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Default Railway Recruitment Board Accounts Clerk question papers of previous years

I want to give the exam of Railway Recruitment Board Accounts Clerk and for that I want to get the previous year question papers so can you provide me that?
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Default Re: Railway Recruitment Board Accounts Clerk question papers of previous years

As you want to get the Railway Recruitment Board Accounts Clerk previous year question papers so here is the information of the same for you:

1. The main sources about the Indus Valley civilization are :

(1) Inscriptions

(2) Coins

(3) Manuscripts on leaves of palm and birch

(4) Archaeological excavations

2. The propounder of Yoga School of Philosophy was

(1) Patanjali (2) Gautam

(3) Jaimini (4) Shankaracharya

3. The term ‘Double Fault’ is related to the game of

(1) Badminton (2) Golf

(3) Tennis (4) Cricket

4. Which of the following pairs of names are related?

(1) Golf- Polo (2) Soccer- Football

(3) Billiards- Snookers (4) Volleyball- Football

5. Which of the following pairs is the highest peak of India?

(1) Kanchanjungha (2) Nanda Devi

(3) Mount Everest (4) Kamet

6. After how many years elections are held to elect the members of Rajya Sabha?

(1) 6 years (2) 2 years

(3) 3 years (4) 4 years

7. Which of the following is the longest river in India?

(1) Ganga (2) Brahmaputra

(3) Yamuna (4) Godavari

8. Which of the following vitamins is obtained from sunlight?

(1) Vitamin A (2) Vitamin C

(3) Vitamin D (4) Vitamin B

9. How many bones are there in the human body?

(1) 206 (2) 202

(3) 204 (4) 203

10. Which of the following is the longest river in the world?

(1) Amazon (2) Nile

(3) Mississippi (4) Danube

11. Silk is mostly obtained from

(1) Ujjain (2) Koshambi

(3) Taxila (4) Varanasi

12. Who among the following is associated with the Sarnath Inscription ?

(1) Ashoka (2) Harshavardhana

(3) Chandra Gupta Maurya (4) Samundra Gupta

13. Which of the following names of play ground is correct?

(1) Ring – Skating (2) Diamond – Cricket

(3) Field – Cycling (4) Bull – Tennis

14. Who among the following is competent to amend the provisions of citizenship?

(1) Parliament (2) President

(3) Prime Minister (4) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

15. Who among the following administers the oath of office to the President?

(1) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

(2) Prime Minister

(3) Vice President

(4) Speaker of the Lok Sabha

16. Who among the following administers the oath of office to the Chief Justice of a High


(1) Governor

(2) President

(3) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

(4) Council of Ministers

17. Railway in included in which of the following lists?

(1) Union list (2) State list

(3) Concurrent list (4) None of these

18. Who among the following was the first and last woman ruler of Delhi?

(1) Razia Beghum (2) Chand Bibi

(3) Mumtaz (4) Karnavati

19. Who among the following was the first to land on moon?

(1) Neil Armstrong (2) Tenzing Norgay

(3) Rakesh Sharma (4) Edwin Aldrin

20. Who among the following was the first Indian woman to scale the Mount Everest?

(1) Bachendri Pal (2) Santosh Yadav

(3) Dicky Dolma (4) None of these

21. Zero hour is the period

(1) just after question hour in both Houses of Parliament

(2) at the starting of the sitting

(3) at the end of sitting

(4) None of these

22. The maximum interval between the two sessions of the Houses is

(1) Six months (2) 3 months

(3) 2 months (4) one year

23. The period of proclamation of emergency is

(1) one month (2) two months

(3) six months (4) one year

24. The Chief Minister who remained in the office for the longest period :

(1) Jyoti Basu (2) Lalu Prasad

(3) Mayawati (4) M. Karunanidhi

25. The Salarjung Museum is located in

(1) Hyderabad (2) Bhopal

(3) Patna (4) Ranchi

26. Which of the following gases is filled in a balloon?

(1) Helium (2) Hydrogen

(3) Bromine (4) Oxygen

27. Which of the following is called Banker’s Bank?

(1) Reserve Bank of India (2) State Bank of India

(3) Punjab National Bank (4) None of these

28. Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly?

