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Default Re: Question Paper Of CDAC Entrance Exam

As you will appear in CDAC entrance exam and for its preparation looking for Question paper , so on your demand here I am providing same :

1. What is data structure?

Answer: A data structure is a way of organizing data that considers not only the items stored, but also their relationship to each other. Advance knowledge about the relationship between data items allows designing of efficient algorithms for the manipulation of data.

2. List out the areas in which data structures are applied extensively?

Compiler Design,
Operating System,
Database Management System,
Statistical analysis package,
Numerical Analysis,
Artificial Intelligence,

3. What are the major data structures used in the following areas : RDBMS, Network data model & Hierarchical data model.

RDBMS ?? Array (i.e. Array of structures)
Network data model ?? Graph
Hierarchical data model ?? Trees

4. If you are using C language to implement the heterogeneous linked list, what pointer type will you use?

The heterogeneous linked list contains different data types in its nodes and we need a link, pointer to connect them. It is not possible to use ordinary pointers for this. So we go for void pointer. Void pointer is capable of storing pointer to any type as it is a generic pointer type.

5. Minimum number of queues needed to implement the priority queue? Two. One queue is used for actual storing of data and another for storing priorities.

6. What is the data structures used to perform recursion?

Stack. Because of its LIFO (Last In First Out) property it remembers its ??caller?? so knows whom to return when the function has to return. Recursion makes use of system stack for storing the return addresses of the function calls.
Every recursive function has its equivalent iterative (non-recursive) function. Even when such equivalent iterative procedures are written, explicit stack is to be used.

CDAC Placement Paper and Sample Paper

1.The programming language that was designed for specifying algorithm
None of these options

2. _____ contains the addresses of all the records according to the contents of the field designed as the record key.

3. _________ symbol is used for Processing of data.

4. __________ is the analysis tool used for planning program logic
None of these options

5. Machine language has two part format the first part is__________ and the second part is __________

6. Language Primarily used for internet-based applications

7. _________ is a point at which the debugger stops during program execution and awaits a further command.
Memory Dump
Watch point<------ans
Break point
None of these options

8. ________do not contain any program logic and are ignored by the language processor.
None of these options

9. The component of data base management system is ________
Data definition Language
Data manipulation Language
Data definition Language and Data manipulation Language
None of these options

10. The quality of Algorithm is judged on the basis of_________
Time requirement
Memory Requirement
Accuracy of solution
All of these options<------ans

11. Advantages of using flow charts is
Effective Analysis
Efficient Coding
Time consuming
Effective Analysis and Efficient Coding<-----ans

Programming in C

12. The Real constants in C can be expressed in which of the following forms
Fractional form only
Exponential form only
ASCII form only
Both Fractional and Exponential forms<------ans

13. The program, which translates high-level program into its equivalent machine language program, is called
Language processor
None of these options<------ans

14. Consider the following statements.
i.Multiplication associates left to right
ii.Division associates left to right
iii.Unary Minus associates right to left
iv.subtraction associates left to right All are true <------ans
Only i and ii are true
All are false
Only iii and iv are true

15. What will be the value of variable a in the following code?
unsigned char a;
a = 0xFF + 1;
printf("%d", a);
0 <------ans

16. What is the output of the following program?
void main()
10!=9 : %5d",10!=9);
None of these options

17. #include
void main()
int x=10;
(x<0)?(int a =100)int a =1000);
printf(" %d",a);
None of these options

18. Which of the following shows the correct hierarchy of arithmetic operations in C
(), , or /, + or -
(), , , /, +, -
(), , /, , +, -
(), / or , - or + <-----ans

19. What is the output of the following code?
void main()
int a=14;
a += 7;
a -= 5;
a = 7;
None of these options

20. What is the output of the following code? #include
#define T t
void main()
char T = `T`;
%c %c
T t
T T---ans
t t
CDAC Paper - Part 2

21. The statement that prints out the character set from A-Z, is
for( a = `z`; a < `a`; a = a - 1)
printf("%c", &a);
for( a = `a`; a <= `z`; a = a + 1
printf("%c", &a);
for( a = `A`; a <= `Z`; a = a + 1)<----Ans printf("%c", a);
for( a = `Z`; a <= `A`; a = a + 1)
printf("%c", a);

