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Default All India Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Entrance Test question papers of previous years

Will you please give me the All India Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Entrance Test question papers of previous years?
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Default Re: All India Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Entrance Test question papers of previous year

As you want to get the All India Pre-Medical / Pre-Dental Entrance Test question papers of previous years so here is the information of the same for you:

Some content of the file has been given here:

1. Which two of the following five physical parameters have the same dimensions?
(a) energy density
(b) refractive index
(c) dielectric constant
(d) Young's modulus
(e) magnetic field

(1) (a) and (e)
(2) (b) and (d)
(3) (c) and (e)
(4) (a) and (d)

2. If the error in the measurement of radius of a sphere is 2%, then the error in the
determination of volume of the sphere will be
(1) 2%
(2) 4%
(3) 6%
(4) 8%

3. The distance travelled by a particle starting from rest and moving with an acceleration
in the third second is
(2) 6 m
(3) 4 m

4. A particle moves in a straight line with a constant acceleration. It changes its velocity
from 10 ms-1 to 20 ms-1 while passing through a distance 135 m in t second. The value of
t is
(1) 9
(2) 10
(3) 1.8
(4) 12

5. A particle shows distance-time curve as given in this figure. The maximum
instantaneous velocity of the particle is around the point

6. A particle of mass m is projected with velocity v making an angle of 45o
with the
horizontal. When the particle lands on the level ground the magnitude of the change in its
momentum will be
(1) zero
(2) 2 mv

7. Sand is being dropped on a conveyor belt at the rate of M kg/s. The force necessary to
keep the belt moving with a constant velocity of v m/s will be
(1) Zero
(2) Mv newton
(3) 2 Mv newton

8. Three forces acting on a body are shown in the figure. To have the resultant force only
along the y-direction, the magnitude of the minimum additional force needed is

(2) 0.5 N
(3) 1.5 N


9. Water falls from a height of 60 m at the rate of 15 kg/s to operate a turbine. The
losses due to frictional forces are 10% of energy. How much power is generated by the
turbine? (g = 10 m/s2
(1) 7.0 kW
(2) 8.1 kW
(3) 10.2 kW
(4) 12.3 kW

10. A shell of mass 200 gm is ejected from a gun of mass 4 kg by an explosion that
generates 1.05 kJ of energy. The initial velocity of the shell is
(1) 120 ms-1

(2) 100 ms-1

(3) 80 ms-1

(4) 40 ms-1

11. The ratio of the radii of gyration of a circular disc to that of a circular ring, each of
same mass and radius, around their respective axes is

12. A thin rod of length L and mass M is bent at its midpoint into two halves so that the
angle between them is 90o
. The moment of inertia of the bent rod about an axis passing
through the bending point and perpendicular to the plane defined by the two halves of the
rod is
13. A roller coaster is designed such that riders experience ''weightlessness'' as they go
round the top of a hill whose radius of curvature is 20 m. The speed of the car at the top
of the hill is between
(1) 13 m/s and 14 m/s
(2) 14 m/s and 15 m/s

(3) 15 ms/ and 16 m/s
(4) 16 m/s and 17 m/s

14. If Q, E and W denote respectively the heat added, change in internal energy and the
work done in a closed cycle process, then
(1) Q = 0
(2) W = 0
(3) Q = W = 0
(4) E = 0

15. On a new scale of temperature (which is linear) and called the W scale, the freezing
and boiling points of water are 39o
W and 239o
W respectively. What will be the
temperature on the new scale, corresponding to a temperature of 39o C on the Celsius
(1) 139o
(2) 78o
(3) 117o
(4) 200o

16. At 10oC the value of the density of a fixed mass of an ideal gas divided by its pressure
is x. At 110oC this ratio is

17. Two Simple Harmonic Motions of angular frequency 100 and 1000 rad s-1 have the
same displacement amplitude. The ratio of their maximum accelerations is
(1) 1 : 104

(2) 1 : 10
(3) 1 : 102

(4) 1 : 103

18. The wave described by where x and y are in meters and t in
seconds, is a wave travelling along the
(1) -ve x direction with amplitude 0.25 m and wavelength = 0.2 m
(2) -ve x direction with frequency 1 Hz
(3) +ve x direction with frequency Hz and wavelength = 0.2 m
(4) +ve x direction with frequency 1 Hz and wavelength = 0.2 m

19. A point performs simple harmonic oscillation of period T and the equation of
motion is given by x = a sin(wt + /6). After the elapse of what fraction of the time

period the velocity of the point will be equal to half of its maximum velocity?

