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Default Railway Board Junior Account Assistant Model Paper

Tell me from where I can get Railway Board Junior Account Assistant Model question Paper???
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Default Re: Railway Board Junior Account Assistant Model Paper

You are looking for Railway Board Junior Account Assistant Model question Paper:

1. A parabolic curve introduced between straight and a circular curve or between two branches of a compound curve
for ease, comfort and safety of movement of trains on curve is called:
(a) Spur curve (b) Transition curve
(c) Summit curve (d) Valley curve
Ans : B
2. The staggered rails joints are usually provided on:
(a) Bridge (b) Curves (c) Branching (d) Tangents
Ans : B
3. The track capacity can be increased by:
(a) Faster movement of trains on the track
(b) By using more powerful engines
(c) All the above
(d) None of the above
Ans : C
4. The railway station at which a track line meets a main line is called:
(a) terminal station (b) flag station
(c) way side station (d) junction station
Ans : D
5. The limiting value of super elevation of board gauge in Indian Railways is:
(a) 16.50 cm (b) 30 cm (c) 15 cm (d) 10 cm
Ans : A
6. The chart used for recording the condition of track is known as:
(a) Rolling chart (b) Track chart
(c) Hallade chart (d) Vibro chart
Ans: C
7. The most common system of signaling in India is the …… system.
(a) automatic block (b) section clear system
(c) absolute block (d) pilot guard system
Ans : C
8. The feeder gauge …. is commonly used for feeding raw materials to big Government manufacturing concerns as
well as to private factories such as steel plants, oil refineries, sugar factories etc.
(a) 0.6096 m (b) 0.792 m (c) 1m (d) 1.676 m
Ans : A
9. Which one of the following bolts is not used in rail track:
(a) Fang bolt (b) Eye bolt (c) Rag bolt (d) Fish bolt
Ans : B
10. The gradient which requires one or more additional locomotive for hauling the load over the gradient is called:
(a) Up-gradient (b) Pusher gradient
(c) Steep gradient (d) Momentum gradient
Ans : B
11. Points and crossings are provided for change of ….on permanent ways.
(a) gauge (b) direction and gradient
(c) direction (d) gradient
Ans : C
12. In locomotive ‘hunting’ is:
(a) Movement of locomotive in vertical plane perpendicular to its movement along the track
(b) Sinuous path taken by engine as against the alignment of the track
(c) Motion after brakes have been applied
(d) Combination of A and B above
Ans : D
13. The rails which get battered due to action of wheels over the end of the rails are called:
(a) Hogged rails (b) Roaring rails
(c) Creep rails (d) Bucking rails
Ans : A
14. In broad gauge, the clear horizontal distance between the inner faces of two parallel rails forming the track is:
(a) 1 m (b) 1.676 m (c) 0.6096 m (d) 0.792 m
Ans : B
15. As per Indian standard, the recommended width of ballast section at foot level of rails for broad gauge tracks
should be:
(a) 4.38 m (b) 3.35 m (c) 1.83 m (d) 2.25 m
Ans : B
16. The minimum length of a passenger platform for broad gauge railway should not be less than:
(a) 305 m (b) 183 m (c) 495 m (d) 250 m
Ans : A
17. Generally the shape of fish plate is:
(a) elliptical (b) bone shaped (c) circular (d) rectangular
Ans : B
18. For wooden sleepers, size of the ballast should be:
(a) 2.54 cm (b) 10.16 cm (c) 3.8 cm (d) 5.1 cm
Ans : C
69. The length of track under the control of a Ganger is:
(a) 10 to 15 Km (b) 5 to 6 KM
(c) 3 to 5 KM (d) 1 to 2 KM
Ans : B
20. The maximum rising gradient which is provided keeping the power of locomotive in view, is called
(a) Momentum gradient (b) Pusher gradient
(c) Down gradient (d) Ruling gradient
Ans : D
21. The latest system of signaling introduced is:
(a) C.T.C. system (b) pilot guard system
(c) section clear system (d) automatic block system
Ans : A
22. Detonating signals are used:
(a) for noisy engines
(b) during foggy and cloudy weather
(c) for deaf drivers
(d) not now, were in use in nineteenth century only
Ans : B
23. The number of fish bolts used for joining the rails with the help of fish plates, is generally:
(a) 4 (b) 8 (c) 2 (d) 6
Ans : A
24. The Railways provided underground at a depth of about 18 m or more are called:
(a) Mono railway (b) Underground railway
(c) Railway (d) Tube railway
Ans : D
