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Default NPCIL previous question papers for mechanical pdf

Hi buddy here I am looking for NPCIL previous question papers for mechanical , so would you plz provide me its paper in PDF??
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Default Re: NPCIL previous question papers for mechanical pdf

As you are looking for NPCIL previous question papers for mechanical, so on your demand I am providing same for you:


1. The commonly used gases in tungsten arc welding are

1.Hydrogen and oxygen

2.Hydrogen and organ

3.Hydrogen and helium

4.Helium and argon

2. Linde welding uses

1.Neutral flame and rightward technique

2.Carburizing flame and rightward technique

3.Neutral flame and leftward technique

4.Oxidizing flame and leftward technique

3. Welding of glass is done by

1. Ultrasonic welding 2. Electron beam welding

3. Laser beam welding 4. Explosive welding

4.The cold chisels are made by

1. Drawing 2. Rolling

3. Forging 4. Piercing

5.The process extensively used for making bolts and nuts is

1. Hot piercing 2. Extrusion

3. Cold peening 4. Cold heading

6.Structural sections such as rails, angles, I-beams are made by

1. Hot rolling 2. Hot drawing

3. Hot piercing 4. Hot extrusion

7.The mode of deformation of the metal during spinning is



3.Bending and stretching

4.Rolling and stretching

8.In die casting, machining allowance is

1. Small 2. Large

3. Very large 4. Not provided

9.The property of sand due to which the sand grains stick together, is called

1. Collapsibility 2. Permeability

3. Cohesiveness 4. Adhesiveness

10.A casting defect which occurs near the ingates as rough lumps on the

surface of a casting is known as

1. Shift 2. Sand wash

3. Swell 4. Scab

11.The symbol used for butt resistance weld is

1. ת 2. | 3. ׏ 4. □


12.In the drawing of bolted joints, the radius of chamber arc for the bolt

nominal diameter of D is

1. D 2. 1.2D

3. 1.5D 4. (1.5D + 3) mm

13.A material is said to be ductile if the elongation is

1.less than 5% 2. 5 to 10%

3.10 to 15% 4. more than 15%

14.The property of the material which enables it to be twisted, bent or

stretched under a high stress before rupture is known as

1. Hardness 2. Toughness

3. resilience 4. Strength

15.The shock resistance of steel is increased by adding

1. Nickel 2. Chromium

3. Nickel and chromium 4. Cobalt and molybdenum

16.For hardening alloy steels and high speed steels, they are heated to

1. 500 to 600°C 2. 700 to 900°C

3. 1100 to 1300°C 4. 1300 to 1500°C

17.The heat treatment process used for castings is

1. Carburizing 2. Normalizing

3. Annealing 4. Tempering

18.The percentage of phosphorus in phosphor bronze is

1.0.3 2.1 3. 11.1 4.95.3

19.In powder metallurgy the range of pressures to which powdered metals in

desired proportions are compressed in moulds is

1. 10 to 50 bar 2. 50 to 300 bar

3. 310 to 650 bar 4. 690 to 13750 bar

20.The angle between two forces to make their resultant a minimum and a

maximum respectively are

1. 0° and 90° 2. 180° and 90°

3. 90° and 180° 4. 180° and 0°

21.The Poisson's ratio for cast iron varies from

1. 0.23 to 0.27 2. 0.25 to 0.33

3. 0.31 to 0.34 4. 0.34 to 0.42

22.The point of contraflexure occurs in

1. Simply supported beams

2. Cantilever beams

3. Fixed beams

4. Overhanging beams

23.A simply supported beam A of length I breadth b and depth d carries a

central load W. Another beam of the same dimensions carries a central load

equal to 2W. The deflection of beam B will be.......... as that of A.

1. One fourth 2. Half


3.Double 4. Four times

24.The strain energy stored in a spring, when subjected to maximum load,

without suffering permanent distortion, is known as

1. Impact energy 2. Proof stress

3.Proof resilience 4. Modulus of resilience

25.In a flat belt drive if the slip between the driver and belt is 1%, between the

