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Default Indian Forest Service Chemical Engineering Paper

My brother is preparing for Indian Forest Service Exam. He needs question papers for Chemical Engineering Subject for this Exam. Someone is here who will provide link to download question paper of Chemical Engineering Subject of Indian Forest Service Exam?
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Default Re: Indian Forest Service Chemical Engineering Paper

As you are looking for question paper of Chemical Engineering Subject of Indian Forest Service Exam, so here I am providing question paper:

Indian Forest Service Question Paper of Chemical Engineering


Answer all parts in this question :
How would you increase the sensitivity of the manometer? Suggest at least two ways.

Explain briefly the difference between a fan, blower and a compressor.

State Raoult's law and its limitations.

Explain wet bulb and saturation temperatures of a vapour gas mixture. Under what circumstances they are same ?

Express overall heat transfer coefficient in terms of individual film transfer coefficient.

De fine and explain the significance of Froude Number and Power Number.

Explain briefly about film theory.

What are the simplified assumptions of McCabe Thiele method? Explain.

Draw a Roll crusher and explain its working briefly. Describe the equation to calculate the diameterof a roll in Roll crusher. 10•1-lO

A fluidized bed (0•5 m dia and 0•5 m high) of spherical particles with diameter 2000 pm, and withspecific g1"avity 2•5, uses water as medium. The porosity of the bed is 0•4. Determine LlP using Ergunequation for the system.

An orifice meter having diameter of 0•025 rn is located in a 0•08 m pipe. Water is flowing throughthe line and a mercury manometer measures the differential pressure over the instrument. The –leadsare filled with water. When the manometer reading is 0•35 m, what is flow rate of water per minute?

Explain the factors to be considered for selection of a solvent in absorption. I 0

Derive an equation for estimation of time of drying when met solid contains both bound and unboundmoisture.

Ammonia is stripped from a dilute aqueous solution by counter-current contact with air in a columncontaining seven sieve trays. The equilibrium relationship is Ye = 0•8 xe and molar flow rate of air is1•5 times that of the solution. 90% of NH3 is to be removed. How many ideal stages docs the columnhave and what is the stage efficiency ?

Give detailed procedure for calculation. of Heat load of a furnace. I 0

Derive an equation for estimation of overall heat transfer coefficient from individual coefficients.

A solution of organic colloids is to be concentrated from 15 to 50 per cent solids in a verticaltubeevaporator. T he solution has a negligible elevation in boiling point, and the specific heat ofthe feed is 0•93. Saturated steam is available at 0•8 atm abs, and the pressure in the condenser is• 100 mm Hg abs. The feed enters at 15°C. The overall coefficient is 1,700 W/M 2. The evaporatormust evaporate 25,000 kg of water per hour. How many square metres of surface are required, .andwhat is the steam consumption in kilograms per hour ? Enthalpy of super heated water vapour is575 kcal/kg and that of steam is 4406 kcal/kg. Temperature in evaporator is 50°C. Enthalpy of thickliquor is 122 kcal/kg, enthalpy of feed is 30 kcal/kg.

Answer all parts in this question :
List out and explain the various static and dynamic characteristics of a Temperature measuringInstrument.
Define Stability criteria and explain Routh test method• for finding the stability of the control system.
What are the advantages of liquid membrane process over liquid extract.
Explain the Pervaporation operation. .
What is meant by crossover frequency of a control system ?
Give the transfer function for transportation lag.
Distinguish between Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration.
What is the principle of Electro-Dialysis ?List out applications of this operation.
What are the commercial applications of dialysis operation ?
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