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Default Re: Syllabus Of Polytechnic College In Rajasthan

The syllabus of Rajasthan Polytechnic program is approved by the Board of Technical Education Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Board Diploma Civil Engineering II year syllabus

Simple Stress and Strain:
1.1 Various mechanical properties
1.1.1 Elasticity
1.1.2 Plasticity
1.1.3 Ductility
1.1.4 Brittleness
1.1.5 Toughness
1.1.6 Hardness
1.2 Concept of stress and strain
1.2.1 Type of force - Direct, shear
1.2.2 Stress - Tensile, compressive, shear
1.3 Hook's law
1.3.1 Statement of Hook's law
1.3.2 Young's modulus of elasticity
1.3.3 Tensile test diagram Gauge length Limit of proportionality Elastic limit Yield point, Yield strength Ultimate stress Rupture strength Nominal stress Proof stress
1.4 Working stress and factor of safety
1.5 Stress and strain calculations
1.5.1 Principle of superposition
1.5.2 Bar of homogeneous section Bar of uniform cross-section Bar of steeped cross-section
1.5.3 Bar of composite section
1.6 Temperature stresses
1.6.1 Homogeneous section
1.6.2 Composite section
1.7 Shear stresses
1.7.1 Modulus of rigidity
1.7.2 Complementary shear stress
1.7.3 Concept of single shear and double shear
1.7.4 Shear strain
1.8 Poisson's ratio and volumetric strain
1.8.1 Lateral strain
1.8.2 Longitudinal strain
1.8.3 Volumetric strain
1.8.4 Bulk modulus
1.9 Relationship between elastic constants (Derivation)
1.9.1 E=3K(1-2/m)
1.9.2 E=2N(1+1/m)
1.9.3 E=9KN/(3K+N)

Compound Stress:

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Stress components on an inclined plane
2.2.1 Induced by direct stresses
2.2.2 Induced by simple shear
2.2.3 Induced by direct and simple shear stresses
2.3 Mohr's circle:
2.3.1 For like direct stresses
2.3.2 For unlike direct stresses
2.3.3 For two perpendiculars direct stresses with state of simple shear
2.4 Principal stresses and planes
2.4.1 Major principal stress
2.4.2 Minor principal stress
2.4.3 Mohr's circle method for principal stresses

Strain Energy:

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Strain energy from stress - strain diagram
3.3 Proof resilience
3.4 Types of loading - gradual, sudden, impact
3.4.1 Stress in gradual loading
3.4.2 Stress in sudden loading
3.4.3 Stress in impact loading

Bending Moments and Shear Force:
4.1 Basic concept
4.1.1 Types of support Movable hinge support (roller) Immovable hinge support Fixed support
4.1.2 Types of beam Cantilever beam Simply supported beam Fixed beam Continuous beam Overhanging beam
4.1.3 Types of load Point load Distributed load - uniformly and non uniformly
4.2 Shear force and bending moment
4.2.1 Concept and calculation of shear force and bending moment
4.2.2 Sign convention for shear force and bending moment
4.3 Bending moment and shear force diagrams (for point loads, U.D.L. and their combinations)
4.3.1 Cantilever beam
4.3.2 Simply supported beam
4.3.3 Simply supported beam with over hang

For complete syllabus here is the attachment
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf Rajasthan Board Diploma Civil Engineering II year syllabus.pdf (231.5 KB, 12 views)
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