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Default Sathyabama University B.E in Civil Engineering-IIIrd Sem Mechanics of Solids - I (6C0

Will you please give me the Sathyabama University B.E in Civil Engineering-IIIrd Sem Mechanics of Solids - I (6C0081) previous years question papers?
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Default Re: Sathyabama University B.E in Civil Engineering-IIIrd Sem Mechanics of Solids - I

As you want to get the Sathyabama University B.E in Civil Engineering-IIIrd Sem Mechanics of Solids - I (6C0081) previous years question papers so here is the information of the same for you:

PART – A (10 x 2 = 20)
Answer ALL the Questions
1. State Hooke’s law.

2. Define Poisson’s ratio.

3. Draw the S.F and B.M diagrams for a cantilever beam of length L
carrying a point load W at the free end.

4. How do you locate the point of maximum bending moment?

5. What is a Section Modulus?

6. Show that the neutral axis passes through the centroid of a section
in the elastic analysis of beams under pure bending.

7. Sketch the shear stress variation across a hollow and solid circular
shaft subjected to torque.

8. Define strength of a shaft and stiffness of shaft.

9. Define resilience and modulus of resilience.

10. Give the expression for calculating strain energy.

PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer ALL the Questions
11. The modulus of rigidity of the material is 0.51 x 105N/mm2. A
10mm diameter rod of the material was subjected to an axial
pull of 10kN and the change in diameter was observed to be
0.003mm. Calculate Poisson’s ratio, Young’s modulus and
Bulk modulus of the material.

12. A reinforced concrete column 300mm x 300mm is reinforced
with 8 steel rods with a total area of 1820mm2. The column
carries an axial load of 400kN. If the modulus of elasticity of
steel is 18 times that of concrete; find the stresses in concrete
and steel. Take E = 2 x 105 N/mm2.

13. A simply supported beam of span 6m is loaded with a udl of 3
kN/m over a length of 2m starting from a distance of 1m from
left end. Draw S.F and B.M diagrams for the beam and find the
magnitude and position of maximum B.M.

14. A cantilever beam 5m long carries point loads of 3kN, 4kN and
6kN at distances of 1.5m, 3m and 4.5m from the fixed end. In
addition to this the beam carries a udl of 2kN/m over the entire
length of the beam. Draw S.F and B.M. diagrams.

15. A simply supported beam of rectangular cross-section 50 x 25
mm and 3m long is carrying a u.d.l. of 1.5kN/m. Determine the
maximum bending stress induced in the beam?

16. A beam of triangular cross-section having base width 100mm
and height 150 mm is subjected to a shear force of 13.5 kN.
Find the value of max and sketch the shear stress distribution
along depth of beam?

17. What power could be transmitted at 300 rpm by a hollow steel
shaft of 7.5 cm external diameter and 5cm internal diameter
when the permissible shear stress for the steel is 50N/ mm2 and
the maximum torque is 1.3 times the mean? Compare the
strength of hollow shaft with that of a solid shaft of same
materials, weight and length

18. A closed coil helical spring of 10cm mean diameter is made up
of 1cm diameter rod and has 20 turns. The spring carries an
axial load of 300N. Determine the maximum shearing stress
taking the value of modulus of rigidity as 0.80 x 105N/mm2.
Determine deflection when carrying this load. Also calculate
the stiffness of the spring.

19. A steel bar 15mm in diameter is pulled axially by a force of
12KN. If the bar is 320mm long calculate the strain energy
stored by the bar. Take E = 2 x 105N/mm2.

20. Two elastic bars of same material and length one of circular
section of diameter 150mm and other of square section of side
100mm absorb the same amount of Strain energy delivered by
the axial forces. Compare the stresses in the two bars.

PART - A (10 x 2 = 20)
Answer ALL the Questions
1. Write the relationship between E, K and C.

