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Default Re: JIPMER MBBS Entrance Question Papers Free Download

As you Asking for the Previous year Question paper of the MBBS Entrance Exam of the JIPMER institute the Question Paper is given below

1. The relationship and the density of a gas expressed by Boyle’s law P=KD hold true

(a) for any gas under any conditions

(b) For some gases under any conditions

(c) Only if the temperature is kept constant

(d) Only if the density is constant

Ans:- c

2. The incomplete breakdown of sugars in anaerobic respiration results in the formation of:

(a) fructose and water

(b) glucose and CO2

(c) alcohol and CO2

(d) water and CO2

ANS:- c.

3. Kappa particles indicate:

(a) nuclear inheritance

(b) cytoplasmic inheritance

(c) mutation

(d) Nucleo- cytoplasmic inheritance

ANS:- b

4. If the cathode rays are projected at the right angles to a magnetic field, their trajectory is

(a) ellipse

(b) circle

(c) parabola

(d) unaltered

Ans:- b

5. Bakelite is a copolymer of

(a) Phenol-acetaldehyde

(b) Butadiene-ethyl alcohol

(c) Phenol-formaldehyde

(d) Butadiene-acrylonitrile

Ans:- c

6. A 50 Kg man with 20 Kg load on his head climbs 20 steps of 0.25m height each. The work done is climbing is

(a) 5 J

(b) 350 J

(c) 100 J

(d) 3430 J

Ans:- d.

7. The plant Cuscuta shows maximum photosynthesis in:

(a) red light

(b) blue light

(c) green light

(d) no photosynthesis at all

ANS:- d

8. The most important force that pulls water up in tall trees is:

(a) imbibition force

(b) osmotic force

(c) cohesive force

(d) electromagnetic force

ANS:- c

9. If the cold junction of thermocouple is lowered then the cool temperature

(a) increases

(b) approaches inversion temperature

(c) decreases

(d) remains the same

Ans:- d

10. Phenyl magnesium bromide is made to react with ethylene oxide and the product on hydrolysis gives

(a) Ethyl phenyl ether

(b) 2-phenyl ethanol

(c) Methyl phenyl ether

(d) Benzyl alcohol

Ans:- b
JIPMER Puducherry Medical Entrance Exam Asked Questions

11. A metal block is expressed to beams of X-rays of the different wavelength. X-rays of which wavelength penetrate most?

(a) 0.2 nm

(b) 0.6 nm

(c) 0.4 nm

(d) 0.8 nm

Ans: – a

12. Lactic acid is produced by Rhizopus species:

(a) R. Oryza

(b) R. stolonifera

(c) R. nodose

(d) R. sexual

ANS:- c

13. Which of the following exhibits a direct proportionality to transpiration?

(a) Light and RH

(b) Temperature and RH

(c) Temperature and the wind

(d) RH and the wind

ANS:- c

14. The coefficient of mutual inductance, when magnetic flux changes by 0.02 Wb and current changes by 0.01A is

(a) 2 H

(b) 3 H

(c) 4 H

(d) 8 H

Ans: – a

15. Nitrobenzene gives nitrobenzene and hydrazo benzene when reduced

(a) In acid medium

(b) In neutral medium

(c) Electrolytically

(d) In alkaline medium

Ans:- d

16. A thermoelectric refrigerator works on

(a) Joule effect

(b) Seebeck effect

(c) Peltier effect

(d) Thermionic effect

Ans:- c

17. The capacity of a parallel plate capacitor depends on the

(a) type of metal used

(b) the thickness of plates

(c) potential applied across the plates

(d) the separation between plates

Ans:- d

18. Biotic factors are:

(a) chemical factors of soil that affect life

(b) physical factors of soil that affect life

(c) all living organisms that influence other organisms

(d) factors of an atmosphere which affect life

ANS:- c

19. By opening the door of a refrigerator that is inside a room, you can

(a) cool the room to a certain extent

(b) cool it to the temperature inside the refrigerator

(c) ultimately warm the room slightly

(d) neither cool nor warm the room

Ans:- c

20. Hydrolysis of sucrose in the presence of an acid is an example of

(a) second order reaction

(b) First order reaction

(c) Fermentation

(d) Pseudo first order reaction

Ans:- d
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