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Please tell me the procedure of doing download the Kerala MCA entrance syllabus for Chemistry PDF File because I am doing participate in this so I have need of its syllabus

You want to get the syllabus for Kerala MCA entrance exam for Chemistry…Here it is:

Unit 1: Basic Concepts And Atomic Structure

Laws of chemical combination: Law of conservation of mass. Law of definite proportion, Law of multiple proportions. Gay-Lussac's law of combining volumes. Dalton's atomic theory. Mole concept. Atomic, molecular and molar masses. Chemical equations. Balancing and calculation based on chemical equations.
Atomic structure: Fundamental particles. Rutherford model of atom. Nature of electromagnetic radiation. Emission spectrum of hydrogen atom. Bohr model of hydrogen atom. Drawbacks of Bohr model. Dual nature of matter and radiation. de Broglie relation. Uncertainty principle. Wave function (mention only). Atomic orbitals and their shapes (s, p and d orbitals only). Quantum numbers. Electronic configurations of elements. Pauli's exclusion principle. Hund's rule. Aufbau principle.

Unit 2: Bonding And Molecular Structure

Kossel and Lewis approach of bonding. Ionic bond. Lattice energy. Born-Haber cycle. Covalent bond. Lewis structure of covalent bond. Concept of orbital overlap. VSEPR theory and geometry of molecules. Polarity of covalent bond. Valence bond theory and hybridization (sp, sp2, sp3, dsp2, d2sp3 and sp3d2). Resonance. Molecular orbital method. Bond order. Molecular orbital diagrams of homodiatomic molecules. Bond strength and magnetic behaviour. Hydrogen bond. Coordinate bond. Metallic bond.
49 KEAM-2008, © CEE, TVM

Unit 3: States Of Matter
Gaseous state: Boyle's law. Charles' law. Avogadro's hypothesis. Graham's law of diffusion. Absolute scale of temperature. Ideal gas equation. Gas constant and its values. Dalton's law of partial pressure. Aqueous tension. Kinetic theory of gases. Deviation of real gases from ideal behaviour. van der Waals equation. Liquefaction of gases. Joule-Thomson effect. Critical temperature.
Liquid state: Properties of liquids. Vapour pressure and boiling point. Surface tension. Viscosity.
Solid state: Types of solids (ionic, covalent and molecular). Space lattice and unit cells. Cubic crystal systems. X-ray studies of crystals. The Bragg equation. Close packing. Different voids (tetrahedral and octahedral only). Structures of simple ionic compounds of AB and AB2 types. Density calculations. Point defects (Frenkel and Schottky). Electrical properties of solids. Conductors, semiconductors and insulators. Piezoelectric and pyroelectric crystals. Magnetic properties of solids. Diamagnetic, paramagnetic, ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic and ferrimagnetic substances.

Unit 4: Periodic Properties Of Elements And Hydrogen
Classification of elements: Mendeleev's periodic table. Atomic number and modern periodic law. Long form of periodic table. Electronic configurations of elements and their position in the periodic table. Classification into s-, p-, d- and f-block elements. Periodic properties: Ionization energy, electron affinity, atomic radii, valence and electronegativity.
Hydrogen: Position in the periodic table, occurrence, isolation, preparation (including commercial), properties, reactions and uses. Isotopes of hydrogen. Hydrides: Molecular, saline and interstitial hydrides. Water: Structure of water molecule and its aggregates. Physical and chemical properties of water. Hard and soft water. Removal of hardness. Preparation and uses of heavy water: Liquid hydrogen as fuel.

For the rest of the syllabus I am uploading the PDF file.
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc Kerala Entrance Syllabus Chemistry.doc (53.5 KB, 170 views)

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Default Re: Kerala MCA entrance syllabus

I am doing Kerala MCA Entrance exam preparation and searching for exam syllabus. Will you provide Kerala CEE (MCA) Exam Syllabus of all subjects also provide exam important dates?
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Default Re: Kerala MCA entrance syllabus

Kerala CEE MCA is a state level examination conducted by the Commissioner for Entrance Examination (CEE), Kerala on behalf of the Government of Kerala.

Kerala CEE (MCA) Exam Syllabus

The syllabus for Kerala CEE MCA exam is


Linear Algebra
Differential Calculus
Convergence Series
Integral Calculus
Solid Geometry
Statistics & Probability
Numerical Analysis
Linear Programming
Differential Equations
Analytical Geometry


Alphabet Test
Dissimilar Test
Analogy Test
Coding/Decoding test
Number series & Time
Blood relations
Passage and Course of Action
Statement and Conclusion

General English

Words and phrases
Prepositions and articles
Synonyms and antonyms
Technical writing
Usage of verbs
Word power

Fundamentals of Computer Awareness

Organization of a computer
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Structure of instructions in CPU
Input/output devices
Computer memory and back-up devices
Representation of characters
Integers and fractions
Binary representations
Binary arithmetic
Floating numbers
Boolean algebra
Truth tables
Venn diagrams

Marks distribution:

Subjects Number of Questions Total Marks
Mathematics 20 60
Statistics 20 60
Physics 20 60
Chemistry 20 60
General Knowledge 20 60
General English 20 60
Fundamental of Computer Awareness 30 90
Total 150 Questions 450 Marks

Important dates:

Announcement for Official Notification of Kerala CEE MCA 2020 Aug-20
Starting date of Filling Application Form Aug-20
Closing date of filling Application Form Aug-20
Download Admit Card Aug-20
Date of Kerala CEE MCA 2020 Entrance Examination Sep-20
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