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Default Re: PG Medical Entrance Exam Question Papers

Hello, here I am providing you the paper of the PG Medical entrance exam as under:

1. Hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy is seen more commonly with which of the following lung carcinoma’s
a. Squamous cell carcinoma
b. Adenocarcinoma
c. Epidermoid carcinoma
d. Oat cell carcinoma

2. By knowing the half life of a drug it would help in knowing the
a. Median lethal dose
b. Median effective dose
c. Potency of drug
d. Frequency of dosing

3. Which of the following types of human papiloma viruses is implicated in causation of carcinoma cervix
a. 6
b. 11
c. 16
d. 42

4. The best way to visualize the corneoscleral angle is
a. Slit lamp microscopy
b. Gonioscopy
c. Opthalmoscope
d. Keratometer

5. Mebendazole is used for treatment of all of the following except
a. Intestinal ameobiasis
b. Trichuriasis
c. Ankylostoma
d. Round worm

6. Which of the following causes visceral larva migrane
a. Toxocara catis
b. Ankylostoma doudenale
c. Loa Loa
d. Trichuris trichura

7. Which of the following is content of littre’s hernia
a. Sigmoid colon
b. Urinary bladder
c. Meckel’s diverticulum
d. Ileus

8. Amino Acid Score (AAS) refers to
a. The ratio of number of essential amino acids present in the given diet to reference protein
b. The ratio of number of limiting amino acids present in given diet to the reference protein
c. The number of limiting amino acids present in the given diet
d. The number of essential amino acids present in the given diet

9. Most common tumor of the appendix is
a. Adenocarcinoma
b. Carcinoid
c. Squamous cell carcinoma
d. Metastasis

10. Formation of ammonium ions to remove the excess acid in urine is produced by which of the following enzymes
a. Glutaminase
b. Glutamate pyruvate transaminase
c. Glutamate dehydrogenase
d. Carboxylase

11. The normal PR interval is in seconds
a. 0.05-0.08
b. 0.12-0.16
c. 0.8-1.6
d. 1.2-2.3

12. The normal sperm count is
a. 4-5 million/mm3
b. 60-120 million/ml
c. 60-120 lakhs/ml
d. 40-50 lakhs/mm3

13. To balance pressure natriuresis, the renal sodium excretion is
a. Increased with increased arterial pressure
b. Decreased with increased pressure
c. Decreased with decreased pressure
d. Increased with decreased pressure

14. The limiting amino acid in wheat is
a. Lysine
b. Threonine
c. Tryptophan
d. Cysteine

15. Chronic retropharyngeal abcess is formed due to
a. Acute cervical lymphadenitis
b. Caries spine
c. Tonsillitis
d. Trauma

16. Post cricoid malignancy is commonly in
a. Alcoholics
b. Smokers
c. Plummer vinsons syndrome
d. Reflux esophagitis

17. The Henderson Hassalbach equation is used for measuring
a. The sodium potassium balance
b. The acid base balance
c. The kinetics of enzymatic reaction
d. Anion gap

18. All of the following are anabolic except
a. Growth hormone
b. Cortisol
c. Insulin
d. IGF-1

19. In right homonymous hemianopia the lesion is in
a. The right optic nerve
b. Optic chiasma
c. The left Optic tract
d. The Optic radiations in the left cortex

20. Osteochondritis of the lunate bone is known as
a. Friebergs
b. Keinbocks
c. Perthes
d. Kohlers
21. The incubation period of mumps is
a. 7 days
b. 10 days
c. 18 days
d. 25 days
22. To differentiate between osmotic and secretory diarrhea it is best to measure
a. The stool osmolol gap
b. The stool and plasma osmolality
c. The stool anion gap
d. The water content of the stools

23. Cobble stone appearance is seen in
a. Epidemic keratoconjunctivitis
b. Vernal conjunctivitis
c. Trachoma
d. Herpes Infection

24. The difference between use of a selective alpha1 blocker to using a non selective alpha blocker is
a. Less reflux tachycardia
b. Decreased postural hypotension
c. More vasodilation
d. Vasoconstriction

25. All of the following are actions of epinephrine on beta receptors except
a. Tachycardia
b. Ventricular arrythmia’s
c. A-V block
d. Increased cardiac output
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