22. The statement which prints out the values 1 to 10 on separate lines, is
for( count = 1; count <= 10; count = count + 1) printf("%d
for( count = 1; count < 10; count = count + 1) printf("%d
for( count = 0; count <= 9; count = count + 1) printf("%d ",count);
for( count = 1; count <> 10; count = count + 1) printf("%d

23. What does the term `call-by-reference` refer to?
Passing a copy of a variable into a function. Passing a pointer to a variable into a function. <------ans
Choosing a random value for a variable.
A function that does not return any values.

24. What is the output of the following code? #include
void swap(int&, int&);
void main()
int a = 10,b=20;
swap (a++,b++);
%d %d ",a, b);
void swap(int& x, int& y)
14, 24
11, 21 <------ans
10, 20

25. What is the output of the following program code

void abc(int a[])
char a[5];
None of these options

26. which of the following is true about recursive function
i. it is also called circular definition
ii. it occurs when a function calls another function more than once
iii. it occurs when a statement within the function calls the function itself

iv. a recursive function cannot have a return statement within it"
i and iii<------ans
i and ii
ii and iv
i, iii and iv

27.What will happen if you assign a value to an element of an array whose subscript exceeds the size of the array?
The element will be set to 0
Nothing, its done all the time
Other data may be overwritten
Error message from the compiler

28. What is the output of the following code? #include
void main()
int arr[2][3][2]={{{2,4},{7,8},{3,4},}, {{2,2},{2,3},{3,4}, }}; printf("
16 <------ans

29. If int s[5] is a one dimensional array of integers, which of the following refers to the third element in the array?
( s + 2 ) <------ans
( s + 3 )
s + 3
s + 2

30. #include"stdio.h"
int p1,i=25;
void p2;
The output of the above code is :
Program will not compile <------ans
Garbage value
Address of I

31. What is the output of the following code? void main()
int i = 100, j = 200;
const int p=&i;
p = &j;
200 <------ans
None of the above

32. void main()
int i=3;
int j=&i;
What is the output of this program?
3 3
4 3 <------ans
4,address of i printed
Error:Lvalue required

33. What is the output of the following code? #include
void main()
int arr[] = {10,20,30,40,50};
int ptr = arr;
%d %d ",ptr++,ptr);
10 20
10 10<------ans
20 20
20 10

34. Which of these are reasons for using pointers?
1.To manipulate parts of an array
2.To refer to keywords such as for and if
3.To return more than one value from a function 4.To refer to particular programs more conveniently
1 & 3 <------ans
Only 1
Only 3
All of the above

35. struct num
int no;
char name[25];
void main()
struct num n1[]={{25,"rose"},{20,"gulmohar"}, {8,"geranium"},{11,"dahalia"}};
printf("%d%d" ,n1[2].no,(&n1+2)->no+1);
What is the output of this program?
8 8
8 9 <------ans
9 8
8 , unpredictable

36. During initializing a union

Only one member can be initialised.
All the members will be initialised. Initialisation of a union is not possible.<------ans
None of these options

37. Self referential structure is one
a. Consisting the structure in the parent structure
b. Consisting the pointer of the structure in the parent structure
Only a
Only b
Both a and b
Neither a nor b

38. Individual structure member can be initialized in the structure itself
Compiler dependent
None of these options

39. Which of the following is the feature of stack?
All operations are at one end
It cannot reuse its memory
All elements are of different data types
Any element can be accessed from it directly<------ans

40. When stacks are created
Are initially empty<------ans
Are initialized to zero
Are considered full
None of these options
CDAC Paper - Part 3

41. What is time required to insert an element in a stack with linked implementation?
(n log2n)

42. Which of the following is the feature of stack?
All operations are at one end
It cannot reuse its memory
All elements are of different data types
Any element can be accessed from it directly<------ans