(1) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (2) Bhimrao Ambedkar

(3) Jawaharlal Nehru (4) Sachchidanand Sinha

29. Which of the following is the longest platform in the world?

(1) Kharagpur (2) Kolkata

(3) Leningrad (4) Tokyo

30. Who among the following built the Grand Trunk road?

(1) Shershah (2) Akbar

(3) Humayun (4) Shahjehan

31. Focus on the age eye is adjusted through

(1) Retina (2) Iris

(3) Comea (4) Lens

32. Who among the following was the ruler of Kalinga?

(1) Kharvela (2) Ashoka

(3) Samudragupta (4) None of these

33. Maximum oil can be extracted from

(1) Sunflower (2) Groundnut

(3) Mustard (4) Cardamom

34. The most suitable conductor is

(1) Saline water (2) Fresh water

(3) Pure water (4) None of these

35. The mausoleum of which saint is located in Ajmer?

(1) Moinuddin Chisti (2) Badruddin Zacharia

(3) Khwaja Walliullah (4) Abdul Shatari

36. Gobar gas mainly contains

(1) Methane (2) Ethane

(3) Propane (4) Butane

37. Who among the following invented the decimal system?

(1) Aryabhatt (2) Copernicus

(3) Magellan (4) Charak

38. Nose starts bleeding when one climbs up mountain due to

(1) low pressure (2) high pressure

(3) height (4) None of these

39. In which of the following sectors maximum number of women are employed?

(1) Tea (2) Agriculture

(3) Jute (4) Textile

40. Railway earns maximum revenue from

(1) freight charges (2) passenger fares

(3) advertisement (4) None of these

41. Which of the following is called the laughing gas?

(1) Nitrogen Oxide (2) Hydrogen Oxide

(3) Nitrous Oxide (4) Sulphur Oxide

42. Who was the first Indian to qualify for Olympics?

(1) Shiny Abraham (2) PT Usha

(3) Karmam Malleshwari (4) Jyotirmony Sikdar

43. During Shivaji’s childhood, who among the following exercised the maximum influence

on his character?

(I) Jija Bai, his mother (II) Dadaji Kondadev, his tutor

(III) Shahji Bhonsle, his father

(1) I Only (2) I and III

(3) I, II and III (4) I and II

44. ‘Black Hole Episode’ was the main cause of :

(1) Battle of Buxar (2) Battle of Plassey

(3) Battle of Wandiwash (4) Battle of Haldighati

45. Who is known as the ‘Grand Old Man of India’?

(1) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Kan (2) C. Rajgopalachari

(3) Lala Lajpat Rai (4) Dadabhai Naoroji

46. The slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ was first raised by :

(1) Lokmanya Tilak (2) Veer Savarkar

(3) Chandrashekhar Azad (4) Bhagat Singh

47. Which of the following is/ are true about Sarojini Naidu?

(a) She was the First Woman President of the Congress

(b) She was the first Woman Governor in independent India

(c) She was the first Health Minister in independent India

(d) She wrote the famous ‘Golden Bough’

(1) a, b and d (2) a and c

(3) a and b (4) Only b

48. Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?

(1) Mercury (2) Mars

(3) Jupiter (4) Saturn

49. Geostationary orbit is at a height of :

(1) 6 km (2) 1000 km

(3) 3600 km (4) 36,000 km

50. The ozone layer in the upper part of the atmosphere protects us from :

(1) Cosmic rays (2) Ultrasonic waves

(3) Infra- red rays (4) Ultraviolet rays

51. Nights are cooler in the deserts than in the plains because :

(1) sand radiates that more quickly than the earth

(2) the sky remains clear most of the time

(3) sand absorbs heat more quickly than the earth

(4) None of these

52. Which of the following is the highest plateau in the world?

(1) Colorado Plateau (2) Pamir Plateau

(3) Patagonia Plateau (4) Potwar Plateau

53. Pointing towards a woman Manju said that ‘She is the sister of father of son of my

mother’. How is that woman related to woman?

(1) Aunt (2) Sister

(3) Niece (4) None of these

54. Tipu Sultan was the ruler of

(1) Hyderabad (2) Madurai

(3) Mysore (4) Vijayanagar

55. Which of the following passes through India?

(1) Tropic of Cancer (2) Tropic of Capricorn

(2) Prime Meridian (4) Equator


1. (4) 2. (1) 3. (3) 4. (2) 5. (1)

6. (1) 7. (1) 8. (3) 9. (1) 10. (2)

11. (4) 12. (1) 13. (1) 14. (1) 15. (1)

16. (1) 17. (1) 18. (1) 19. (1) 20. (1)

21. (1) 22. (1) 23. (1) 24. (1) 25. (1)

26. (1) 27. (1) 28. (1) 29. (1) 30. (1)

31. (2) 32. (1) 33. (1) 34. (1) 35. (1)

