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Default HCU MCA Entrance Exam Previous Year Question Papers

Here I am looking for the previous year question paper of Hyderabad Central University (HCU) – MCA Entrance Exam, can you please provide me the same???

As you are looking for the previous year question paper of Hyderabad Central University (HCU) – MCA Entrance Exam, so here I am sharing the same with you

In a village having 5000 people, 100 people suffer from the disease Hepatitis B. It is known that the accuracy of the medical test for Hepatitis B is 90%. Suppose the medical test result comes out to be positive for Anil who belongs to the village, then what is the probability that Anil is actuality having the disease.
A. 0.02
B. 0.16
c. 0.18
D. 0.3

What will be the output if 'max' is replaced by 'min' in the flow-chart?
A. (11, 2, 6,3, L2,7,8)
B. (11, L2,7,3, 2, 6, 8)
c. (2,3,6, 7, 8, 11, 12)
D. (12, 11, 8, 7, 6, 3, 2)

How many times does the interchange of a(i) with rnar{ a(x),a(y)} occur?
B. 1

Out of 300 candidates interviewed in a company, 150 have a two-wheeler,
100 have a credit card and 150 possess a mobile phone. Further, 60 of them were found to have both a two wheeler and a credit card, 50 had both a credit card and a mobile phone and 50 had both a two-wheeler and a mobile phone and 20 had all the three. How many candidates had at least one of those?
A. 40
B. 260
c. 280
D. 140

Part A
1. The numbers 1 to 100 are written in a
10 x 10 grid. The multiples for each of
the first few odd numbers - 3, b, Z, g,
11 and 13 - are coloured gray. The
multiples of which number form a nnt'inuous
line at 135' in the grid? Angles
are measured in the conventional
anti-clockwise way from the horizon*
tal line gtven by the bottom rovr of the
A. 13
D. 11
2. There is a vertical stack of books
marked L, 2, and 3 on Table A, with
1 at the bottom and 3 on top. These
are to be placed vertically on Table
B with 1 at the bottom and 2 on the
top, by making a series of moves from
one table to the other. During a move,
the topmost book, or the topmost two
books, or all the three, can be moved
from one of the tables to the other.
If there are any books on the other table,
the stack being transferred should
be placed on top of the existing books,
without changing the order of books in
the stack that is being moved in that
move. If there are no books on the
other table, the stack is simply placed
on the other table without disturbing
the order of books in it. What is the
minimum number of moves in which
the above task can be accomplished?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
3. A clock loses 1% time during the first
week and then gains 2Vo time during
the next one week. If the clock was
set right at 12 noon on a Sunday, what
will be the time that the clock will
show exactly 14 days from the time
it was set right?
A. 1: 36: 48
B. 1: 40: 48
C. 1: 41: 24
D. 10: 19: 12
4. A part of the divisibility test for 11 is:
sum up alternate digits (starting from
units place) and if the difference between
them is 0, the number is divisible
by 11. E.g., 1047679 gives 3 + 6 +
4+1. (:1a) andT +7 + 0 (:14), and
therefore is divisible by 11. Now, sum
up alternate pai,rs of digits (starting
from units place) and if the difference
between them is 0, then the number
is divisible by X. E.g., 466G2 gives 62 * 04 (:66) tod 66, and therefore is
divisible by X.
What is X?
A. 101
B. 11
c. 2t
D. 22
5. In any year, if April 1 is a Wednesdag
then so is
A. January 1
B. July 1
C. October 1
D. December 1
6. If. (12*22*35)lp is an integer, which of
the following CANNOT be the value
of p?
A. 15
B. 21
c. 28 10'
D. 50
There are two cubes on a table in
which the voiume of the second is half
that of the first. If the first cube occupies
a certain area (Y) on the table,
how much area (approximately) does
the second occupy?
The age of a grandfather in yeaxs is the
sarne as that of his grand-daughter's
in months. If their ages differ by 55
years, the age of the grand-daughter
A. 5] rrs
B. 5+ months
C. 5 years
D. None of the above 12'
Paper sizes are given by A0, A1, A2,
etc. such that A0 is two times iarger
(in area) than A1, A1 is two times
Iarger than A2 and so on. The longer
dimension of each smaller size is equal
to the shorter dimension of the larger
size. For exa,mple, the longer dimension
of A2 is the same as the shorter
dimension of A1. In this scheme if A'4
is 210 urm x 297 mm in size, what are
the dimensions of A0 in mm?
A. 840x594
B. 420x594
D. None of the above
In a country with three major scooter
manufacturers, Brand C sells three
times as many as Brand A while Brand
A sells half as many as Brand B. It
implies that Brand C holds a ma,rket
share of about
A. 50%
B. 33%
c. 66%
D. None of the above
On Planet X, a year has 400 days with
a leap yea,r of 401 days every 4 years.
Also, a year ending in '00' is a leap
year only if the year is divisible by 400,
e.g, 2000 is a leap year but 3000 is not.
Such a calendar is eract and needs no
more corrections.
The length of the year on Pla,net X is
A. 400.2425 days
B. 40A.2475 days
C. 400.25 days
D. None of the above
13. A gives B a start of 10 metres in a
100 metre race and still beats him by
1.25 seconds. How long does B take to
complete the 100 metre race if A runs
at the rate of 10 m/sec?
A. 8 seconds
B. 10 seconds
C. 16.67 seconds
D. 12,5 seconds
L4. A la,rge number of people die every
year due to drinking polluted water
during the summer;
Given the two courses of action below,
which of the answers A ...D is APPROPRIATE?
I. The government should make adequate
arrangements to provide
safe drinking water to all its citizens.
II. The people should be educated
about the dangers of drinking
polluted water.
A. Both I and II follow
B. Only I follows
C. Only II follows
D. Neither I nor II follows
15. Given that D is younger than F and
older than G. A is younger than I and
older than C. I is younger than G and
older than J. J is younger than C and
older than E. F is younger than B and
older than H. H is older than D. The
youngest of all of the above is

