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Default Re: Key dates for Date CLAT Exam

Common law admission test is a reputed law entrance examination organized by Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), Gandhinagar below ..

Important dates 2014 :
Issue of official CLAT Notification December 2013
Availability of Information Brochure and Application Form January 1, 2014 (Wednesday)
Last date to apply March 31, 2014

You must have secured at least 45% in 10+ 2 qualifying examination from a well recognized board of education ..

Age limit :
less than 20 years of age as on July 1, 2014.

Application fees
Rs 4000/- for General category candidate

Exam Pattern:
The CLAT-2014 Question Paper for UG courses shall multiple choice type questions ..
Maximum Marks: 200
Duration of CLAT-2014: 02:00 Hours
Total Number of Questions: 200
Negative Marking: 0.25 Mark/wrong answer

Subject areas with weightage
1. English including Comprehension: 40 Marks
2. General Knowledge and Current Affairs: 50 Marks
3. Elementary Mathematics (Numerical Ability): 20 Marks
4. Legal Aptitude: 50 Marks
5. Logical Reasoning: 40 Marks
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Default Re: Key dates for Date CLAT Exam

I am searching for key dates for next year CLAT Exam. So tell me from where I can get all key dates for CLAT Exam 2016?
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Default Re: Key dates for Date CLAT Exam

I want to inform you that CLAT Exam 2015 was over and its result has also declared.

Dates for CLAT Exam 2016 will publish soon, so when official dates will publish, we will update information on website where you are visiting now.

Here I am giving tentative dates for CLAT Exam 2016 for your reference:

CLAT Exam 2016 Key Dates (Tentative)
Date of Issue of First Admission Notification Last Week of December, 2015
Starting date for submission of online application form 1st Week of January, 2016
Last date for submission of filled-in online application form Middle of April 2016
Download of Admit Cards/Hall Tickets 3rd Week of April, 2016
Date of CLAT – 2015 Online examination 2nd Week of May 2016
Declaration of results 3rd Week of May, 2016
Dates for indicating University-wise preference Last Week of May, 2016
Publication of 1st Indicative seat allocation list 1st Week of June, 2016
Dates for payment of counselling fee 2nd Week of June, 2016
Publication of 2nd allotment list after payment of counselling fee Middle of June, 2016
Dates for payment of counseling fee: 3rd Week of June, 2016
Last Date of withdrawal from the Admission Process 3rd Week of June, 201
Dates for locking of allotted seats 3rd Week of June, 2016
Publication of 3rd allotment list & Date for Payment of counseling fee Last Week of June, 2016

Participating Universities for CLAT
NLSIU - Bangalore
NLIU - Bhopal
WBNUJS - Kolkata
RMLNLU - Lucknow
CNLU - Patna
NUSRL - Ranchi
DSNLU - Visakhapatnam
TNNLS – Tiruchirappalli
NALSAR - Hyderabad
HNLU - Raipur
NLU - Jodhpur
NLUO - Cuttack
RGNUL - Patiala
NLUJAA - Guwahati
NUALS - Kochi
GNLU - Gandhinagar