36. (1) 37. (1) 38. (2) 39. (1) 40. (1)

41. (3) 42. (2) 43. (4) 44. (2) 45. (4)

46. (4) 47. (4) 48. (2) 49. (4) 50. (4)

51. (1) 52. (2) 53. (1) 54. (3) 55. (1)

1. In which ritual book attached to the Rig Veda Andhras were first mentioned ?

(A) Brihihakta

(B) Aitreya Brahmana

(C) Gatha Sapthasati

(D) Silppadikaram

Ans (B)

2. Which of the following is capital a city of Manipur?

(A) Dispur

(B) Guwahati

(C) Imphal

(D) Itanagar

Ans (C)

3. Which of the following was the birth place of Gautam Buddha?

(A) Lumbini

(B) Saranath

(C) Gaya

(D) Prayaga

Ans (A)

4. Which of the following protects India from cold winds and foreign invasions in

the north of India?

(A) River Ganga

(B) Vindhya Ranges

(C) Himalayas

(D) Sahyadri

Ans (C)

5. Africa occupies which part of the earth?

(A) 1/3rd

(B) 2/3rd

(C) 4/5th

(D) 1/5th

Ans (D)

6. What is the Insurance company founded by sir Dorab Tata in 1919?





Ans (C)

7. Who invented Telephone?

(A) Alexandar Graham Bell

(B) Thamas Edision

(C) Alexandar Flemming

(D) Marconi

Ans (A)

8. Where is “India Gate”?

(A) New Delhi

(B) Mumbai

(C) KolkAta

(D) Chandigarh

Ans (A)

9. Who was the wife of “Mahatma Gandhi”?

(A) Anjali Bai

(B) Putli Bai

(C) Kasthuri Bai

(D) Kanchana Bai

Ans (C)

10. Where is the “Mahamastaka Abhisheka” festival held?

(A) Hassan

(B) Shravanabelagola

(C) Bangalore

(D) Mysore

Ans (B)

11. The first woman to become Governor of a state in India was -

(A) Sarojini Naidu

(B) Fateema Biwi

(C) Vijayalaxmi Pandit

(D) Sucheta Kripalani

Ans (A)

12. Who among was the controversial painter, painted the nude paintings of

“Hindu Goddess”

(A) Jakir Hussain

(B) M.F. Hussain

(C) Mohit Hussain

(D) N.F. Hussain

Ans (B)

13. Which among the following is the Indian News Papers Day?

(A) 29th January

(B) 2nd October

(C) 25th December

(D) 14th April

Ans (A)

14. Which was the old name of “New Delhi”?

(A) Hastinapur

(B) Ayodhya

(C) Daulatabad

(D) Indhraprastha

Ans (D)

15. On which river Hirakud project was built?

(A) Mahanadi

(B) Sutlej

(C) Tungabadra

(D) Kosi

Ans (A)

16. Doctors Day is observed on___

(A) June 1

(B) July 1

(C) Aug 1

(D) Sep 1

Ans (B)

17. Which of the following is the farthest planet to the Sun?

(A) Mars

(B) Jupiter

(C) Neptune

(D) Pluto

Ans (D)

18. Who wrote the book “Rama Charita Manas”

(A) Tulsi Das

(B) Bhakta Kabir

(C) Bhakta Ramdev

(D) Valmiki

Ans (A)

19. Who has written the novel “The inheritance of loss” which was awarded

“Booker Award”?

(A) Saniya Mirza

(B) Kiran Desai

(C) Kiran Bedi

(D) Sakuntala Devi

Ans (B)

20. Who won the Wimbledon Open (Mens ) Title for 2008?

(A) Fernando Gonazlez

(B) Roger Federer

(C) Boris Becker

(D) Sharapova

Ans (B)

21. Who is present governor of RBI?

(A) Biman Jalal

(B) N. Chaturvedi

(C) Y.V.Reddy

(D) None of these

Ans (C)

22. Which of the following is the smallest populated continent?

(A) Australia

(B) Antarctica

(C) South America

(D) Asia

Ans (B)

23. How many years for celebration of Silver Jubilee?

(A) 25

(B) 40

(C) 50

(D) 60

Ans (A)

24. Imperial Banks were amalgamated and changed as _________

(A) Reserve Bank of India

(B) State Bank of India

(C) Subsidiary Banks

(D) Union Bank of India

Ans (B)

25. The viceroy in whose period Indian Legislative Councils Act, 1909 was


(A) Lord William Benting

(B) Lord Marley Minto

(C) Lord Rippon

(D) Lord Curson

Ans (B)
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