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Hi I would like to have the syllabus of the social service subject which is for the Main Examination conducted by UPPSC?

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission's UPPCS Mains Exam 2016 will start from 24th June 2016. Along these lines, the UPPCS wannabes ought to prepare for the Preparations of UPPCS Mains Exam 2016.

The Social Work Syllabus in straight organization and have additionally given appropriate clarification of the syllabus for UPPCS wannabes,

Social Work

Paper- I

Social Work: Philosophy and Methods.
Social Work: Meaning, Objectives, Scope, Assumptions & Values; History of Social work in U.K. U.S.A. and India, philosophy of Social Work, Democratic (Equality, Justice Liberty & Fraternity) and Humanitarian (Human Rights) Matrix, Social works as a profession.

Methods of Social work Social Case work: Meaning, Scope Principles, Processes (Psychosocial study, Assessments, treatment-goal formulation and techniques), Evaluation, Follow-up and Rehabilitation.
Social Groups work: Meaning, Objective, Principles, Skills, Processes (Study, Diagnosis, treatment and evaluation), Programme, Planning and Development, Role of Social group worker, Leadership Development.
Community organization: Meaning, Objective, Principles, Approaches, Roles of Community Organization Worker.

Social Welfare Administration: Meaning Scope, Auspices-Private and Public, Principles, Basic Administrative Processes and Practice decision making communication, planning, organisation, budgeting and financial control, reporting.

Social work Research: Meaning objectives, types, scope, scientific method, Selection and formulation of the problem Research Design Sampling, Sources and Methods of Data Collection, Processing of Data, analysing and interpretation, Report writing.
Social Action: Meaning, Scope, approaches (Sarvodays, Antyodaya etc.) and Strategies.

Paper- II
Social Problems and Fields of Social work in India Problem pertaining to Marriage, Family and caste: Dowry- child Marriage, Divorce, Families with working couples, Disorganised Families, Families with Emigrant Heads of the Households, Gender Inequality, Authoritarian Family structure, Major Changes in Caste systems and problem of casteism. Problems Pertaining of Weaker Sections, Problems of Children, Women Aged, Handicapped and Backward Classes (SCs, STs, and other Backward Classes).
Problems of Deviance: Truancy Vagrancy and Juvenile Delinquency, Crime, White Collar Crime, Organized Crime, Collective Violence, Terrorism, Prostitution and Sex Related Crimes.

Social Vices: Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Beggary, Corruption and communalism.
Problems of Social Structure: Poverty, Unemployment, Bonded Labour, Child Labour.
Fields of Social work in India: Child Development, Development of Youth, Women’s Empowerment, Welfare of aged, Welfare of Physically. Mentally and Social Handicapped, Welfare of backward Classes (SCs, STs and Other Backward Classes) Rural Development Urban Community Development, Medical And Psychiatric Social work, Industrial Social work, Social Security offender Reforms.

General knowledge questions and answers

1. The slope at any point on an indifference curve is known an–
(A) marginal rate of substitution (B) the marginal rate of trade-off
(C) the trade-off rate (D) the marginal rate off indifference (Ans : A)
2. Assuming there is no government or foreign sector, if the MPC is 0.8, the multiplier is–
(A) 0.2 (B) 0.8 (C) 1.25 (D) 5 (Ans : D)
3. Salary payable by Government of India to an Indian Citizen for services outside India–
(A) is not taxable in India (B) is taxable in India
(C) is includable in total income for tax purpose (D) None of the above (Ans : B)
4. First of all, the Income Tax Act was passed in independent India–
(A) in 1956 (B) in 1962 (C) in 1961 (D) in 1990 (Ans : C)
5. Goodwill account is a–
(A) personal account (B) real account
(C) nominal account (D) None of the above (Ans : B)
6. Which of the following should not be considered in a make or buy decision ?
(A) Potential use of manufacturing capacity
(B) Variable costs of production
(C) Potential rental income from space occupied by production area
(D) Unchanged fixed cost (Ans : D)
7. A firm’s average total cost is Rs. 30 at 5 units of output and Rs. 32 at 6 units of output. The marginal cost of producing 6th units is–
(A) Rs. 2 (B) Rs. 12 (C) Rs. 32 (D) Rs. 42 (Ans : D)
8. The function of staff in line the staff organization is–
(A) take advice from line (B) advice the line (C) hold authority and responsibility
(D) fix responsibility for performance of tasks in a deninite manner upon certain individuals (Ans : B)
9. Which of the following committees examined and suggested Financial sector reforms in India–
(A) Abid Hussain Committee (B) Bhagawati Committee
(C) Chelliah Committee (D) Narsimham Committee (Ans : D)
10. In a free market economy the allocation of resources is deter-mined by–
(A) votes taken by customers (B) a central planning authority
(C) by customer preference (D) levels of profits of firms (Ans : C)
11. Which of the following assets in usually not depreciated–
(A) land (B) building (C) plant (D) furniture (Ans : A)
12. All the following are examples of profit centres within an airlines except–
(A) in flight magazine (B) merchandising
(C) aircraft maintenance (D) ticketing (Ans : C)

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