43. Time taken for addition of element in queue is
(log n)<------ans
None of these options

44. When is linear queue said to be empty ? Front==rear


45. When queues are created
Are initially empty<------ans
Are initialized to zero
Are considered full
None of the above

46. What would be the output of the following program?
%c", "abcdefgh"[4]);
e <------ans

47. Select the correct C code which will read a line of characters(terminated by a
) from input_file into a character array called buffer. NULL terminate the buffer upon reading a

int ch, loop = 0; ch = fgetc( input_file ); while( (ch != `
`)&& (ch != EOF) ){buffer[loop] = ch; loop++; ch = fgetc(input_file );} buffer[loop] = NULL;

int ch, loop = 0; ch = fgetc( input_file ); while( (ch = "
")&& (ch = EOF)) { buffer[loop] = ch; loop--; ch = fgetc(]input_file ); } buffer[loop]= NULL;

int ch, loop = 0; ch = fgetc( input_file ); while( (ch <> "
")&& (ch != EOF) ) { buffer[loop] = ch; loop++; ch = fgetc(input_file ); } buffer[loop] = -1;

None of the above

48. What is the output of the following code ?
void main()
int a=0;
int b=0;
++a == 0 || ++b == 11;
0, 1
1, 1 <------ans
0, 0
1, 0

49. What is the output of the following program? #define str(x)#x
#define Xstr(x)str(x)
#define oper multiply
void main()
char opername=Xstr(oper);
multiply <------ans

50. What is the output of the following code ? #include
void main()
char a = "C-DACACTS
"; printf("%s
",a); }
C-DAC <------ans
None of these

51. #include
void main()
while (1)
{if (printf("%d",printf("%d")))
The output is
Compile time error
Goes into an infinite loop
Garbage values <------ans
None of these options

52. Select the correct C statements which tests to see if input_file has opened the data file successfully.If not, print an error message and exit the program.
if( input_file == NULL ) { printf("Unable to open file.
");exit(1); }

if( input_file != NULL ) { printf("Unable to open file.
");exit(1); }
while( input_file = NULL ) { printf("Unable to open file.
None of these options

53.The code
int i = 7;
", i++ i++);
prints 49
prints 56 <------ans
is compiler dependent
_expression i++ i++ is undefined

54. Recursive procedure are implemented by
Linear list

55. Which of these are reasons for using pointers?
1. To manipulate parts of an array
2. To refer to keywords such as for and if
3. To return more than one value from a function 4. To refer to particular programs more conveniently
1 & 3<------ans
only 1
only 3
None of these options

56. The _expression x = 4 + 2 % -8 evaluates to -6
None of these options

57. What is the output of the following code? #include
register int a=2;
Address of a = %d,", &a); printf(" Value of a = %d",a);
Address of a,2 <------ans
Linker error
Compile time error
None of these options

58. What is the output of the following code? #include
void main()
int arr[]={0,1,2,3,4,5,6};
int i,ptr;
for(ptr=arr+4,i =0; i<=4; i++) printf("
%d",ptr[-i]);(as the 0=4,for -1 it becomes =3)
6 5 4 3 2
0 garbage garbage garbage garbage
4 3 2 1 0 <------ans

59. Which of the following is the correct way of declaring a float pointer:
float ptr;
float ptr; <------ans
float ptr;
None of the above

60.If the following program (newprog) is run from the command line as:newprog 1 2 3 What would be the output of the following?
void main (int argc, charargv[])
int I,j=0;
for (I=0;I
j=j + atoi(argv[I]);
Compilation error<------ans

Programming Concepts
CDAC Paper - Part 4

61. The ability to reuse objects already defined, perhaps for a different purpose, with modification appropriate to the new purpose, is referred to as
Information hiding

62. The term given to the process of hiding all the details of an object that do not contribute to its essential characteristics is called _____________

63. Object-oriented technology`s ______ feature means that a small change in user requirements should not require large changes to be made to the system

64. An object has _____
All of these options

65. Which of the following is true:
Class is an object of an object
Class is meta class
Class cannot have zero instances
None of these options

66. If a derived class object is explicitly destroyed by applying the delete operator to a base-class pointer to the object, the _____ function is automatically called on the object
Derived-class destructor
Base-class destructor
Base-class constructor
Derived-class constructor

