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Default Re: CMC Vellore PG Entrance Sample Question Paper

CMC Vellore PG is an entrance exam that is organized in Tamil Nadu.

It is a state level exam that is organized by the University of Tamilnadu.

This entrance exam is conducted for admission in Medical Post Graduate Degree / Diploma courses.

Important Date CMC Vellore PG 2017

Date for accessing Application form can be accessed online
Second week of September 2016

Last date of submitting application form online 1st week of November 2016
Last date for receipt of payment proof 2nd week of November 2016
Last date of receiving relevant documents 2nd week of November 2016
Date for downloading Admit Cards 1st week of January 2017
Declaring the names of Finalists
Second week of February 2017

Exam Pattern of CMC Vellore PG Medical Entrance Test ;

The CMC Vellore PG Medical entrance test is a computer based test conducted online in two stages.

Stage 1: The stage 1 comprise of two papers. Paper 1 will be a general paper consisting of multiple choice questions and paper 2 will be a special test consisting of multiple choice questions in the specialty for which the candidate has applied. Only the candidates who pass the stage-1 exam will be allowed to appear in the stage-2 exam.

Stage 2: Stage-2 exam will be an assessment test of skills and knowledge after which the medical check- up will also be done.

Here I m Giving Sample Question asked in CMC Vellore PG Entrance

1. Prop roots are found in
(A) mango trees
(B) tamarind trees
(C) peepul trees
(D) neem trees
(E) banyan trees

2. The number of thoracic vertebrae in man is
(A) 7
(B) 9
(C) 10
(D) 12
(E) 15

3. The first modern theory of evolution was explained by
(A) Charles Darwin
(B) Lamarck
(C) Mendel
(D) T.Weevers
(E) Devries

4. Clear alternation of generation is seen in
(A) ferns
(B) monkeys
(C) mucor
(D) bacteria
(E) viruses22

5. Enzymes are made up of
(A) fats
(B) proteins
(C) vitamins
(D) starches
(E) nucleic acids

6. Hypogynous flowers are
(A) flowers with superior ovary
(B) flowers with inferior ovary
(C) flowers with semi-inferior ovary
(D) flowers without ovary
(E) bisexual flowers

7. Corpus callosum is present in the brain of
(A) fishes
(B) birds
(C) snails
(D) mammals
(E) cockroach

8. Absorption of food and water into the body is largely done by
(A) columnar epithelium
(B) connective tissue
(C) squamous epithelium
(D) adipose tissue
(E) hyaline cartilage

9. The flowers of the compositae is
(A) epigynous
(B) perigynous
(C) half perigynous
(D) hypogynous
(E) aromatic

10. Anaerobes are those that
(A) can live in the absence of oxygen
(B) do not utilise gaseous oxygen in their metabolism
(C) use free oxygen only occasionally
(D) prefer to live in darkness
(E) live in air

11. Pollination by snail and slug is known as

pollination by snail

a) Entomophilus
b) Ornithophilous
c) hydrophilous
d) malacophilous
e) hydrphilous

12. Which is the example of conditioned reflex?

a) Eye closed when anything enter into it
b) Your kneeing took up a stone than dog run away
c) Hand took up when piercing with needle
d) Digestive food goes forward in alimentary canal
e) None of these

13. Colchicine prevents the mitosis of cells at which of the following stage?

a) Anaphase
b) Leptotene
c) Zygotene
d) Interphase
e) Metaphase

14. Hydrolytic enzymes are found in

a) Lysosomes
b) Peroxisomes
c) Ribosomes
d) Centrosomes
e) Nucleus

15. The binomial name was accepted by all after the publication of the work by?

a) Darwin
b) Bentham
c) Darwin
d) Lamarck
e) Linnaeus

16. The pair of disease caused by virus is

a) Typhoid, tetanus
b) Cholera, tuberculosis
c) Rabies, mumps
d) AID, syphilis
e) Typhoid, TB

17. An angiosperm leaf carries 16 chromosomes. The number of chromosomes in its endosperm will be

a) 16
b) 24
c) 12
d) 8
e) 32

18. A chemical fertilizin is produced from

a) Polar bodies
b) Middle piece of sperm
c) Mature eggs
d) Sertoli cells
e) acrosome

19. Free living , aerobic , non photosynthetic nitrogen fixing bacterium is

a) Azotobacter
b) E.coli
c) Nostoc
d) Clostridum
e) Salmonella

20. Which of the following hormones stimulates the stomach to secrete gastric juice?

a) Gastrin
b) Enterokinase
c) Renin
d) Zymase
e) Secretin


11. d) malacophilous
12. b) Your kneeing took up a stone than dog run away
13. e) Metaphase
14. a) Lysosomes
15. e) Linnaeus
16. c) Rabies, mumps
17. b) 24
18. b) Middle piece of sperm
19. a) Azotobacter
20. a) Gastrin
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