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Default IIIT Bangalore Entrance Exam Pattern

I want to apply for Entrance Exam conducted by IIIT Bangalore for admission in Master of Science (Digital Society) Program. I want to know about pattern of question paper. So is there anyone who will tell me about pattern of Entrance Exam of IIIT Bangalore for Master of Science (Digital Society) Program?
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Default Re: IIIT Bangalore Entrance Exam Pattern

As you want to know about pattern of question paper of Entrance Exam conducted by IIIT Bangalore for admission in Master of Science (Digital Society) Program, so here I am providing sample question paper to get idea about pattern:

IIIT Bangalore Entrance Exam Sample Question Paper for Master of Science (Digital Society)

Section I: Numerical Ability
1) If the length of a rectangle is increased by 5.55%, by what percentage the width should be reduced so that the area remains same?
A) 5.88%
B) 5.55%
C) 5.26%
D) 6.25%

2) Find the value of k, where k = 0.77 + 7.77 + 0.07 + 77.07 + 77.77 + 7.07
A) 169.52
B) 170.42
C) 169.42
D) 170.52

3) Last year, the prices of tea and coffee were in the ratio of 12:23. Between last year and this year, the price of tea has risen in the ratio of 15:19 and that of coffee, in the ratio of 5:6. If this year a kg of coffee and a kg of tea together cost Rs. 214, how much does a kg of coffee cost?
A) Rs. 115
B) Rs. 161
C) Rs. 136
D) Rs. 138

Section II: Verbal Ability
Read the passage and answer the question that follows on the basis of the information provided in the passage.
Dictionaries will tell you that a traitor is one who betrays a confidence or trust, one who performs perfidiously or treacherously, one who even violates his allegiance and betrays his country. From an analytical point of view this definition is inadequate. It was Shakespeare who came closer, “though those that are betrayed do feel the treason sharply yet the traitor stands in worse case of woe.” It is this woe that interests the analyst.
I will give you a miniature portrait of a traitor based in my studies. Like all other men, he is possessed of three basic needs, the first to be secure, dependent on someone who can keep him safe; the second to advance to achieve mastery to satisfy his aggression; the third to perform normally and cooperatively with other human beings, to fulfil his urge to give and receive love. But the potential traitors is unlike most men that is his basic needs, impulses, urges are unfulfilled, inhibited, and eventually warped. Most often he will have suffered disapproval, or rejection, or lack of love, from a parent or parents. As a child he will have yearned for safety, protection and been deprived. Usually he will grow to adulthood, longing for someone to depend upon, hating a parent who has failed him, yet filled with anxieties over his repressed hostilities. His normal aggression towards his parents, controlled by his need for love would ideally be redirected in adulthood into healthy defences against men dangers that arise. But because of his abnormal upbringing, he cannot sublimate his aggression. He finally turns against the authority of a parent or parents; yet he still has a need for dependence on a protective authority, as well as a need for approval.
In such an unhappy situation some men will seek the authority of the church, and subordinate themselves to a power, all-encompassing and too softly to be resented and others in their helpless anxiety might seek to find comfort in the authority fatherland.

But suppose their fatherland is a farcical democracy of individuals as are America and Great Britain, unable to give these men a dependable image to cling to, offering them no channel through which to alleviate their hate or satisfy their need for love? Supposing also materialistic in their eyes?

Such men may become desolate, unsuccessful, despairing neurotic clods. But one man, the one determined, man finds a way out. He will be attracted in America, or in Russia, or in China, by a political sect, let us say, the Communist party with rigid rules and complex dialects. Here is the parent with authority, granting approval he has never before known. Here is a totalitarian symbol upon which he can depend, through which he can find an outlet for hostility and aggressions, from which he will receive the reward of love. And here, too, as has been remarked is “a vision of the Kingdom of God on earth.” And so our man resolves his neurotic conflicts. He turns to a new and higher authority than his remiss parents or disinterested fatherland. He offers his allegiance to communism, but since he wishes adoption, he must prove himself, and so he betrays his present authority to his future one, stealing secrets from his fatherland and passing them in as gifts to the men of authority that have adopted him. Oversimplification or not, this is the portrait of a conscious or unconscious traitor.

4) The passage presents the meaning of the word, ‘traitor’ and draws –
A) The portrait of a political leader
B) The picture of a villain who betrays his country
C) The growth of a potential traitor
D) The picture of one who needs and finds an outlet for hostility and aggressions

IIIT Bangalore Entrance Exam Sample Question Paper for Master of Science (Digital Society)

Answered By StudyChaCha Member
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