20. Two points are located at a distance of 10 m and 15 m from the source of oscillation.
The period of oscillation is 0.05 sec and the velocity of the wave is 300 m/sec. What is
the phase difference between the oscillations of two points?

21. The velocity of electromagnetic radiation in a medium of permittivity 0 and
permeability 0 is given by

22. Two periodic waves of intensities I1 and I2 pass through a region at the same time in
the same direction. The sum of the maximum and minimum intensities is
(1) 2(I1 + I2)
(2) I1 + I2

23. Two thin lenses of focal lengths f1 and f2 are in contact and coaxial. The power of
the combinations is

24. A boy is trying to start a fire by focusing Sunlight on a piece of paper using an
equiconvex lens of focal length 10 cm. The diameter of the Sun is 1.39 × 109
m and its
mean distance from the earth is 1.5 × 1011 m. What is the diameter of the Sun's image on
the paper?
(1) 12.4 × 10-4 m
(2) 9.2 × 10-4 m
(3) 6.5 × 10-4 m
(4) 6.5 × 10-5

1. (a) How many photons of wavelength 439 nm should strike on a perfectly reflecting surface in 1 second
so that it may exert a force of 10N?
(b) Can water be boiled without heating?
2. (a) Equation for two waves is given as 1 1 2 2 y = asin(wt + f ), y = asin(wt ) + f . If amplitude and time
period of resultant wave does not change then calculate 1 2 ( ) f - f .
(b) A solid sphere of radius a having charge q is placed inside spherical shell of inner radius r, outer
radius R.
Find potential at distance x, where rxR < < .
3. (a) Prove that for a monoatomic gas ratio of specific heat g =5/3
(b) Give the truth table of the following

4. (a) Write the difference between nuclear force and coulombic force.
(b) An airplane is moving horizontally with speed of 100 m/sec at height of 2000 m from ground. A small
object is detached from it and strikes the ground. Calculate the angle from vertical with which it
strikes the ground.
(c) Which of the following quantities have same dimensional formula?
Angular momentum, impulse, energy, torque, force and moment of inertia.
5. (a) From a table, a rod is hinged as shown in the figure. When the support is withdrawn calculate the
acceleration of center of mass.
(b) There are two wires each produces frequency of 500Hz. By what percentage tension in one wire is
increased so that 5 beats per second can be heard?
6. (a) Find the force on conductor carrying current i as shown the figure.

(b) A conducting cone is given charge q. How will the charge density and electric potential varies at
different points of cone?2007-2 CBSE-PMT - 2007 MAINS SOLVED PAPER
7. (a) When 4 amp current flows through battery from positive to negative terminal potential difference is
12V obtained, when 2 amp current passes from negative to positive terminal of the battery potential
difference 9V is obtained, calculate emf and internal resistance of the battery.
(b) A small pulley of radius 20 cm and moment of inertia 0.32 kg m2
is used to hang a 2kg mass with the
help of a massless string. If this load is released then calculate acceleration of the block.
8. (a) Capacitance of 6mF is charged by 6V battery. Now it is connected with inductor of 5mH. Find current
in inductor when 1/3rd of total energy is magnetic.
(b) An object is thrown vertically upward with some speed. It crosses two points p, q which are separated
by h metre. If t
is the time between p and highest point and coming back and t
is the time between
q and highest point and coming back, relate acceleration due to gravity t
, t
and h.
9. (a) Two coils m & n having 10 turns and 15 turns respectively are placed close to each other. When 2A
current is passing through coil m, then flux linked in coil n is 4
1.8 10 Weber -
´ per turn. If 3A current
is passed through coil n then, calculate the flux linked per turn of coil m.
(b) A string having tension 360N and mass /length
4 10 kg/m -
= ´ . It produces two consecutive
resonant frequencies with a tuning fork, which are 375 Hz and 450 Hz. Find mass of string.
10. (a) In photoelectric effect a photon of wavelength 3300Å is incident on metal surface of work function
2.5eV. Now emitted electrons enter in a transverse magnetic field
6.7 10 T -
´ and turn in a circular
path of radius 50 cm. Calculate charge of electron from the given data?
(b) If temperature and magnetic field applied across paramagnetic substance are tripled, how many
times intensity of magnetization of substance will change?

For more detailed information I am uploading PDF files which are free to download:
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