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Default Re: MU OET Previous Year Papers MBBS

Ok, here I am providing you the previous year question paper of Manipal University Online Entrance Test MU-OET MBBS exam

MU-OET MBBS exam question paper

Thresh old wavelength of a metal is 4000A°. If
light of wave length 3000Å ir ra di ates the
sur face, the max i mum ki netic en ergy of
photoelec tron is
(a) 1.7 eV (b) 1.6 eV (c) 1.5 eV (d) 1.0 eV

Sim ple pen du lum of length l has a max i mum
angu lar displace ment q. The max i mum ki netic
en ergy of the bob is
(a) mgl ( cos ) 1 - q (b) 0.5 mgl
(c) mgl (d) 2 mgl

A body of spe cific heat 0.2 kcal/kg°C is heated
through 100°C. The per cent age in crease in its
mass is
(a) 9% (b) 9.3 ´ - 10 11%
(c) 10% (d) None of these

An earth satelites S has or bit ra dius which is 4 times that of commu nication satellite C. The
pe riod of rev o lu tion of S will be
(a) 32 days (b) 18 days
(c) 8 days (d) 9 days

n small balls, each of mass m impinge
elas ti cally each sec ond on a sur face with a
ve loc ity u, then the force ex pe ri enced by the
sur face in one sec ond, will be
(a) 4 mnu (b) 2 mnu
(c) 1.5 mnu (d) 0.8 mnu

A cir cu lar disc is ro tat ing with an gu lar
ve loc ity w. If a man stand ing at the edge of the
disc walks to wards its cen tre then the an gu lar
ve loc ity of the disc will
(a) decraese (b) increase
(c) be halved (d) not change

A body weights 500 N on the sur face of the
earth. How much would it weigh half way
be low the sur face of the earth ?
(a) 1000 N (b) 500 N
(c) 250 N (d) 125 N

Es cape ve loc ity at sur face of earth is 11.2
Km/s. Es cape ve loc ity from a planet whose
mass is the same as that of earth and ra dius
1/4 that of earth, is
(a) 2.8 km/s (b) 15.6 km/s
(c) 22.4 km/s (d) 44.8 km/s

The Bulk Modulus for an in com press ible
liquid is
(a) zero (b) unity
(c) infinity (d) between 0 and 1

In a cap il lary tube, wa ter rises to 3 mm the
height of water that will rise in an other
cap il lary tube hav ing one-third ra dius of the
first is
(a) 1 mm (b) 3 mm (c) 6 mm (d) 9 mm

MU-OET MBBS exam question paper

For more questions here is the attachment


Manipal University
Madhav Nagar, Near Tiger circle, Manipal, Karnataka 576104
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