67. In object orientated programming a class of objects can _____________ properties from another class of objects

68. Contracts are not meant to be used in cases of _______
`has-a` relationship
`is-a` relationship
Both Composition and `has-a` relationship

69. Inheritance through interface is called ________
Implementation inheritance
Definition inheritance
Delegation inheritance
Interface inheritance model

70. When a class uses dynamic memory, what member functions should be provided by the class?
An overloaded assignment operator
The copy constructor
A destructor
All of these options

71. ______ means that both the data and the methods which may access it are defined together in the same unit
Data hiding
Data Binding
None of these options

72. The term given to the process of hiding all the details of an object that do not contribute to its essential characteristics is called _____________

73. Car contains a steering wheel is example of ________
Composition and Association
None of these options

74. Can two classes contain member functions with the same name?
Yes, but only if the two classes have the same name
Yes, but only if the main program does not declare both kinds
Yes, this is always allowed

75. A contract is implemented through
Abstract Class
Interface and Abstract Class

English Language Ability

Directions:- The given pair of words contains a specific relationship to each other. Select the best pair of choices which expresses the same relationship as the given

fame : heroism
death : victory
derelict : fool
martyr : man

flood : water
famine : food
fire : ashes
disease : germ

78. Bland : Piquant ::
inane : relevant
charlatan : genuine
slavish : servile
terse : serious

remiss : duty
cogent :argument
easy : hard
careful : position

Directions:- Choose the best word, which is most opposite in the meaning to the given word

80. FETTER :

CDAC Paper - Part 5




84. COURT :

Directions:- The given pair of words contains a specific relationship to each other. Select the best pair of choices which expresses the same relationship as the given

Maintain : satisfaction
Astonish : wonder
Soothe : concern
Lion : tame

Directions:- Pick out the best choice which can complete the incomplete stem correctly and meaningfully

86. It was an extremely pleasant surprise for the hutment-dweller when the Government officials told him that__________
he had to vacate hutment which he had been unauthorized occupying
he had been gifted with a furnished apartment in a multistoried building
he would be arrested for wrongly encroaching on the pavement outside his dwelling
they would not accede to his request

87. In the closing days of the civil War, President Abraham Lincoln was planning to graciously welcome the defeated confederate states back into the Union. After Lincoln was assassinated, however, the "Radical Republicans" in Congress imposed martial law in the South, creating resentment that caused problems well into this century. Had Lincoln lived, the history of regional conflict in 20th century America would have been considerably different. All of the following assumptions underline the argument above EXCEPT The imposition of martial law in the South was primarily responsible for the resentment felt in the South Had he lived, lincoln would have treated hte defeated South as he had planned Lincoln would have been able to prevent the Radical Republicans in Congress from imposing martial law in the South Factors other than the imposition of martial law in the South affected the history of regional conflicts in 20th century America

88. A politician wrote the following: "I realize there are shortcomings to the questionaire method. However, since I send a copy of the quetionnaire to every home in the district, I believe the results are quite representative.... I think the numbers received are so large that it is quite accurate even though the survey is not done scientifically" Most people who received the questionnaire have replied Most people in the district live in homes. the questionnaire method of data collection is unscientific A large, absolute number of replies is synonymous with accuracy

89. A worldwide ban on the production of certain ozone-destroying chemicals would provide only an illusion of protection. Quantities of such chemicals, already produced, exist as coolants in millions of refrigerators. When they reach the ozone layer in the atmosphere, their action cannot be halted. So there is no way to prevent these chemicals from damaging the ozone layer further. Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument above? It is impossible to measure with accuracy the quantity of ozone-destroying chemicals that exist as coolants in refrigerators. In modern societies, refrigeration of food is necessary to prevent unhealthy and potentially life-threatening conditions. Even if people should give up the use of refrigerators, the coolants already in existing refrigerators are a threat to atmospheric ozone. The coolants in refrigerators can be fully recovered at the end of the useful life of the refrigerators and reused

90. Every town with a pool hall has its share of unsavory characters.This is because the pool hall attracts gamblers and all gamblers are unsavory. Which of the following, if true cannot be inferred from the above?
All gamblers are unsavory
All pool halls attract gamblers
Every town has unsavory characters
All gamblers are attracted by pool halls

