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Default Re: MP Bhoj Open University Courses Syllabus

Ok, here I am providing you the syllabus of BCA Second Year of Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University

MP Bhoj Open University BCA Second Year Syllabus

Computer Architecture

Unit – I
Digital Logic Circuits, Digital Computers, Logic Gates, Boolean Algebra, Complement of a Function, Map Simplification, Product-of-Sum Simplification, Don't-Care Conditions, Combinational Circuits, Half-Adder, Full-Adder, Flip-Flops, SR Flip-Flop, D Flip-Flop, JK Flip-Flop, T Flip-Flop, Edge-Triggered Flip-Flops, Excitation Tables, Sequential Circuits, Flip-Flop Input Equations, State Table, State Diagram, Design Example, Design Procedure.

Unit – II
Digital Component, Integrated Circuits, Decoders, NAND Gate Decoder, Decoder, Expansion, Encoders, Multiplexers, Registers, Register with Parallel Load, Shift Registers, Bidirectional Shift Register with Parallel Load, Binary Counters, Binary Counter with Parallel Load, Memory Unit, Random-Access Memory, Read-Only Memory, Types of ROMs.

Unit – III
Data Representation, Data Types, Number Systems, Octal and Hexadecimal, Numbers, Decimal Representation, Alphanumeric Representation, Complements, (r-1)'s Complement, (r's) Complement, Subtraction of Unsigned Numbers, Fixed-Point Representation, Integer Representation, Arithmetic-Addition, Arithmetic Subtraction, Overflow, Decimal Fixed-Point Representation, Floating- Point Representation, Other Binary Codes, Gray Code, Other Decimal Codes, Other Alphanumeric Codes, Error Detection Codes.

Unit – IV
Basic Computer Organization and Design, Instruction Codes, Stored Program, Organization, Indirect Address, Computer Registers, Common Bus System, Computer Instructions, Instruction Set Completeness, Timing and Control, Instruction Cycle.
Input-Output and Interrupt, Input-Output Configuration, Input-Output Instructions, Program

Unit – V
Interrupt, Interrupt Cycle, Complete Computer Description, Design of Basic Computer, Control Logic Gates, Control of Registers and Memory, Control of Single Flip-Flops, Control of Common Bus, Design of Accumulator Logic, Control of AC Register, Adder and Logic Circuit, Programming the Basic Computer, Introduction, Machine Language, Assembly Language, Rules of the Language, An Example, Translation to Binary, The Assembler, Representation of Symbolic Program in Memory, First Pass, Second Pass.

Multimedia Systems

Unit – I

Introduction to multimedia, Definitions, CD-ROM and the Multimedia Highway, CD-ROM, DVD, and Multimedia, the Multimedia Highway, Where to use Multimedia, Multimedia in Business, Multimedia in Schools, Multimedia at Home, Multimedia in Public Places, Virtual Reality. Text, The Power of Meaning, About Fonts and Faces, Cases, Serif Versus Sans Serif, Using Text in Multimedia, Designing with Text, Choosing Text Fonts, Menus for Navigation, Buttons for Interaction, Fields for Reading, TML Documents, Symbols and Icons, Animating Text, Computers and Text, The Font Wars, Font Foundries, Managing Your Fonts, Character Sets and Alphabets, Mapping Text Across Platforms, Font Editing and Design Tools, Fontographer, Making Pretty Text, Hypermedia and Hypertext, The Power of Hypertext, Using Hypertext, Searching for Words, Hypermedia Structures, Hypertext Tools, Sound, The Power of Sound, Multimedia System Sounds, Digital Audio, Preparing Digital Audio Files, Making MIDI Audio, Audio File Formats, MIDI Versus Digital Audio, Choosing Between MIDI and Digital Audio, Sound for the World Wide Web, Adding Sound to Your Multimedia Project, Toward Professional Sound: The Red Book Standard, Space Considerations, Production Tips, Audio Recording, Keeping Track of Your Sounds, Testing and Evaluation, Copyright Issues,

Unit - II

Images Before You Start to Create, Plan Your Approach, Organize Your Tools, Multiple Monitors, Making Still Images, Bitmaps, Vector Drawing, 3-D Drawing and Rendering, Color, Understanding Natural Light and Color, Computerized Color, Color Palettes, Image File Formats, Macintosh Formats, Windows Formats, Cross-Platform Formats, Animation, The Power of Motion, Principles of Animation, Animation by Computer, Animation Techniques, Animation File Formats, Making Animations That Work, A Rolling Ball, A Bouncing Ball, Creating an Animated Scene.

Unit – III

Video, Using Video, Obtaining Video Clips, How Video Works, Broadcast Video Standards, NTSC, PAL, SECAM, A TSC DTV, Analog Video, Overscan and the Safe Title Area, 183 Video Color, Interlacing Effects, Text and Titles for Television, Taking Care of Your Analog Tapes, Digital Video, Digital Video Architectures, Digital Video Compression, Video Recording and Tape Formats, Composite Analog Video, Component Analog Video, Composite Digital, Component Digital, ATSC Digital TV, Comparing the Formats, Shooting and Editing Video, Shooting Platform, Lighting, Chroma Keys, Composition, Optimizing Video Files for CD-ROM..

Unit – IV

Hardware, Macintosh Versus Windows, The Macintosh Platform, The Windows Platform, Networking Macintosh and Windows Computers, Connections, SCSI, IDE, EIDE, Ultra-IDE, ATA, Ultra-ATA, USE, Fire Wire (IEEE 1394), Memory and Storage Devices, Random Access Memory (RAM), Read-Only Memory (ROM), Floppy and Hard Disks, Zip, jaz, Syquest, and Optical Storage Devices, Digital Versatile Disc (DVD), CD-ROM Players, CD Recorders, Input Devices, Keyboards, Mice, Trackballs, Touchscreens, Magnetic Card Encoders and Readers, Graphics Tablets, Scanners, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Devices, Infrared Remotes, Voice Recognition Systems, Digital Cameras, Output Hardware, Audio Devices, Amplifiers and Speakers, Monitors, Video Devices, Projectors, Printers, Communications Devices, Modems, ISDN and DSL, Cable Modems.

Unit – V

Basic Software Tools, Text Editing and Word Processing Tools, OCR Software, Painting and Drawing Tools, 3-D Modeling and Animation Tools, Image-Editing Tools, Plug-Ins, Sound Editing Tools, Animation, Video, and Digital Movie Tools, Video Formats, QuickTime for Windows and Macintosh, Microsoft Video for Windows, Movie Editors, Compressing Movie Files, Helpful Accessories.

For complete syllabus here is the attachment


Madhya Pradesh Bhoj University
Kolar Road, Near Swarn Jayanti Park, Chuna Bhatti, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462016
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