25. The art of providing an outward slope of …. to the treads of wheels of rolling stock is known as coning of wheels.
(a) 1 in 30 (b) 1 in 10 (c) 1 in 4 (d) 1 in 20
Ans : D
26. The process of connecting a track length by an electric circuit is known as track circuiting and the sleepers which
are suitable for it are:
(a) cast iron sleepers (b) steel sleepers
(c) wooden sleepers (d) all above are suitable
Ans : C
27. The movable tapered end of the tongue rail is known as:
(a) heel of switch (b) toe of switch
(c) stretcher bar (d) throw of switch
Ans : B
28. The yard where trains and other loads are received, sorted out, trains formed and dispatched onwards are known
(a) locomotive yard (b) goods yard
(c) marshalling yard (d) station yard
Ans : C
29. Wider gauge permits:
(a) sleeper gradients (b) low axle load
(c) higher operating speeds (d) sharp curves
Ans : C
30. Which one of the following is expected to have shorter life?
(a) Steam engine (b) Diesel engine
(c) Electric engine (d) Shunting engine
And : B
31. The movable end of the tapered rail, by means of which the flanged wheels of the train are diverted from one track
to another is known as:
(a) Toe (b) Stud (c) Heel (d) Flare
Ans : A
32. The creep in rails is measured in:
(a) cm/kg (b) cm (c) Kg/cm (d) kg cm
Ans : B
33. When a rail loses its weight by 5%, it should be renewed and the old one can be used on unimportant tracks, but
the rails which have lost their weight by more than …., should not be used on any track under any circumstances.
(a) 8% (b) 33.3% (c) 10% (d) 20%
Ans : C
34. In railways, super elevation is provided to:
(a) facilitate drainage
(b) counteract the centrifugal push
(c) counteract the centripetal pull
(d) have all the effects mentioned above
Ans : B
35. The additional track connected to main line at both of its ends is called:
(a) running line (b) loop line
(c) main line (d) none are correct
Ans : B
36. The rails which help in channelising the wheels in their proper routes are known as:
(a) Guard rails (b) Wing rails? (c) Check rails (d) Lead rails
Ans : B
37. The shape of wheels of rolling stock is:
(a) Tapered with flange on outside
(b) Parallel with flange on inside
(c) Tapered with flange on inside
(d) Parallel with flange on outside
Ans : C
38. The maximum gradient for broad gauge in station yards in Indian Railways is:
(a) 1 in 100 (b) 1 in 1000 (c) 1in 200 (d) 1 in 400
Ans : D
39. The force which resists the forward movement and speed of train is called:
(a) Track modulus (b) Hauling resistance
(c) friction (d) Tractive resistance
Ans : D
4. The tractive resistance of the route in railways as compared to roadways will be:
(a) same (b) more (c) low (d) not comparable
Ans : C
41. Sand is used as ballast incase of:
(a) steel sleepers
(b) wooden sleepers
(c) reinforced concrete sleepers
(d) cast iron sleepers
Ans : D
42. Arm type fixed signals, fitted on a vertical post fixed at the side of a track, are called:
(a) Warner signals (b) Starter signals
(c) Semaphore signals (d) Cab signals
Ans : C
43. The Railway provided just below the ground level are called:
(a) Tube railway (b) Underground railway
(c) Mono railway (d) Railway
Ans : B
44. When a railway line crosses a valley, a ridge like structure consisting of a series of piers, piles or trestles on which
steel girders are placed and which is constructed usually for small spans is known as:
(a) Bridge (b) Tunnel (c) Viaduct (d) Aqueduct
Ans : C
45. Creeping of rails will be reduced by using:
(a) Bearing plates (b) Spikes (c) Chairs (d) Anchors
Ans : D
46. The railway track from which a train is to be diverted is called:
(a) branch track (b) points and crossing
(c) main or through track (d) all above
Ans : C
47. An expansion gap of …. is usually kept between the adjoining rail ends to allow for expansion of rail, due to
variation in temperature.
(a) 1 to 3 mm (b) 10 to 15 mm
(c) 6 to 8 mm (d) 3 to 5 mm
Ans : C
48. Generally the weight/metre of the rails used in broad gauge is:
(a) 55 kg (b) 45 kg (c) 35 kg (d) 65 kg
Ans : A
49. A dynamometer car is used for:
(a) Tourists (b) Dinning facilities
(c) Inspection of administrative officers
(d) Recording the condition of track
Ans : D
50. Which of the following is not a part of rail engine?
(a) Tender (b) Stream turbine (c) Boiler (d) Fire box
Ans : B
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Default Re: Railway Board Junior Account Assistant Model Paper

