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Default Re: Railway JE Recruitment exam Previous year Question Paper

Hi friend here I am giving you the Railway JE Recruitment exam Previous year Question Paper

Lissajous pattern shown in a double-beam cathode-ray oscilloscope screen for two sinusoidal voltages of equal magnitude and of the same frequency but of phase shift of 300 electrical is
A circle
A straight line at 45 0 in the first and third quadrant
An ellipse in the first and third quadrant
An ellipse in the second and fourth quadrant

Ans : (c

To increase the range of a voltmeter
A low resistance in series is connected with the voltmeter
A low resistance in parallel is connected with the voltmeter
A high resistance in series is connected with the voltmeter
A high resistance in parallel is connected with the voltmeter

Ans : (c
Question1. Time and progress chart of a construction is also known as
Bar chart
Gantt chart
Modified milestone chart
Any of the above

Question2. Low turbidity of water is detected by
Turbidity tube
Jackson turbid meter
Baylis turbid meter
Hellipe turbid meter

Question3. What is the pH value for neutral water?

Question4. Two steel parts at right angles are weided with fillet weld of 10 mm size. The throat thickness of the fillet weld should be?
10 mm
12 mm
5 mm

Question5. In a moment resisting connection, the moment carrying capacity is provided by
Tension in rivets
Compression in rivets
Shear in rivets
Bearing strength in rivets

Question6. A good brick when immersed in water bath for hours, should not observe more than
20% of its saturated weight
30% of its dry weight
10% of its saturated weight
15% of its dry weight

Question7. Plaster of Paris can be obtained from the calcinations
Lime stone

Question8. Two equal angles, each being ISA 100 mm × 100 mm of thickness 10 mm, are placed back-to-back and connected to either side of a gusset plate through a single row of 16 mm diameter rivets in double shear. The effective areas of the connected and unconnected legs of each of these angles are 775mm2 and 950 mm2 respectively. If these angles are not tack-riveted, the net effective area of this pair of angles is
3650 mm2
3450 mm2
2899 mm2
3076 mm2

Question9. In a steel plate girder, the web plate is connected to the flange plates by fillet welding. The size of fillet welds is designed to safely resist.
The bending stresses in the flanges
The vertical shear force at the section
The horizontal shear forces between the flanges and the web plate
The forces causing buckling in the web

Question10. Out of the two beams of the same material and same cross-sectional area, one is of circular cross-section and the other is of square cross-section. If each of these is subjected to bending moment of the same magnitude, then
Both Sections Would Be Equally Strong
Both Sections Would Be Equally Economical
Square Section Would Be More Economical Than Circular Section
Square Section Would Be Less Economical Than Circular Section

Question11. The Muller-Breslau principle in structural analysis is used for
Drawing Influence Line Diagram for Any Force Function
Superimposition of Load Effects
Writing Virtual Work Equation
None of The Above

Question12. In relation to the synchronous machines, which one of the following statements is false?
In salient pole machines, the direct-axis synchronous reactance is greater than the quadrature-axis synchronous reactance
The damper bars help the synchronous motor self start
Short circuit ratio is the ratio of the field current required to produce the rated voltage on open circuit to the rated armature current
The V-curve of a synchronous motor represents the variation in the armature current with field excitation, at a given output power.

Answer : (C)

Question13. A 800 kV transmission line is having per phase line inductance of 1.1 mH/km and per phase line capacitance of 11.68 nF/km. Ignoring the length of the line, its ideal power transfer capability in MW is?
1204 MW
1504 MW
2085 MW
2606 MW

Answer : (C)

Question14. High Voltage DC (HVDC) transmission is mainly used for
Bulk power transmission over very long distances
Inter-connecting two systems with the same nominal frequency
Eliminating reactive power requirement in the operation
Minimizing harmonics at the converter stations

Answer : (A)

Question15. Body effect in MOSFETs results in
Increase in the value of trans conductance
Change in the value of threshold voltage
Decrease in the value of trans conductance
Increase in the value of output resistance

Question16. A 2-port network has parameters of ABCD. If all the impedences in the network are Doubled, then
A and D are remain unchanged B is doubled and C is halved
A, B, C and D are all Doubled
A and D are doubled C and B remain unchanged
A and D remain unchanged C is doubled and B is halved.

Ans : (a
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