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Default Re: IPU CET Entrance Papers

As you Asking for the Sample Question Paper of the IPUCET Examination Physics the Question Paper is As Follow

. Which of the following conclusions is correct regarding
a stationary body?
A. No force is acting on the body
B. Vector sum of forcesacing on the body is zero
C. The body is in vacuum
D. The forces acting on the body do not constitute a couple

. Energy released in stars is due to
A. Fission B. Fusion C. Combustion D. Chemical reaction

. Motion of liquid in a tube is described by
A. Bernaulli's Theorem B. Poiseuille Equation C. Stoke's Law
D. Archimedes'Principle

. What does not change when sound enters from one medium to another ?
A. Wavelength B. Speed C. Frequency D. none of these

Resolving power of a microscope depends upon
A. wavelength of light used, directly B. wavelength of light used, inversely
C. frequency of light used D. focal length of objective

. An astronaut of weight Mg is in a rocket accelerating upward with anacceleration of 4g. The apparent weight of the astronaut will be
A. 5Kg B. 4Kg C. Mg D. zero

If a carnot engine is working with source temperature equal to 227°C and its sink
temperature is at 27°C, its efficiency will be
A. 20% B. 10% C. 67% D. 50%

If the frequency of an oscillating particle is n, then the frequency of oscillation of its potential energy is
A. n B. 2n C. n/2 D. 4n

. If an electron oscillates at a frequency of 1 GHz, it gives :
A. X-rays B. Micro-waves
C. Infra-red rays D. None of these

Earth's atmosphere is richest in
A. Ultra-violet rays B. Infra-red rays C. X-rays D. Micro-waves

. Cathode rays consist of
A. Photons B. Electrons C. Protons D. α-particles

. A body of mass m1 is moving with a velocity V. It collides with another stationary body of mass m2. They get embedded. At the point of collision, the velocity of the system
A. increases B. decreases but does not become zero
C. remains same D. becomes zero

One projectile moving with velocity V in space, gets burst into 2 parts of masses in the ratio 1:2. The smaller part becomes stationary. Whatis the velocity of the other part ?
A. 4V B. V C. 4V/3 D. 2V/3

A thief steals a box of weight W & jumps from the third floor of a building. During jump, he experiences a weight of
A. W B. 3W C. 1.5W D. zero

Two electron beams are moving parallel in space but in opposite directions; then
A. they will attract each other B. they will repel each other
C. no interaction will take place D. none of these

. Two wires with resistances R and 3R are connectedin parallel, the ratio of heat generated in 2R and R is
A. 1 : 3 B. 2 : 1 C. 1 : 4 D. 4 : 1

Rest of the Question Paper you may get from the below Attachement that is Free to Download
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf IPU CET Entrance Exam Question Paper physics.pdf (147.2 KB, 3 views)
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