You need Railway Board Junior Account Assistant Model Paper here I am giving;
RRB Junior assistant paer
Directions Q: 1-2: In these questions, select suitable word/phrases to fill in blanks
1. He deals_______ grocery nowadays.
1. out 2. in 3. with 4. for
Answer: 2
2. He is popular______ his subordinates
1. through 2. with 3. within 4. in
Answer: 2
Directions Q: 3
4: In these equations, select a word which is opposite in
meaning to the given word in
Capital letters.
3. F
1. Lately 2. Timely 3. Usually 4. Initially
Answer: 4
1. Check 2. Disallow 3. Decline 4. Allow
Directions (Q.Nos. 5
7): In following questions a word has been written four

different ways out of which
only one is correctly
spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.
5. A) Occasonal B) Occassional C). Occasional D) Ocassional
Answer: C
6. A). Arearrs B) . Arierrs C) Arrears D) Arriers
Answer: C
7. A) Warranty B) Warrantey C) Waranty D) Warantey
Answer: A Directions Q: 8
10: In each of the following questions, a sentence has
been divided into three parts and
they are marked (1), (2) and (3). Find out the part in which there is an error
mark its number as your
answer. Mark (4) as your answer if t
here is no error.
8. Not only he/but also his son were blamed for the act and rightly so/No error
(1) (2) (3) (4)
Answer: (2)
9. Shanta is a student / whom we all expect / will stand first in the lass / No
(1) (2) (3) (4)
Answer: (2)
10. I a

m obliged with you / and your entire family / for showing kindness to us /
No error
(1) (2) (3) (4)
Answer: (1)
11. The earth orbits around the sun making one revolution
1. every day 2. every month 3. every year 4. every ten years
12. Who
among the following won the Nobel Prize in Physics?
1. C.V. Raman 2. J.C. Bose 3. R.N. Tagore 4. None of these
Answer: 1
13. In which state is Bhakra
Nangal dam located?
1. Punjab 2. Uttar Pradesh 3. Maharashtra 4. Uttaranchal
Answer: 1
14. What is
the voltage of domestic electric supply in India?
1. 220 Volts AC 2. 220 Volts DC 3. 440 Volts AC 4. None of these
Answer:1 15. Which of the following is the capital of the state of Uttaranchal?
1. Allahabad 2. Haridwar 3. Dehradun 4. Ranchi
16. The kuchipudi dance originated in

1. Andhra Pradesh 2. Tamil Nadu 3. Kerala 4. Karnataka
Answer: 1
17. Which of the following gases is lightest?
1. Nitrogen 2. Corbon dioxide 3. Hydrogen 4. Oxygen
Answer: 3
18. Which of the following does not fit into the series: 1, 3, 7, 15, 27, 63, 127?
1. 7 2. 63 3. 27 4. 15
Answer: 3
19. Which of the following is different from the other three?
Answer: 4
20. If the first day of a ye
ar (which is not a leap year) is Friday, then what will
be the last day of that
1. Saturday 2. Friday 3. Monday 4. Tuesday
Answer: 2
21. The National flower of India is
1. Rose 2. Marigold 3. Lotus 4. sun flower
Answer: 3 22. Which of the fol
lowing of the highest Civilian Award of India?
Padma Vibhushan 2. Ashok Chakra 3. Bharat Ratna 4. Param vir Chakra
Answer: 3
23. Which of the following planet is nearest to the Sun?

1. Mercury 2. Earth 3. Jupiter 4. Venus
Answer: 1
24. In a code la
nguage HOUSE is written a INVRF. How will CROWD be written in
that language?
Answer: 1
25. Arrange the following words in a logical order:
I. Cotton II. Cloth III. Suit IV. Thread
1. I, II, IV, III 2. I, IV, II,
III 3. II, I, IV, III 4. IV, I, II, III
Answer: 2
26. What is related to WOLF in the same way as PIT is related to TIP?
Answer: 3
Directions Q: 27 to 29 In
these questions, which alternative will come in place
of the question mark?
27. FED : MKI :: PON : ?
1. WUS 2. IHG 3. MNO 4. WVU
Answer: 1 28. K/T : 11/20 :: J/R : ?
1. 10/8 2. 10/18 3. 11/19 4. 5/9
Answer: 2
29. Which of the following will come i
n place of the question mark in the series
given below
1. SAR 2. SAQ 3. SBR 4. RAR
Answer: 3
Directions Q: 30
34: In these questions, what will come in place of the question
30. 22222/? = 11
1. 20202 2. 2022 3. 222 4.
None of these
Answer: 4
31. 3848 / 16 + 9 = ?
1. 240.5 2. 249.5 3. 24.05 4. 33.5
Answer: 2
32. 9/4
?/16 = ?
1. 80 2. 36 3. 20 4. 2 ¼
3. fuses 4. All of these
Answer: 3
45. The main function of a switch is to safely
1. Break the c

