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Default M.SC IT Syllabus Punjabi University

I have passed B.Sc IT Course from Punjabi University. I also have taken admission in M.SC IT Course also. So will you please provide detailed syllabus of M.Sc IT Course of Punjabi University?

As you are looking for syllabus of M.Sc IT Course offering by Punjabi University, so here I am giving complete syllabus:

Punjabi University M.SC IT Course Syllabus
MS-111 Introduction to Information Technology
MS-112 Computer Programming using C
MS-113 Computer Organization & Architecture
MS-114 Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
MS-115 Operating Systems
MS-116 Programming Lab-I

MS-121 Object Oriented programming Using C++
MS-122 Data & File Structures
MS-123 Visual Basic
MS-124 RDBMS & Oracle
MS-125 Programming Lab-II
MS-126 Programming Lab-III

MS-111 : Introduction to Information Technology
Computer Fundamentals: Block structure of a computer, characteristics of computers, problem solving with computers, generations of computers, classification of computers on the basis of capacity, purpose, and generation.
Number System: Decimal, hexadecimal, and octal systems, conversion from one system to the other.
Binary Arithmetic: Addition, subtraction and multiplication.


Memory types: Magnetic core, RAM, ROM, Secondary, Cache, Input and Output Units : functional characteristics ; Overview of storage devices : floppy disk, hard disk, compact disk, tape ; Printers : Impact, non-impact. Graphical I/O devices: Light pen, joystick, Mouse, Touch screen; OCR, OMR, MICR

Computer languages: Machine language, assembly language, high level language, 4GL. Compiler, Interpreter, Assembler, System Software, Application Software.
Operating system: Functions of an operating system, Batch, multi-programming, time sharing, multi-processor, Multi-tasking.
Data Network and Communication: Network types, Transmission Modes, Network topologies,
Internet: Evolution of Internet, E-mail WWW, FTP, TELNET, IRC, Video Conferencing.

Information Technology and Society : Applications of Information Technology in Railway, Airline, Banking, Insurance, Inventory Control, Hotel Management, Education, Mobile Phones, Information Kiosks, Weather Forecasting, Scientific Application,
E-Commerce: Meaning, its advantages & limitations, Types of E-Commerce.
Multimedia: Concepts, Components and Application, Entertainment Marketing.

MS-112 : Computer Programming using C
Problem Solving with Computers, c character set, identifier, constants, variables, rules for defining variables, Data types, operators: arithmetic, relational, logical, comma, conditional, assignment, arithmetic expressions, input and output statements, assignment statements.

Decision statement: if, if ---else, nested if, switch statement, break statement, continue statement, go to statement.
Loops and control statements: While loop, for loop and do-while loop, nested loops
Arrays: one dimensional Array, multi dimensional arrays, array initialization.

Pointers: Pointer data type, pointers and arrays, pointers and functions.
Functions: definition, declaration, function prototype, types of functions, call by value, call by reference, recursion, processing character strings.

Structures: Using structures, arrays of structures and arrays in structures, union
Files in C: Sequential files, random access files , Unformatted files, Text files, binary files.

MS-113 : Computer Organisation and Architecture
Concepts about bits, bytes and word, Number System: Number conversions, Arithmetic operations, Integer and floating point representation.
Character codes (ASCII, EBCDIC, BCD, 8421, Excess-3). Boolean expression - Minimization of Boolean expressions -- Minterm - Maxterm - Sum of Products (SOP) - Product of Sums (POS) - Karnaugh map Minimization - Don't care conditions - Quine-McCluskey method of minimization.

Basic Gates, Combinational logic design: half-adder, full adder, half subtractor, full subtractor, binary parallel adder, Multiplexer/ Demultiplexer, decoder, encoder.
Sequential circuits: concept, flip-flops (D, RS, JK, JK-Master-Slave, T), counters (Ripple, Asynchronous, Synchronous, Decade, Mod-5),
Instruction codes, Instruction formats, Instruction cycle, Addressing modes.

Register Transfer Language, Arithmetic, Logic and Shift micro-operations, Arithmetic Logic Shift unit.
Control Memory: Design of control unit, Microprogrammed and Hardwired control unit (overview only), Features of RISC and CISC.

Memory organisation: Concepts of semiconductor memory, CPU- memory interaction, organization of memory modules, Cache memory and related mapping and replacement policies, Virtual memory.
I/O organisation: I/O interface, Modes of data transfer: Programmed I/O, Interrupt initiated I/O, DMA.
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