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Default Re: WWW Combined Graduate Level Exam Previous Years Question Papers

As per your concern I will get the Combined Graduate Level exam paper, so that you can start preparing for it.

Here is the paper

1. he famous economist Thomas Robert Malthus, in his views regarding population, is

(a) optimistic
(b) partly optimistic and partly pessimistic
(c) pessimistic
(d) None of the above

2. Non-insurable or uncertainty risk is

(a) change in fashion
(b) fire
(c) flood
(d) change in the price of that commodity

3. ‘Gold Bullion Standard’ refers to

(a) gold coin as an unlimited legal tender
(b) gold as the measure of value
(c) free coinage of gold
(d) no restriction on import and export of gold

4. Laws made by the executive are called

(a) Delegated Legislation
(b) Preferred Legislation
(c) Rule of Law
(d) Administrative Law

5. The word ‘Oikonomia’ means

(a) Household Management
(b) Individual Management
(c) Political Management
(d) Fiscal Management

6. The word ‘Economics’ is taken from which language?

(a) French
(b) Greek
(c) German
(d) English

7. Which of the following is a merit of the presidential form of government?

(a) The fixed tenure of the executive gives it a great sense of stability
(b) It ensures speedy execution of policies
(c) It safeguards the liberty of the people
(d) All of the above

8. The two chambers of the Swiss Federal Assembly are called

(a) National Council and Council of States
(b) House of Lords and House of Commons
(c) Senate and House of Representatives
(d) None of the above

9. Name the Italian traveller who visited the Vijayanagar empire in 1420 AD

(a) Domingos Paes
(b) Edoardo Barbosa
(c) Nicolo de Conti
(d) Abdur Razzag

10. Which one of the following dynasties established an independent rule in Bijapur?

(a) Imad Shahi
(b) Nizam Shahi
(c) Qutb Shahi
(d) Adil Shahi

11. Who regarded the second chamber as needless, useless and worse?

(a) Laski
(b) Maclver
(c) Bentham
(d) Seeley

12. The tenure of the Swiss President is

(a) 3 yr
(b) 2 yr
(c) 4 yr
(d) 1 yr

13. Haemolymph is observed in

(a) Arthropods
(b) Echinoderms
(c) Ascaris
(d) Annelids

14. The virus without capsid but only with nucleic acids is called

(a) Capsomere
(b) Nucleoid
(c) Prion
(d) Virion

15. The immunity caused by the B-lymphocytes is called

(a) Sterile immunity
(b) Acquired Immunity
(c) Cellular Immunity
(d) Humoral Immunity

16. Who among the following enjoyed the patronage of Sultans from Balban to Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq?
(a) Ibn Batutah
(b) Badauni
(c) Zia-ud-din Barani
(d) Amir Khusrow

17. The Sufi movement originally started from

(a) Persia
(b) Delhi
(c) Lahore
(d) Kabul

18. Humayun was driven out of Hindustan in 1540 AD after the battle of

(a) Chausa
(b) Dourah
(c) Surajgarh
(d) Kannauj

19. Poly metallic nodules (also called manganese nodules) are found in concentrations

(a) on continental shelves
(b) in deep ocean beds
(c) on lake beds
(d) in beach sands

20. Spot the odd item in the following

(a) Meander
(b) Delta
(c) Bolson
(d) Ox-bow lake

21. Kandla port is located at

(a) Gulf of Khambat
(b) Kori Creek
(c) Gulf of Kutch
(d) None of these

22. Which of the following forests grows in waterlogged areas?

(a) Mangrove
(b) Evergreen
(c) Deciduous
(d) Coniferous

23. Nag Tiba and Mahabharat ranges are included in

(a) Sub-Himalayas
(b) Trans-Himalayas
(c) Greater Himalayas
(d) Lesser Himalayas

24. Pink mould is the common name for

(a) Aspergillus
(b) Rhizopus
(c) Neurospora
(d) Mucor

25. The sleeping sickness is caused by

(a) Escherichia
(b) Neisseria
(c) Entamoeba
(d) Trypanosoma

26. Combustion is a

(a) physicai and chemical process
(b) biological process
(c) physical process
(d) chemical process

27. Which of the following is not a form of carbon?

(a) Soot
(b) Hematite
(c) Graphite
(d) Charcoal

28. What is Dry Ice?

(a) Solid carbon dioxide
(b) Liquid nitrogen
(c) ice cubes and saw dust
(d) Ice cubes and salt

29. The gas commonly used in advertisement sign-boards and decorative lights is

(a) nitrogen
(b) chlorine
(c) hydrogen
(d) neon

30. Flow of blood in dorsal blood vessel of earthworm is

(a) sideward
(b) downward
(c) backward
(d) forward
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