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Default Re: Spanish Subject Test

As you want I am here giving you test format and sample test paper for SAT Spanish Subject Test.

SAT Spanish Subject Test Format

60 multiple-choice questions

6 to 8 reading selections followed by sets of 4 to 12

selections from works originally written in English
from the Renaissance to the present

Questions may cover:

overall meaning, including effect and theme

form, including structure, genre, and organization

use of language, including word choice, imagery, and

meanings and connotations of specifi c words in

narrative voice, including tone and attitude

characterization in narrative and dramatic selections

Sample Questions

Questions 1-4.
Read the following passage carefully
before you choose your answers.
By the time the man with the camera had cut across
our neighbor’s yard, the twins were out of the trees
swingin low and Granny was onto the steps, the screen
door bammin soft and scratchy against her palms.
“We thought we’d get a shot or two of the house
and everything and then . . .”
“Good mornin,” Granny cut him off. And smiled
that smile.
“Good mornin,” he said, head all down the way
Bingo does when you yell at him about the bones on
the kitchen fl oor. “Nice place you got here, aunty.
We thought we’d take a . . .”

Did you?” said Granny with her eyebrows. Cathy
pulled up her socks and giggled.
“Nice things here,” said the man buzzin his camera
over the yard. The pecan barrels, the sled, me and
Cathy, the fl owers, the painted stones along the
driveway, the trees, the twins, the toolshed.
“I don’t know about the thing, the it, and the stuff,”
said Granny still talkin with her eyebrows. “Just
people here is what I tend to consider.”
Camera man stopped buzzin. Cathy giggled into
her collar.
“Mornin, ladies,” a new man said. He had come up
behind us when we weren’t lookin. “And gents,”
discoverin the twins givin him a nasty look. “We’re
fi lmin for the county,” he said with a smile. “Mind if
we shoot a bit around here?”
“I do indeed,” said Granny with no smile.
Smilin man was smiling up a storm. So was Cathy.
But he didn’t seem to have another word to say, so he
and the camera man backed on out the yard, but you
could hear the camera buzzin still.
“Suppose you just shut that machine off,” said
Granny real low through her teeth and took a step
down off the porch and then another.
“Now, aunty,” Camera said pointin the thing
straight at her.
“Your mama and I are not related.”

1. After Granny’s “Good mornin” (line 7), the
camera man probably behaves as he does
because he
(A) is made to realize that he is intruding
(B) suspects that he is in physical danger
(C) hopes to win Granny’s affection by
appearing at ease
(D) is relieved that an adult is present
(E) realizes that he is disturbing the tidiness
of the yard
2. The tone of “Now, aunty” (line 37) is most
accurately described as
(A) expectant
(B) patronizing
(C) accusatory
(D) obedient
(E) respectful
3. Granny’s fi nal comment can best be
understood as a
(A) reluctant confession
(B) tentative assertion
(C) witty joke
(D) surprising revelation
(E) strong rebuke
4. The episode reveals a confl ict between
(A) propriety and impertinence
(B) virtue and corruption
(C) kindness and cruelty
(D) passiveness and aggression
(E) refi nement and grossness

5. The excerpt is best described as
(A) an enthusiastic celebration of youthful
(B) an ironic self-portrait colored by satiric
(C) an imaginative evocation without
didactic intention
(D) a symbolic representation of intellectual
(E) a narrative episode with philosophical
6. In lines 1-7, which of the following devices
is used to present nature, the boat, and the
mountain echoes?
(A) Personifi cation
(B) Apostrophe
(C) Rhyme
(D) Paradox
(E) Simile
7. In lines 6-7, “the voice/Of mountain-echoes”
serves to reinforce the speaker’s sense of
(A) freedom
(B) omnipotence
(C) furtiveness
(D) enthusiasm
(E) despondency
8. At the conclusion of the excerpt, the “huge
peak” (line 22) seems to represent which of
the following for the speaker?
(A) An emblem of the beauty of the natural
(B) A fi gure of undefi ned and unsettling
signifi cance
(C) An allegorical representation of sin itself
(D) A curious natural phenomenon
(E) A trivial fi gment of the speaker’s
9. Which of the following best describes the
change in the outlook of the speaker during
the course of this excerpt?
(A) Naïveté to cynicism
(B) Bravery to cowardice
(C) Hope to despair
(D) Daring to uncertainty
(E) Eagerness to sloth

10. The dramatic situation in the poem is that of
(A) a youth speaking to a lover
(B) a priest speaking to a sinner
(C) a reformer addressing an impoverished
(D) God addressing any human soul
(E) an individual addressing his or her own
11. In the context of the poem, “Painting thy
outward walls so costly gay” (line 4) refers to
(A) camoufl age
(B) writing poetry
(C) attending to physical appearances
(D) pretending to be happy
(E) preparations for a celebration
12. The poet signals a major shift at line 9 by
changing from
(A) entirely negative to entirely positive
(B) imagery of permanence to imagery of
(C) direct address to impersonal statement
(D) material to spiritual imagery
(E) questions to commands
13. Which of the following best describes the
theme of the concluding couplet (lines
(A) A confession of sin before an almighty
(B) An affi rmation of the immortality of the
(C) A declaration of rebellion against the
powers of fate
(D) An accusation that death is a faithless
(E) A surrender to the inexplicable nature of
14. The central contrast in the poem is expressed
in all of the following pairs EXCEPT
(A) “Poor soul” . . “sinful earth” (line 1)
(B) “worms” . . “inheritors” (line 7)
(C) “soul” . . “thy servant’s” (line 9)
(D) “terms divine” . . “hours of dross” (line 11)
(E) “Within” . . “without” (line 12)


1. A 4. A 7. C 10. E 13. B
2. B 5. E 8. B 11. C 14. B
3. E 6. A 9. D 12. E

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