2. Make the circuit
3. Make and break the circuit
4. Regulate the current flow in the circuit
Answer: 3
46. In house wiring employing looping in and looping out system, neutral is
looped in and out from
1. ceiling rose
2. lamp holder
3. sock
4. All of these
Answer: 4
47. Electrical fires should only be extinguished by the use of
1. water
2. carbon tetra chloride fire extinguisher
3. foam type fire extinguisher
4. Anyone of these
Answer: 4 48. Heavy current in dc circuits can be measured with the aid of
1. CT in line
2. shunt resistance in series with meter
3. shunt resistance in parallel with meter
4. None of these
Answer: 3

49. Hysteresis and eddy current errors will be lea
st in
1. M.I. instruments
2. Dynamometer instrument
3. M.C. Instruments
4. All of these
Answer: 2
50. In a pure resistive circuit,
1. current is in phase with the voltage by 90 degree
2. current logs behind the voltage by 90 degree
3. current lead
s the voltage by 90 degree
4. current can lead or log the voltage by 90 degree
Answer: 1
51. By heating a conducting material, the conductivity of the material
1. Increases 2. Decreases 3. Remains the same 4. May increase or decrease
Answer: 1
52. In
an N
Type semiconductor the minority carriers are
1. electrons 2. holes 3. free electrons 4. None of these
Answer: 2
53. The relative permeability for a superconductor is

1. infinity 2. zero 3. unity 4. positive
Answer: 3 54. Universal Motor is used in
1. A.C 2. D.C 3. AC and DC 4. None of these
Answer: 3
55. Synchronous Motor is
1. Self Started 2. To start using another motor 3. Squirrel eage type 4. None of
Answer: 2
56. In India, the domestic sup
ply of voltage is
1. 250
300V 2. 110
220V 3. 220
230V 4. 400
Answer: 3
57. The supply frequency in India is
1. 50Hz 2. 40Hz 3. 25Hz 4. 60Hz
Answer: 1
58. Which winding in a transformer has more number of turns?

1. Primary winding
2. Secondar
y winding
3. High voltage winding
4. Low voltage winding
Answer: 3
59. Iron core of power transformer is laminated
1. to reduce copper losses
2. to reduce hysteresis losses
3. to reduce eddy current losses
4. Both (1) and (3)
Answer: 2 60. In a tr
ansformer, hysteresis losses can be reduced
1. by reducing the thickness of the iron core laminations
2. by controlling silicon content of the steel laminations
3. by reducing the load on the transformer
4. None of these
Answer: 1
61. Why Lubrication
is done
1. To Increase the speed 2. To Prevent Friction between the Mating Parts
3. To avoid heat 4. None of These
Answer: 2
62. The Height of switch board fixed is usually

1) 3 Meters 2) 9 Meters 3) 1.5 Meters 4) 0.25 Meters
Answer : 3
63. In a c
eiling fan employing capacitor run motor
1. primary winding surrounds the secondary winding
2. secondary winding surrounds the primary winding
3. Both are usual arrangements
4. None of them are usual Arrangements
Answer: 3
64. The zenor diode will re
gulate so long as it is kept in
1. forward conduction
2. idle conduction
3. reverse conduction
4. None of these
Answer: 1 65. In radio communication the medium of communication is
1. antenna 2. radar 3. space 4. satellite
Answer: 2
66. The sound is
characterized by __ and amplitude
1. velocity 2. pitch 3. frequency 4. medium
Answer: 2
67. The LED light is mainly emitted because
1. diode emits light when heated

2. recombination of charge takes place
3. it follows the heating laws
4. None of these
Answer: 2
68. Generally bridge rectifiers are preferred because
1. they require less input
2. they require big size of transformer
3. they require less peak inverse voltage
4. None of these
Answer: 3
69. The common base configurati
on amplifier is used
1. in low frequency circuitry
2. in very high frequency circuitry
3. in medium frequently
4. None of these
Answer: 2
71. The FET can be used as
1. capacitor 2. inductor 3. variable resistance 4. None of these
Answer: 3 72. The
force which controls the deflecting force is known as
1. controlling force
2. deflecting force
3. damping force
4. None of these
Answer: 3
73. The moving coil type instruments are best suited for
1. dc Measurements
2. ac Measurements
3. ac/dc meas
4. power factor measurements
Answer: 2
74. The scale of hot wire instrument is
1. even
2. uneven
3. crowded in the beginning
4. crowded in the end
Answer: 3
75. The
Cells convert light falling directly in to electric current
1. Photo Voltaic 2. Photo 3. Vacuum 4. gas filled
Answer: 1
76. As the current flows, the
is setup around coil
1. Magnetic flux
2. Electric fulx
3. Resonance
4. Amplitude
Answer: 1
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