576-7405 (O)
Email: ashwin [AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Juzer M. Vasi
+91-22-2576-7408 (O)
Email: vasi[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Rajbabu Velmurugan
+91-22-2576-7444 (O)
+91-22-2576-8444 (R)
Email: rajbabu[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Saravanan Vijayakumaran
+91-22-2576-7498 (O)
Email: sarva[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in

Rajesh H. Zele
+91-22-2576-7441 (O)
+91-22-2576-8441 (R)
Email: rajeshzele[AT]ee.iitb.ac.in
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