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Default Re: SMU BBA Solved Assignments

Please provide Sikkim Manipal University BBA 1st SEM Solved Assignment???
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Default Re: SMU BBA Solved Assignments

You need Sikkim Manipal University BBA 1st SEM Solved Assignment, here I am giving:
SMU BBA assignment
Q1. Economic policies refer to the monetary and fiscal policies that affect the growth rate of the economy. Discuss in detail these policies.
(Explain fiscal policy, Explain monetary policy) 5, 5
Fiscal policy
Fiscal Policy is a tool, in the hands of the Government, to influence the level of GDP in the short run, by using taxes and Government Spending. It is about bringing changes in taxes and spending, so as to affect the demand for goods and services and hence the output in the short run. The budget deficit is the difference between its spending and its
Q2. Differentiate between capitalist and socialist economies.
(Differences between capitalist and socialist economies)10
Differences between capitalist and socialist economies
Capitalist Economy
In this economic system the means of production and distribution are privately owned and production is guided largely through the operation of markets. The ideology of capitalism was expressed in Adam Smith's “Wealth of Nations“(1776) and Smith's free-market theories were widely accepted in the 19th century. It is prevalent in a large number of countries, viz, the USA, UK, France, Japan, Australia and most of the countries in Western Europe. The

Q3. Discuss the Industrial laws applicable in India.
(Explanation of Industrial laws applicable to business in India) 10
Industrial laws applicable to business in India
Apart from the laws applicable to industry, the Government of India has also laid down legislations that cover various areas and aspects of economic set up such as business, market, labour, competition and industry etc. These

Q4. What is disinvestment? What is the difference between privatization and disinvestment? What are the objectives of disinvestment?
(Explain disinvestment, Differences between Privatisation and disinvestment, Explain objectives of disinvestment) 3, 4, 3
Disinvestment means selling of public investment to private entrepreneurs. The policy of disinvestment refers to selling of government’s equity in public sector units in the market. It simply means that the ownership and management of these public sector units would henceforth be vested in the private sector. Under disinvestment

Q5. Describe the corporate social responsibility of business houses towards human resources with an example of an Indian Company.
(Explain Corporate Social Responsibility, Explain CSR with an example of an Indian Company)5, 5
Corporate Social Responsibility
Business is an activity of making, buying or selling goods or services for money. “Social responsibility” means to serve the people or the community without expecting anything. Business is meant to create wealth, new markets, provide employment and produce enough goods to sustain its activities and to improve its competitiveness.

Q6. Explain the Indian economy with reference to the service sectors like Education and Health care.
(Explain Services sector, Explain the progress made by services sectors like Education and Health care in India) 2, 8
Services sector
The Services sector is the largest contributor to the country's GDP (more than half of India’s GDP). It has maintained a steady growth since 96-97, except for a fall in 2000-2001 which was because of the global dot com bubble bursting. India has the title of being the world’s second largest fastest growing economy, in the services sector in particular. This growth has been fuelled by a growing urban middle class, largely English speaking, which in turn has given rise to the growth in Get fully

Q1. Communication is complete only when the intended information reached the receiver. What are the various barriers to communication? How can you overcome them?
Barriers to Communication
D.E. McFarland has defined Communication as the process of meaningful interaction among human beings. More specifically, it is the process by which meanings are perceived and understanding is reached among human beings. But there may be some barriers in the communication system, preventing the message from reaching the receiver. These barriers are as follows:

Q.2: Discuss different types of communication network practiced in an organization.
Meaning of Communication Network
Explanation of different types of Communication Network
Meaning of Communication Network:
Communication Network refers to a simple form or means of intersection of lines in all directions where messages are sent with high accuracy, speed and smoothness. In other words, it is the pattern of communication among all the employees within the organization and where a number of individuals are involved. It is seen that if the channel of communication is long and seem an unending process, then, the
Q.3: A good structured report helps the management to take vital decisions in an organised manner. Describe the structure and the steps involved in writing a good report.
Structure of a formal report
Steps in report writing
Structure of a formal report:
Title / Cover Page:
The cover page is the first page of the report. Its pacifies the type of report, the title of the report, the author of the report, for whom the report was compiled and the date the report was written
Q.4: What groundwork does one need to do to make an effective presentation? How do verbal, vocal and visual components of communication impact a presentation?
Steps in preparing a presentation
Verbal, vocal and visual components impact on presentation
Steps in preparing a presentation:
There are four basic steps of making a presentation:
1. Research and Planning
Once you have identified the purpose, gathered information about your perspective audience, and the locale or venue of your presentation, you can start with the actual process of planning and preparing your
Q.5: Different purposes of reading require different methods of reading. Describe the various ways of reading. What are the techniques that you can use to improve your reading?
Types or ways of reading
Techniques for Effective Reading
Types or ways of reading:
The types or ways of reading can be broadly classified into the following five categories:
1. Scanning: It is the fastest type of reading. We use this method when we wish to find some specific information about something in a hurry. We quickly glance through the text, move our eyes quickly over
Q.6: Why is employment communication a necessary weapon for employer? What should an applicant look for before he submits a resume to his prospective employer?
Importance of employment communication.
Guidelines for Writing Resume
Importance of employment communication:
Employment communication involves a complex process that includes employment letters, job applications and resumes. In today’s global competitive world where there is cut-throat competition among the job seekers, it has become mandatory to have a good professional looking resume to increase
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