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Default Civil Service Exam KS

I have applied for Kerala State (KS) Civil Service Exam yesterday. I have its syllabus and started preparation. Now I need sample question papers of Kerala State (KS) Civil Service Exam, so will you give sample question papers?
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Default Re: Civil Service Exam KS

As you are looking for sample question papers of Kerala State (KS) Civil Service Exam, so I am providing following paper:

Kerala State (KS) Civil Service Exam Sample Question Paper
1) Micro finance implies
A) Finance provided to individuals who are not physically fit
B) Finance provided to SHGs (Self Help Groups) as poverty alleviation program
C) Finance provided to small scale units
D) None of the above

2) India had a Plan holiday during
A) 1966—67 B) 1966-68 C) 1968-69 D) 1966-69

3) Rising trend in share prices is called
(A) Bearish trend (B) Bullish trend (C) Ratio trend (D) Stock holding

4) Which brand/company uses the add line "We know India better"?
(A) Max New York Life Insurance (B) LIC of India (C) Amul (D) Bajaj

5) National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) was established in—
(A) 1950 (B) 1951 (C) 1952 (D) 1947

6). “Smart Money” is a term used for—
(A) Internet Banking (B) Credit Card (C) Cash with Bank (D) Cash with Public

7) Which of the following plan is meant for constructing houses for rural people ?
(A) Indra Avas Yojana (B) Ambedkar Avas Yojana (C) PURA (D) None of the above

8) Indian Rupee has got its symbol recently. This symbol has been designed by—
(A) C. Vijaya Kumar (B) C.Udaya Kumar (C) D. Udai Kumar (D) D.Vijaya Kumar

9) Inflation in India is measured on which of the following index/indicator ?
(A) Cost of Living Index (B) Consumer Price Index
(C) Wholesale Price Index (D) Gross Domestic Product

10) When was RBI nationalized?
(A) 1st April, 1935 (B) 1st January, 1949 (C) 1st January, 1935 (D) 19th July, 1969

11. If the radius of the circular path of particle going around the circle is doubled without changing
its frequency of rotation then the centripetal force on it is
(a) unchanged (b) doubled (c)halved (d) quadrupled

12. For a particle moving along a circular path with a constant speed, the acceleration is constant
(a) Magnitude (b) direction
(c) both magnitude and direction (d) Neither magnitude nor direction

13. A stone is tied to the end of a string and is whirled along a circular path. What happens when
the string breaks?
(a)stone flies radially inwards (b) stone flies radially outwards
(c) stone drops down (d) stone flies along the tangent to the circular path

14. What happens to the centripetal acceleration of a particle, when its speed is doubled and
angular velocity is halved?

(a)Doubled (b)halved (c) remains unchanged (d) becomes 4 times
15. The angular speed of second’s hand of a watch is
(a) π/30 rad/s (b) π /60 rad/s (c) π/45 rad/s (d)none of the above

16. Chromosome theory of inheritance is proposed by :
(a) Bateson and Punnet (b) Correns (c) Sutton and Boveri (d) Watson and Crick

17. Plasma without clotting factor is called :
(a) Lymph, (b) Fibrinogen, (c) Serum (d) Fibrin

18. EFB is :
(a) English Federation of biotechnology (b) Enriched Federation of Biology
(c) Enhanced Federation of biotechnology (d) European Federation of biotechnology

19.Nematode that cause filariasis is
(a) Ancylostoma (b) Wuchereria (c) Microfilaria (d) Plasmodium .

20. Bee keeping is otherwise known as
(a) Apiculture (b) Sericulture (c) Aquaculture (d) Psiculture

21.The substance used for the artificial ripening of fruits is
(a) Silicon Carbide (b) Calcium carbide (c) Magnesium carbide (d) Aluminium carbide

22. Which of the following is wrongly matched
(a) Blue vitriol - Hydrated copper sulphate
(b) Muriatic acid - Hydrochloric acid
(c) Washing soda - Anhydrous sodium carbonate
(d) Sal ammoniac - Ammonium chloride

23. In a barometer, mercury is preferred to water because
(1) Mercury is a good conductor of heat (2) Mercury has a high density
(3) Mercury has a low vapour pressure
(a) 1&2 (b) 1&3 (c) 2&3 (d) 1,2 &3

24.The black colour of the black cotton soil is due to the presence of
(a) Titaniferous magnetite (b) Compound of iron
(c) Accumulation of humus (d) All of these

25. Which of the following is the only ore of tin?
(a) Sphalerite (b) Corundum (c) Cassiterite (d) Psilomelane

26. The words 'Socialist,secular and integrity' were added to the preamble of the Indian
Constitution by --------------------------amendment.
(a) 24 th (b) 26 th (c) 42 nd (d) 44 th
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