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Unregistered 02:08 PM April 8th, 2016
Hello sir, my friend told m that NEEPCO is operating Kathalguri Gas CCGT Power Plant. It is true? If is NEEPCO is operating Kathalguri Gas CCGT Power Plant then provide me its coordinates?

Sumit Bhardwaj 03:25 PM April 8th, 2016
Yes Kathalguri is operated by NEEPCO. The NEEPCO is North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited (NEEPCO). This is an electricity generation public sector undertaking owned by the Government of India under the Ministry of Power, formed on 2 April 1976 to plan, investigate, design, construct, generate, operate and maintain power stations in the North Eastern Region of the country.

Kathalguri (Assam) Gas CCGT Power Plant India is located at Bokuloni Village, Dibrugarh District, Assam, India.

Location coordinates are: Latitude= 27.341, Longitude= 95.408. This infrastructure is of TYPE Gas Power Plant with a design capacity of 291 MWe.

It has 9 unit(s).

The first unit was commissioned in 1995 and the last in 1998. It is operated by NEEPCO

NEEPCO operations:

Kopili Hydro Electric Plant 275 MW

Assam Gas Based Power Plant 291 MW

Agartala Gas Turbine Power Plant 135 MW

Doyang Hydro Electric Plant 75 MW

Ranganadi Hydro Electric Plant 405 MW

Tripura Gas Based project 101 MW

Solar Pv project at Tripura 5 MW

Now it is a mini ratna category 1 Government of India Enterprise
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