A military general needs to take his
troop of 100 soldiers across a river
from the bank A to bank B. He engages
a boat with two boys, both of
whom can row, at the bank A. But
the boat can take only upto two boys
or only one soldier. What is tbe mi,ni,
mum number of round trips that Lhe
boat has to make, to transfer all the
100 soldiers and the general to bank
B and come back to bank A?
A. 404
B. 200
c. 202
D. 403
Mr.X lies only on saturday, sunday
and tuesday and speaks only truth on
the remaining days. On a particular
day he said, "Today being a sunday,
it is a rest day and tomorrow being
a wednesday I will go to the market".
What is the day on which this was spo'
ken by Mr.X?
A. Monday
B. T\resday
C. Fliday
D. Saturday
Consider a number 23571IL3... made
by placing in ascending order, all the
prime numbers between 2 and 30. If
this number were divided by 16, the
remainder would be:
r Q; P is telling a lie
o R: I saw P stealing
o S: I arn not the thief

Part B A. Both sin(o/2) and cos(a /2) are
26. Let, : 1z+t$)2012 and,f :fractional rational
part of r. Then 4l - /i is equal to B. tan(a) is irrational
A. 1 C. Both sin(cr) and cos(a) are ratio_
B. 2 D. None of the above
C' 2 + \fr
31. Suppose the land use pattern of an ed_ D' 7 ucational institution in the yea^r 2000
27. If.theequation xa-4rs+ax2*br+L: y5 l0% for educational buildings,
0 has four positive roots tn"o o'l i ?0y:
tot residential purposes and 50%
and b:? left as wilderness. Then the usage
pattern has changed according to the
A. 6, -4 transition probabilities every 5-years
B. -6,4 as given below:
C' 6,4
D' -6, -4 / nau Res wild \
28. Find the point at which the line I q t 0'1 0.8 I
joining the points A(3,t,-z) and I 0'2 0'2 0.6 I
B(-2,7,-4)intersects the Xy-plane. \ 0'3 0'2 0.5 )
A. (5, -6, 0) Compute the land use pattern of ed_
B. (8, -5, 0 ) ucational buildings, residentiai purc.
(1,8,0) i$ffi11#:'ff.,:il:#rr""'.:ffi:jl*
D. (4, -5, o) A. (22,17, 61); (21.9,12.6, 60.b)
io. supposeA: i- j-k,B:i- j+f B. (21, LT,,62);(2r.9, 12.6,60.b)
ll'"0"",fl"J,;: ."{.i,h;ffXl* c. izr, r:,62);(2r.e, 17.8, 58.3)
among the following: D. (22,17,6L); (23.9,17.8, 58.J)
A. A.(B x C) 32. Consider the following equalities
B. (,4 x B) .C formed for any three vectors A, B and
c- AxC c'
D. Ax B r. (A.B)C : A(B .C)
IT. (A x B) x C : A x (B x C)
30. Let a be an angle such that 0 < c < III. A.(B xC)Ax B).C rf2 and tan(al2) is rational. Then LLL' rt
which of the following is true? fV. A x (B + C) : (A x B) + (Ax C)

A. Only I is true
B. I, III and IV are true
C. Only I and IV are true
D. All are true
33. A particle moves on a coordinate axis
with a velocity of. u(t) : t2 - 2t mf sec
at time f. The distance (in m) travelled
by the particle in 3 seconds if it
has started from rest is

is equal to
A. 1+cota
B. 1-cota
C. -1 - cota
D. *1*coto
The solution of the differential equation
H -z* - 9- +za :2r2 -2r - 4 drT 'drz dx '
A. n3 * clet * c2e2* * cae-2'
B. x2 * cles * c2e2' t cse-2'
C. 12 I c1e-r * c2ex * c3e2'
D. 13 * e1e-* * c2ex * caez'
Find the equation of the graph nA -- I
after a rotation of the a: a"nti-clockwise in the new coordinate
system (r',A').
{Leo\hl- eo/t* A
A. r,2*a,2:L
B. (n'2 /z) - (a,, /z) : t
c. (rn /2) + (y,2 /z) : 1
D. (r"lrfr) - (ynltfz): t

Rest of the questions are attached in below file which is free of cost
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf HCU MCA Entrance Exam Question Paper.pdf (665.4 KB, 37 views)

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