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Default Re: Model question Papers for TRB

S per your request here I am sharing the Physics Model question Papers for TRB Exam – Teacher Recruitment Board

Split ring commutators are used in which of the following
A. AC motor
B. DC dynamo
C. AC dynamo
D. All of the above

In a reactor, Cadmium rods are used for
A. Speeding of neutrons
B. Slowing neutrons
C. Absorbing neutrons
D. dispersing neutrons

The science of Cryogenics deals with
A. high temperature
B. low temperatures
C. molecular biology
D. biotechnology

Rain drops assume spherical shape due to
A. surface tension
B. centrifugal force
C. centripetal force
D. gravitational force

In the human being, the part which is sensitive to light is
A. retina
B. sclera/b>
C. the eye balls
D. ciliary muscles

Who discovered x–ray?
A. Einstein
B. J.J.Thomson
C. Roentgen
D. Madam Curie

X–rays cannot pass through
A. bone
B. wood
C. flesh
D. glass

Television was discovered by
A. Bohr
B. Becquerrel
C. J.L.Baird
D. Bhaba

Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy in a
A. motor
B. generator
C. loud speaker
D. microphone

Electrolytes are usually in the form of
A. gases
B. plasma
C. liquids
D. gases

Which one of the following is an insulator?
A. silver
B. glass
C. copper
D. aluminium

The periscope is used in
A. ship
B. aerospace
C. aeroship
D. submarine

The fuse wire is made of
A. tungsten
B. copper
C. lead–tin alloy
D. nichrome

Wave theory was proposed by
A. Young
B. Newton
C. Huygen
D. Raman

The unit of power of a lens is
A. pascal
B. decibel
C. stoke
D. diopter

The unit of power of the lens is
A. metre
B. kilometre
C. dioptre
D. angstrom

Kepler’s first law of planetary motion is also called
A. law of periods
B. law of areas
C. law of orbits
D. law of distances

The air resistance on freely falling body depends upon
A. shape
B. density
C. friction
D. pressure

The smallest planet in the solar system is
A. Earth
B. Mars
C. Pluto
D. Mercury

The splitting of different colours in a prism is called
A. diffraction
B. dispersion
C. polarisation
D. interference
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