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gajendra singh kushwah
Default GAIL Question Paper Recruitment

Hey I want to take part in the recruitment exam of Gail and I am also prepare for that but I have Problem in my preparation related to the question paper of recruitment so can you please provide me the question papers of the recruitment and also provide me a suitable webpage to download the papers?
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Default Re: GAIL Question Paper Recruitment

As per your requirement here I am giving you the 2011 GAIL Placement Paper:-

1) Significance of Biot number.
2) Wavelength range of Thermal radiation
3) Mode of heat transfer from a chilled cococola bottle.
4) Two question on type of heat exchangers
6) Which of the following is the intensive property. Mass, Volume, Specific enthalpy, Density
7) Process occuring in Carnots cycle.
8) Max Efficiency for same CR in Otto, Diesel and Dual.
9) Probelmatic question on energy supplied in steam turbine unit by giving the pressure limits.
10) Which will have high COP value a. 20 deg super heat or b. 20 deg subcooled.
11) Given an equation for average velocity and asked to calculate the covective acceleration at specified length.
12) Pitot tube is used to calucate the velocity of
13) To eradicate the overe turning of vehicle which has to be done. Reduce the mass, Reduce the Speed, Make the CG down for the vehicle.
14) Why governing is required in the turbine.
15) Why air vessel is placed in the reciprocating pump.
16) A problem on the blade speed of the impluse turbine.
17) Formula for specific speed of turbine.
18) What is the operation we perform in the CAD to fill the patches.
19) What is the meaning of cast iron SG 400/15
20) What happens to the cast iron rod when manganese is added to it.
21) Two questions on stress concentration factor.
22) A question asked on usage of keys.
23) Type of bolt used in heavy machinery.
24) A theatre providing e ticketing is mainained by which platform. This is question related to management.
25) Three questions on gear mating.
26) If l/r ratio is increased what happens to its primary and secondary forces.
27) Maximum value of x power 1/x.
28) Slope of the curves Y= a power X and Y=b power X
29) Two questions on intergration.
30) A question on variable and operation cost in management science.
31) Hardness of the cast iron bar can be increase which process.
32) Which type of fit is involved in G6/g7
33) What happens to material in spinning operation.
34) Why multi point cutting tool is used.
35) How can be directional solidification eradicated.
36) What type of welding is used to weld molen metal?
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Default Re: GAIL Question Paper Recruitment

You are looking for the GAIL Recruitment Question Paper. Here I am uploading a file that GAIL Recruitment Question Paper. You can download this from here. Here I am provide you some content of the file. This is as follows:

Mechanical 100 questions are as follow.

1) The resultant of parrallogram?
Ans: R=(P^2+Q^2+2PQCOSQ)^.5

2) Centre of gravity of hemi sphere?
Ans: 3r/8

3) Time of flight of a projectile?

4) Modulus of elasticity for a tapering section?

5) For what angle does maximum shear stress on a body exist when body is subjected to stress in one plain?

6) If a cantilever beam is loaded wid point load at its free end when the load increases at which section it will break first?

7) mx.torsion on a shaft is in what praportion to the dia of shaft?

8) 3-4 ques on spring stifness(numerical)?

9) What kind of rivet arrangement is called as diamond riveting?

10) Which among dese is not dimensionless?
a) Absolute viscosity b) Specific volume c) Specific gravity

11) Laminar flow characteristic related question?

12) Specific speed of turbine?

GAIL Mechanical Engineering Model Question Paper
1) One question on image signal frequency.

2) Find channel capacity given s/n ration and B.W

3) In resonant ckt value of capacitance, give 'Q' value and 'w' value

4) In digital E5 decimal equivalent?

5) For FET find gain

6) 2 stage cascaded gain BW product is________of single stage gain BW product
1) less 2) more 3) same

7) Short waves range

8) More wavelength for which waves
1) X rays 2) Y rays 3) UV

9) Which connects 'n' input and gives 'n' outputs?
Ans: Modem

10) Which have more fan out?

11) One question on feedback gain formula

12) 'Q' value,'Qdash' value given what will be values of J=? K=?