Directions:- The workweek in a small business is a five-day workweek running from Monday through Friday. In each workweek, activities L,M,N,O and P must all be done.The work is subject to the following restrictions:

L must be done earlier in the week than O and earlier than P
M must be done earlier in the week than N and earlier than O
No more than one of the activities can ever be done on any one day

91. Which of the following is an acceptable schedule starting from Monday to Friday?
L, M, N, O, P<-------------ans
M, N, O, N, M
O, N, L, P, M
P, O, L, M, L

92. In a game, exactly six inverted cups stand side by side in a straight line, and each has exactly one ball hidden under it. The cups are numbered consecutively 1 through 6. Each of the balls is painted a single solid color. The colors of the balls are green, magenta, orange, purple, red, and yellow. The balls have been hidden under the cups in a manner that conforms to the following conditions:

The purple ball must be hidden under a lower-numbered cup than the orange ball.
The red ball must be hidden under a cup immediately adjacent to the cup under which the magenta ball is hidden.
The green ball must be hidden under cup 5.
Which of the following could be the colors of the balls under the cups,in order from 1 through 6?
Green, yellow, magenta, red, purple, orange
Magenta, green, purple, red, orange, yellow Magenta, red, purple, yellow, green, orange<-ans
Orange, yellow, red, magenta, green, purple

Directions:- In a group there are five students coded as P Q R S T.Qand R are intelligent in mathematics and geology. P and R are intelligent in mathematics and hindi. Q and S are intelligent in psychology and buddhist studies. T is intelligent in buddhist studies hindi and psychology

93. who is intelligent in psychology, geology and buddhist studies
Q <-------------ans

Directions:- The following questions are based on the following situations.Asha, Babli, Charn, Deepti, Eira, Farha are cousins. No two cousins are of the same age ,but all have birth days on the same date in that year. The youngest is 17 years old and the oldest is Eira is 22.Farha is somewhere between Babli and Deepti in age.Asha is older than Babli. Charn is older than Deepti

94. If asha is one year older than charn the number of logically possible orderins of all six cousins by increasing age is
2 <-ans (Babli, Asha, Farha, Charn, Deepti, Eira )

95. It is easier to swim in the sea water than in river water because sea is vast mass of water sea water is generally calm
The density of sea water is higher than river water<---------ans
They water of sea is cool and greenish

96. starting from a point x jayant walked 15metres towards the west he turned to his left and walked 20 metres he then turned to his left and walked 15 metres he then further turned to his right and walked 12 metres how far is jayant from the point x and in which direction?
32 metres south
47 metres east
42 metres north
27 metres south <-------------ans

97. Rock and roll music started in the 1950s as a young mans medium and rock is still best performed by men in their twenties and thirties. As rock performers grow into their forties and even fifties, they are simply less physically capable of producing the kind of exciting music they did when they were younger. All of the following assumptions underline the argument above EXCEPT:
As rock performers mature, their performances tend to become less exciting
Rock music is dominated by male performers
Women performers have always played a significant role in rock music
The physical demands of performing rock are better met by the young <-------------ans

Mathematical Problems

98. Which of the following statements are true, if x + y + z = 10 y >= 5 and 4 >= z >= 3

1. x < z
2. x > y

3. x + z <= y
1 only
2 only
3 only
1 and 3 only <-------------ans

99. The solution of the equation 4 - 5(2y + 4) = 4 is
-2 <-------------ans

100. When x5 + 1 is divided by (x - 2), the remainder is

CDAC Paper - Part 6

101. How many terms of the series -9 , -6 , -3 ,.........must be taken such that the sum may be 66?
9 <-------------ans

102. The side of a rectangle are whole numbers. What must their lengths be for the perimeter for the rectangle to be numerically equal to its area?
3 and 6
4 and 5
4 and 6
5 and 5

103. A path 7 metres wide surrounds a circular lawn whose diameter is 252m.What is the area of path?
5698 sq.mtrs.
5000 sq.mtrs.
5500 sq.mtrs.
None of these

104. If the negative of the sum of two consecutive odd numbers is less than -35, which of the following may be one of the numbers?
18 <-------------ans

105. What is the perimeter of a rectangle that is twice as long as it is wide and has the same area as a circle of diameter 8?

