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Default BCECE Information Brochure

I am searching for Information Brochure of BCECE Entrance Exam. So can you provide link of website to download information brochure of BCECE Entrance Exam?
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Default Re: BCECE Information Brochure

The BCECE Entrance Exam is conducted by Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board (BCECEB).

The BCECE Entrance Exam is conducted for admission in Engineering, Medical and Pharmacy Course.

I am giving syllabus of BCECE Entrance Exam for your reference:

BCECE Entrance Exam Syllabus
Physical world and measurement
Physics : scope and excitement, nature of physical laws; Physics, technology and society.
Need for measurement : Units of measurement, systems of units. S.I. units, fundamental and derived units, length,
mass and time measurements, accuracy and precision of measuring instruments, errors in measurement, significant
figures, regular and irregular errors.
Dimensions of physical quantities, dimensional analysis and its applications.
Frame of reference, Motion in straight line, position time graph, speed and velocity. Uniform and non-uniform
motion, average speed and instantaneous velocity.
Uniformly accelerated motion, velocity time and position time graphs, relations for uniformly accelerated motion
(graphical treatment).
Elementary concepts of differentiation and integration for describing motion.
Scalar and vector quantities : Position and displacement vectors, general vectors and notation, equality of vectors,
multiplication of vectors by a real number, addition and subtraction of vectors, relative velocity.
Unit vector, Resolution of a vector in a plane-rectangular components.
Motion in a plane, Cases of uniform velocity and uniform acceleration - projectile motion, uniform circular motion.
Laws of Motion
Intutive concept of force, Inertia, Newton's first law of motion, momentum and Newton's Second law of motion,
impulse, Newton's third law of motion, Law of conservation of linear momentum and its applications.
Equilibrium of concurrent forces, static and kinetic friction, laws of friction, rolling friction, lubrication, dynamics of
uniform circular motion : centripetal force examples of circular motion (vehical on level circular road, vehical on
banked road).
Work, Energy and Power
Scalar product of Vector work done by a constant force and a variable force, kinetic energy, work-energy theorem,
Notion of potential energy, potential energy of a spring, conservative forces; conservation of mechanical energy
(Kinetic and potential energies), non conservative forces, elastic and inelastic collissions in one and two dimension.
Motion of System of Particles and Rigid body.
Centre of mass of two-particle system, momentum, conservation and centre of mass motion, centre of mass of a
rigid body, centre of mass of circular ring, disc, rod and sphere.
Vector product of vectors; momentum of a force, torque angular momentum, conservation of angular momentum
with some examples.
Equilibrium of rigid bodies, rigid body rotation and equations of rotational motion, comparison of linear and rotational
motion, moment of inertia, radius of gyration. Values of M.I. for simple gemoetrical objects (no derivation), statement
of parallel and perpendicular axes theorems and their applications.
Keplar's laws of planetary motion, The universal law of gravitation, Acceleration due to gravity and its variation with
altitude and depth.
Gravitational potential energy, gravitational potential, escape velocity, orbital velocity of satellite, Geo-stationary
Properties of Bulk Matter
Elastic behaviour, stress-strain relationship, Hooke's law, Young's modulus, Bulk modulus, Deformation, Shear
modulus of rigidity.
Pressure due to fluid column, pascal's law and its applications / hydraulic lift and hydraulic brakes).
Effect of gravity on fluid pressure.
Viscocity, stoke's law terminal velocity, Reynold's number, Streamline and turbulent flow, Bernoulli's theorem and its applications.
Surface energy and surface tension, angle of contact, application of surface tension, ideas to drop bubbles and
capillary rise.
Heat and Thermodynamics
Heat, temperature, thermal expansion, specific heat capacity, Calorimetry, change of state, latent heat.
Heat transfer - conduction, convection and radiation, thermal conductivity, Newton's law of cooling.
Thermal equilibrium and definition of temperature (Zeroth law of thermodynamics). Heat, work and internal energy.
First law of thermodynamics.
Second law of thermodynamics, Reversible and irreversible processes. Heat engines and refrigerator.
Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
Equation of state of a perfect gas, work done on compressing a gas.
Kinetic theory of gases : Assumptions, concept of pressure, Kinetic energy and temperature, rms speed of gas
molecules, degrees of freedom, law of equipartition of energy (statement only) and application to specific heat
capacities of gases, concept of mean free path, Avogadro's number.

Here I am attaching brochure of BCECE Entrance Exam for your reference:

Contact Details
I.A.S. Association Building
PATNA - 800014,
CONTACT NO: 0612-2220230, 0612-2225387
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