13) Which is delay flipflop?
Ans: D-flipflop

14) Race-around condition not present in?
Ans: Master-Slave flip flop

General Knowledge:

1) Which of following is not west flowing river?
Ans: Cavery

2) Rupee Symbol creator?

3) Canadian Grand prix winner?

4) Recent oil spill in Mumbai, govt fined how much amount to company in billions?

5) Compound interest problem

6) Gandhi's belonging charaka got by whom?
Ans: French Company

7) One Comprehension

8) Fill blanks with suitable words

9) 2 problems from age problems
GAIL Electrical Engineering Model Question Paper
1) Stress concentration factor

2) Over hauling

3) Governors

4) Gears

5) Specific speed

6) Material property

7) Critical path in OR

8) Rotational matrix


1) saarac

2) Time and work

3) Graph with problem

4) GK related to revers
GAIL General & Aptitude Model Question Paper
1) Highest operting voltage for cable in overhead transmission?

2) Short transmision line?

3) 66 kv suitable for

4) In an ACSR conductor aluminium mainly helpful for
a) Mechanical strenght b) Insulation 3) Fatiuge

5) Advantage of corona greatly helpful in radio interference

6) Bundled conductor helpful in a) Surge impedance of line reduce 2) Interference with neighbouring communication decreases

7) No.of poles incase of woundrotor induction motor

8) Best suitable for hight starting toruque in case of induction motor.

9) syncho\ronous motor overexcited behaves as
a) leading b)lagging c) unity pfg

10) Relaive space betweenstator androtor is zero incae of
a) Synchornous motor b) Induction motor c) All d) none

11) Transformers which of the following is best protecting system
a) overcurrentrelay b) percentage differential relay 3( buchhcholz relay

12) Reason for placing transformer winding in steel tank helpful in
a) Mechanical protection b) Core redces

13) OC test on transformer mainly perform on lv side or hv side

14) On SC test in case of transformer can be neligible because of?

15) Operating cost of thermal or stream pwer plant would be
a) Less than nuclear poerplant b) Less than the hydel plant c) eu\qual oto to nucler plant

16) Fuel for gas or stream power pplant would be?

17) Initial value theorem is which of the folllowing?
Lt x-->o Sx(s) ass-->oo

18) Pulvarized coal used in thermal power plant
a) Combution purpose b) Burning becomes easy

19) Equation given you need find out equivalent transfer function

20) For step w system ramp will be
a) Infinity b) Finite c) Zero

21) pnnp of diode connection does not possible why?

22) scr is reversebiase then
a) Two junction reverse biased b) Only one junction reverse biased c) Either of one may be forward bised

23) In case of parallel caacitor chopper
Ans: Circuit turn off time less than the main thyristor value

24) which of the following needs two power supplies" comparatoror diode or scr

25) Gate ulse willl be generated by
a) Astable mv b) Monostable mv c) Bistable mv

26) How many logical gates willl be in case of astable vibrator

27) Successive approximtionneeds how many comparators

28) If resistance value of each side in case of delta connection would be 3 ohm then in caseof starit would be?

29) Which type of bridge method usefule for measuring small resistance?

30) Super position principle based on
a) Reciprocity b) Linearity c) Duality

31) Question mainly asked on behaviours of sine wave in case frequency domain time domain nearly questions from sine wave will be 5 from various topics.

32) What would happened if steady state error k then the gain?

33) DVM

34) CRO

35) Potentiometer Qestions from each topic above said had covered
36) Incase of capacitor when you made give supply a) charge deposited inner plate charge deposited outer polacte

37) Medicumbetween capacitor place air or dielectric insultating or dielectric conduction

38) From heated body to unheated body heat transfer by the prinicple of induction or conductin or dissipation

39) Avg, rms values for half wave rectifier

40) Chopper main principle

41) Two capacitors of same value C connected in series then equivalent capacitance vae

42) Function of hwr rectifier in case of chopper

43) Constant Voltage Variable Frequency in chopper because of
44) Question of op amp

45) Cyclo converters main principle

46) Transformer principle

47) Power in ac circuit
a) P= VI b) P=VI SIN OF c) P==VI COS
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