belt and follower is 3% and driver and follower pulley diameters are equal

then velocity ratio of the drive will be

1.0 96 2. 0.97 3.0.98 4. 0.99

26.The transportation technique belongs to one of the following mathematical

models in operations research

1. Allocation model 2. Sequencing model

3. Queuing model 4. Inventory model

27.The tilting of the front wheels away from the vertical, when viewed from

the front of the car is called

1. Camber 2. Caster 3. Toe-in 4. Toe-out

28.The starter motor is driven by

1. Chain drive 2. Gear drive

3. Flat belt drive 4. V-belt drive

29.The parking brake generally acts on

1. Front wheels 2. Rear wheels

3. Front and rear wheels 4. Propeller shaft

30.The gear shift lever requires two separate motions to shift gears, the first


1.Selects the synchronizer

2.Moves the synchronizer

3.Meshes the gears

4.Operates the clutch

31.The maximum torque multiplication ratio in a torque converter is about

1.2.5 2.4.5 3.6.5 4.8.5

32.Two speed reverse gear arrangement is generally provided in case of

1.Passenger cars 2. Metadors

3.Tractors 4. Trucks

33.The component that connects the steering rack to the knuckles is

1.Tie-rod 2. Sector gear

3.Pivot 4. Spline

34.The operation of cutting of a flat sheet to the desired shape is called

1.Shearing 2. Piercing

3.Punching 4. Blanking

35.A hacksaw blade is specified by its

1. Length 2. Material


3. Width 4. Number of teeth

36.The accuracy of micrometers, calipers and dial indicators can be checked


1. Feeler gauge 2. Slip gauge

3. Ring gauge 4. Plug gauge

37.A sine bar is specified by

1.Centre to centre distance between the rollers

2.Total length

3.Diameter of the rollers

4.Its weight

38.In a carpentry shop, rebating is the process of making

1.Convex surfaces

2.Circular holes

3.A recess on the edge of work piece

4.A recess in the middle of work piece

39.Continuous chips with built up edge are formed during machining of

1. Brittle metals 2. Ductile metals

3. Hard metals • 4. Soft metals

40. Tumbler gears in lathe are used to

1.Cut gears

2.Drill a hole in work piece

3.Reduce the spindle speed

4.Give desired direction of movement to the lathe carriage

41.In which of the following machine, the work is usually rotated while the

drill is fed into Work

1.Radial drilling machine

2.Sensitive drilling machine

3.Gang drilling machine

4.Deep hole drilling machine

42.In lapping operation, the amount of thickness metal removed is

1.0.05 0.01 mm

2.0.01 o 0.1 mm

3.0.05 o 0.1 mm

4.0.5 to 1 mm

43.Internal or external threads of different pitche can be produced by

1.Pantograph milling machine

2.Profiling machine

3.Plano miller

4.Planetary milling machine

44.Gear finishing operation is called

1. Shaping 2. Milling

3. Hobbing 4. Burnishing


45.FMS is possible for products

1.High volume, low variety, continuous flow

2.Low volume, low variety, continuous flow

3.Low volume, high variety, intermittent flow

4.High volume, high variety, intermittent flow

46.CNC drilling machine is considered to be

1.P.T.P. controlled machine

2.Continuous path controlled machine

3.Servo controlled machine

4.Adaptive controlled machine

47.Seam welding is best adopted for me thickness ranging from

1. 0.025 to 3mm 2. 3 to 5mm

5 to 8mm 4. 8 to 10mm

48.In submerged arc welding, an arc is produced between a

1.Metal electrode and the work

2.Bare metal electrode and the work

3.arbon electrode and the work

4.Two tungsten electrodes and the work

49.The hydraulic efficiency of an impulse turbine maximum when velocity of

wheel is.........of the jet velocity

1. 1/4 2. 1/2 3.3/4 4. Double

50.The speed ratio in case of Francis turbine varies from

1.0.15 to 0.3 2. 0.4 to 0.5 3. 0.6 to 0.9 4. 1 to 1.5

51.In a centrifugal pump, the regulating valve provided on the

1. Casing 2. Delivery pipe

3. Suction pipe 4. Impeller

52.In a reciprocating pump, air vessels are used

1.Smoothen the flow

2.Reduce suction head

3.Increase delivery head

4.Reduce acceleration head

53.Which of the following hydraulic unit is used for transmitting increased or

decreased torque the driven shaft?

1.Hydraulic ram

2.Hydraulic intensifier

3.Hydraulic torque converter

4.Hydraulic accumulator

54.The best suited boiler for meeting the fluctuating demand of steam is

1. Cornish boiler 2. Lancashire boiler

3.Babcock and Wilcox boiler 4. Locomotive boiler
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