106. Towns A and C are connected by a straight highway which is 60 miles long. The straight line distance between town A and town B is 50 miles, and the straight line distance from town B to town C is 50 miles. How many miles is it from town B to the point on the highway connecting town A and C which is closest to town B?

108. A batsman played 17 innings during a season and he was not out. The score of 85 improves his average by 3 runs in the 17th innings. His average score after 16th innings is

109. If paper costs 1 paisa per sheet, and a buyer gets a 2% discount on all the paper he buys after the first 1000 sheets, how much will it costs to buy 5000 sheets of paper?
Rs 49.30
Rs 50.00
Rs 39.20
Rs 49.20

110. The income of a broker remains unchanged though the rate of commission is increased from 4% to 5%. The percentage of slump in business is 8%

111. There are 4 quarts in a gallon. A gallon of motor oil sells for Rs.12 and a quart of the same oil sells for Rs.5. The owner of a rental agency has 6 machines and each machine needs 5 quarts of oil. What is the minimum amount of money she must spend to purchase enough oil ?

112. A truck departed from Newton at 11:53a.m. and arrived in Far City,240 miles away, at 4:41 p.m. on the same day. What was the approximate average speed of the truck on this trip?
16/1,200 MPH
40/288 MPH
1,494/240 MPH
50 MPH

113. A girl rode her bicycle from home to school, a distance of 15 miles, at an average speed of 15 miles per hour. She returned home from school by walking at an average speed of 5 miles per hour. What was her average speed for the round trip if she took the same route in both directions?
7.5 miles per hour
10 miles per hour
12.5 miles per hour
13 miles per hour

114. A is thrice as good a workman as B. If the time taken by B to do piece of works exceeds that taken by A by 8 days. In how many days A does the work.

115. The population of a town was 54,000 in the last census. It has increased 2/3 since then. Its present population is

116. One hundred job applicants show up in response to a classified ad.If 60 percent of them are female and if 3/4 of the female applicants are willing to relocate if the job demands it, how many are not willing to relocate?
It cannot be determined from the information given

117. Mr. Smith drove at an average speed of 50mph for the first two hours of his trip. For the next three hours, he averaged 20 mph. What was Mr. Smith`s average speed for the five-hour trip ?
20 mph
32 mph
35 mph
38 mph

118. A postal truck leaves its station and heads for Chicago, averaging 40mph. An error in the mailing schedule is spotted and 24 minutes after the truck leaves, a car is sent to overtake the truck. If the car averages 50mph, how long will it take to catch the postal truck?
1.6 hours
3 hours
2 hours
1.5 hours

119. The length breadth and height of a cuboid are in the ratio 1 : 2 :3. The length, breadth and height of the cuboid are increased by 100%, 200% and 200% respectively. Then the increase in the volume of the cuboid is
5 times
6 times
12 times
17 times

120. An Automobile covers the distance between two cities at a speed of 60km. per hour and on the return journey it covers at a speed of 40 km. per hour. Find the average speed.

121. A man buys 200 shares (par value of Rs.10) of a company, which pays 12% per annum as dividend, at such a price he gets 15% on his money. Find the market value(app.) of a share.
Rs. 9
Rs. 12
Rs. 8
Rs. 7.50

122. An old picture has dimensions 33 inches by 24 inches. What one length must be cut from each dimension so that the ratio of the shorter side to the longer side is 2:3?
2 inches
6 inches
9 inches
10 1/2 inches

123. Hiralal earned a profit of Rs. 300 by selling 100 kg of mixture of A and B types of rice at a total price of Rs. 1100. What was the proportion of A and B types of rice in the mixture if the cost prices of A and B types of rice are Rs. 10 and Rs. 5 per kg respectively ?
3 : 2
2 : 5
2 : 773
5 : 2

124. A fraction has a value of 2/5. If the numerator is decreased by 2 and the denominator increased by 1, then the resulting fraction is 1/4.What is the value of the numerator of the original fraction ?
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