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Default Anna University Model Question Papers For 1st Semester Physics

Hello sir, I am Raj Pillai. I am form Chennai. I want you to help me by providing me with the Anna University model question paper for 1st semester Engineering physics. Can you help me?
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Default Re: Anna University Model Question Papers For 1st Semester Physics

As you have asked for the Anna University model question paper for 1st semester engineering physics, I want to tell you that I was unable to find the model paper but I am providing you with its syllabus which will help you, check below for the details

ENGINEERING PHYSICS (Common to all Branches of B.E./B.Tech. Programmes)


Elasticity - Poisson's ratio and relationship between moduli (qualitative) - Stress-strain diagram - factors affecting elasticity - bending of beams - cantilever - bending moment - theory and experiment of Young's modulus determination - Uniform and non-uniform bending - I shaped girders - twisting couple - hollow cylinder - shaft - torsion pendulum - determination of rigidity modulus- moment of inertia of a body (regular and irregular).

Classification of sound - loudness and intensity - Weber-Fechner Law - standard intensity and intensity level - decibel - reverberation - reverberation time - rate of growth and decay of sound intensity - derivation of Sabine's formula - absorption coefficient and its determination - factors affecting acoustics of buildings : focussing, interference, echo, Echelon effect, resonance - noise and their remedies. Ultrasonics - production – magnetostriction and piezoelectric methods - detection of ultrasound - acoustic grating - industrial applications - NDT - Ultrasonic method: scan modes and practice.

Thermal expansion - thermal stress - expansion joints - bimetallic strips - thermal conductivity - conductions in solids - Forbe's and Lees' disc methods - Rectilinear flow of heat through a rod - flow of heat through a compound materials - radical flow of heat through a spherical shell - thermal insulation of buildings – Laws of blackbody radiation: Kirchoffs law, Stephens law, Wiens law, Raleigh-Jean law and Planks law (derivation). Laws of thermodynamics - Otto and diesel engines and their efficiency - entropy - entropy of Carnot's cycle - reverse Carnot's cycle - refrigerator.

Interference - Michelson interferometer: construction, working, determination of wave length and thickness - anti-reflection coating - air wedge and its application - Lasers - Einstein's coefficients - CO2, Nd:YAG and semiconductor lasers - homo junction and hetro junction - construction and working - applications - Optical fibres - classification (index & mode based) - principle and propagation of light in optical fibres - acceptance angle and numerical aperture - fibre optic communication system - active and passive sensors.

Nature of bonding - growth of single crystals (qualitative) - crystal systems - crystal planes and directions - expressions for interplanar distance - coordination number and packing factor for simple structures: SC, BCC, FCC and HCP - structure and significance of NaCl, ZnS, diamond and graphite - crystal imperfections: point defects, dislocations and stacking faults - unit cell, Bravais space lattices - miller indices.
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