CLAT Question Paper

1. From the following statements, pick out the
true statement according to the passage.
(a) A mono-syllabic word can have only one
(b) A mono-syllabic word can have only one
rhyme but more than one rime.
(c) A mono-syllabic word can have only one
(d) All of the above.
2. Which one of the following is likely to
emerge last in the cognitive development of
a child?
(a) Rhyme (b) Rime
(c) Onset (d) Phoneme
3. A phonological defi cit in which of the following
is likely to be classifi ed as dyslexia?
(a) Phonemic judgement
(b) Onset judgement
(c) Rime judgement
(d) Any one or more of the above
4. The Treiman and Zudowski experiment
found evidence to support the following:
(a) At age 6, reading instruction helps children
perform both, the same-diff erent
judgment task.
(b) The development of onset-rime awareness
precedes the development of an
awareness of phonemes.
(c) At age 4-5, children fi nd the onset-rime
version of the same/diff erent task signifi -
cantly easier.
(d) The development of onset-time awareness
is a necessary and suffi cient condition
for the development of an awareness
of phonemes.
5. The single-syllable words Rhyme and Rime
are constituted by the exact same set of
I. rime(s) II. onset(s)
III. rhyme(s) IV. phoneme(s)
(a) I, II (b) I, III
(c) I, II, III (d) II, III, IV
Directions: Every word is followed by four options.
You have to fi nd out the word which is meant in
meaning to the given word.
6. Sagacity
(a) Morality (b) Knowledge
(c) Wisdom (d) Sanctity
7. Salacious
(a) briny (b) Purchasable
(c) obscene (d) Flavored
8. Knack
(a) Own (b) Skill
(c) Job (d) Quality
9. Extravaganza
(a) Profl igacy
(b) Spectacular show
(c) Over reaching
(d) Falsifi cation
10. Bemused
(a) Enchanted (b) Entertained
(c) Lost in thought (d) Ridiculous
Directions: Every word is followed by four options.
You have to fi nd out the word exactly opposite in
meaning to the given word.
11. Acquittal
(a) Warrant (b) Condemnation
(c) Punishment (d) Castigation
12. Dormant
(a) Active (b) Modern
(c) Permanent (d) Transient
13. Kindle
(a) Ignite (b) Encourage
(c) Ignore (d) Merciless
14. Transparent
(a) Coloured (b) Childlike
(c) Opaque (d) Imminent
15. Wicked
(a) Sober (b) Helpful
(c) Conscientious (d) Faithful16. He is temporarily in charge of the company
and is trying to feather his nest.
(a) Act for his own future benefi ts.
(b) Raise the image of the company.
(c) Practice his own brand of management
(d) Bring order and discipline in the company.
17. It has been raining cats and dogs.
(a) Endlessly (b) Incessantly
(c) Continuously (d) Heavily
18. It requires unparalleled courage to set the
thames on fi re.
(a) Do something extraordinary or brilliant
(b) Do a heroic deed
(c) Wreak evil on something
(d) Destroy with fi re
19. Some people now wonder whether we just
pay lip service or genuinely subscribe to
(a) Remain indiff erent
(b) Pay oral tribute
(c) Show only outward respect
(d) Attach no value
20. Seema is a little hard of hearing
(a) Deaf (b) Inaudible
(c) Insensitive (d) Disinterested
Directions: Every sentence is followed by four
options. You have to fi nd out the one word substitution
for given sentences.
21. Something that becomes outdated
(a) Old (b) Ancient
(c) Obsolete (d) Useless
22. To send an unwanted person out of the
(a) Deport (b) Exclude
(c) Expatriate (d) Ostracise
23. The act of violating the sanctity of church
(a) Blasphemy (b) Heresy
(c) Sacrilege (d) Desecration
24. Virus is a biological entity which lives on
another organism.
(a) Symbiotic (b) Dependant
(c) Plebiscite (d) Parasite
25. A man of odd habits
(a) Cynical (b) Eccentric
(c) Moody (d) Introvert
Directions: Fill in the blanks with suitable articles.
26. _______ old horse stumbles and nods.
(a) an (b) a
(c) the (d) none of these
27. Here I am _______ old man being read to by
_______ boy.
(a) an, the (b) the, an
(c) an, a (d) a, an
28. If _______ rich grow richer and _______
poor poorer, the country will go to _______
(a) the, the, the (b) a, an, the
(c) the, a, an (d) the, an, a
29. _______ ship has come to _______ port
_______ port has been recently repaired.
(a) a, an, the, the
(b) the, the, a, a
(c) a, an, the, the
(d) a, the, the
30. _______ water of _______ Caspian Sea is
(a) the, a (b) a, the
(c) a, a (d) the, the
Directions: Fill in the blanks with appropriate
prepositions from the options given against each
31. He slept soundly _______ three hours
(a) in (b) for
(c) to (d) at
32. I am going to put the tin _______ the oven.
(a) in (b) at
(c) to (d) by
33. They are moving _______ side to side.
(a) with (b) from
(c) by (d) on
34. I have been looking _______ you.
(a) by (b) in
(c) to (d) for
35. Our newspaper aims _______ having million
readers by next year.
(a) with (b) in
(c) at (d) for
Directions: Given below are the words. Every MCQ
has four variants in terms of its spelling. You have to
fi nd the word with correct spellings.
36. (a) Simultaneus (b) Simultaneous
(c) Simultaneos (d) Simulteneous
37. (a) Erroneos (b) Erroneus
(c) Erroneous (d) Erronious
38. (a) Constetution (b) Constitution
(c) Constitusion (d) Constitucion
39. (a) Frustrasion (b) Frustration
(c) Frustracion (d) Frusteration
40. (a) Threadbare (b) Threadbere
(c) Thraedbare (d) Threadebare
41. Which one of the following events, detected
in the last decade, is associated with occasional
weak monsoon rains in the Indian
(a) Greenhoue eff ect
(b) La Nina
(c) El Nino
(d) Movement of Jet Streams
42. The World Development Report is an annual
publication of
(a) the United Nations Development
(b) the World Bank.
(c) the World Trade Organization.
(d) International Monetary Fund.
43. The members of the Constituent Assembly
which drafted Indian Constitution were
(a) nominated by British Parliament.
(b) elected by the Legislative Assemblies
under the Government of India Act,
(c) elected by the Legislative Assemblies
under Monteque Chelmsford Reforms,
(d) nominated by the Governor-General of
44. Five Year Plans in India are fi nally approved by
(a) Parliament.
(b) The President.
(c) Planning Commission.
(d) National Development Council.
45. Which one among the following stock exchanges
recorded highest turnover during 2000–01?
(a) Bombay Stock Exchange
(b) National Stock Exchange
(c) Bangalore Stock Exchange
(d) Calculation Stock Exchange
46. Busan, a town in South Korea, was very much
in news because
(a) North and South Korean talks for the unifi -
cation of Korea took place there.
(b) it has become the new capital of South
(c) Fourteenth Asian Games took place there.
(d) there was a plane crash in that place killing
important personalities.
47. Which of the following issues, pertaining to
Gujarat was referred to the Supreme Court by
the President for advisory opinion?
(a) Validity of the visit of Election Commission
to Gujarat.
(b) The critical reference regarding the communal
situation by the Chief Election
(c) Holding of Assembly elections within the
stipulated time period.
(d) Conduct of Modi Government during the
communal confl ict.
48. The World Conference on sustainable
Development was organized at
(a) New York. (b) Johannesburg.
(c) Sao Paulo. (d) Sun City.
49. The Rolling Plan concept was introduced in
India when _______ was prime Minister
(a) Morarji Desai (b) Chandra Shekher
(c) Charan Singh (d) V.P. Singh
50. Internationally well known ‘Human
Development Report’ deals with
(a) status of human rights in various states.
(b) status of human development in various
(c) the role of state in ensuring human rights.
(d) human welfare generally.
51. A Brief History of Time was authored by
(a) Cari Sagan. (b) Stephen Hawkins.
(c) John Schwarg. (d) Michael Green.
52. The author of the book Globalization and its
Discontents is
(a) Amartya Sen. (b) Joseph Stiglitz.
(c) Anne Krueger. (d) Paul Harris.
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