2. What is thermal stress, and give the formula.

3. What is point of contra flexure?

4. Give the relationship between BM and SF for simply supported

5. Write the formula for M.I (a) Hollow Rectangular section and (b)
hollow circular section.

6. Find the extreme intensities of stresses for short column of
hollow cyclindrical section 25 cm outside and 15 cm inside
diameter carrying vertical load of 400 kN with eccentricity of 10
cm away from the axis of the column.

7. Write the formula for power transmitter by the shaft.

8. Write the formula for deflection in closed coiled spring and open
coiled spring.

9. Define proof resilience.

10. Give the advantages of method of joints and method of sections.

PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions
11. (a) Diameter of bar = 300 mm
Textile load p = 50 kn
Gauge length 1 = 300 mm
Extension of bar (1) = 0.12 mm
Change in diameter (d) = 0.0366 mm
Calculate (i) Poisson’s ratio, (ii) The values of 3 moduli.

(b) A C.I flat 300mm long and of 30 mm x 50 mm uniform
section, is acted upon by the following forces uniformly
distributed over the respective cross-section.
25kn in direct length (tensile)
350kn in direction of width (compression)
200kn in direction of thickness (tensile)
Determine the change in volume of the flat.

12. (a) A copper rod of 40mm diameter surrounded highly by a last
iron tube of 80 mm external diameter, the ends being firmly
fastened together. When put of a compression load of 30 KN.
What load is shared by each material and also determine the bar
shortened. (8)

(b) Derive the formula for stress and elongation produced in bar
due to its self-weight. (4)

13. Draw the S.F and B.M diagram for a beam.

14. (a) Draw the S.F and B.M diagrams and find the maximum B.M.
(b) Draw the S.F and B.M diagrams and find the maximum B.M

15. (a) Find the position of N.A and M.I about the Neutral axis from
the figure shown in below. Determine the maximum bending
moment that should be imposed on this section if the tensile
stress in the top flange is not to exceed 40MN/m2. What is the
value of compressive stress in the bottom flange?

(b) A cast iron water main 12m long, 500mm inside diameter and
25mm wall thickness runs full of water and is supported at its
ends. Calculate the maximum stress in the metal if density of cast
iron is 7200 kg/m3 and that of water is 1000 kg/m3.

16. A long rectangular wall 2.5 m wide. If the maximum wind
pressure on the face of the wall is 1.1 KN/m2, find the maximum
height of the wall, so that there is no tension in the base of the
wall. The specific weight of the masonry 22 KN/m2

17. (a) A closed coiled spring as mean diameter 75 mm and spring
constant of 90 KN-m. It has 8 coils. What is the suitable diameter
of the spring wire if the maximum shear stress is not to exceed
250 MN/m2 and modulus of rigidity of the spring is 80 GN. Find
the maximum axial load.
(b) A opened coiled helical spring diameter 12 mm, mean coil
radius 84 mm, helix angle 20carries an axial load of 480 N.
Determine the shear stress and direct stress developed at the inner
radius of coil.

18. A hallow shaft is to transmit power of 300 kW at 8 RPM, if the
shear stress is not to exceed 60 MN/m2. The internal diameter is
0.6 times to external diameter. Find the internal and external
diameter, assuming the maximum torque 1.4 times the mean.

19. Derive the formula for strain energy stored in beam due to (a)
BM (b) Shear stress and (c) Torsion.

Analyze the frame by method of joints and method of sections.

PART – A (10 x 2 = 20)
Answer All the Questions
1. Define stress and strain.
2. If E = 2 x 105N/mm2, and G = 0.8 x 105 N/mm2 for a material,
find the value of Poisson’s ratio.

3. Draw BMD for a cantilever beam of span L with a clockwise
moment ‘M’ acting at free end.

4. Define Bending moment and shear force.

5. Find the section modulus of a circular section of diameter ‘d’.

6. Sketch the shear stress distribution for an equal I-section.

7. What is spring Index and stiffness of the spring?

8. For a solid circular shaft subjected to torque ‘T’ sketch the stress

9. What is a redundant tress?

10. What is proof resilience and modulus of Resilience?

PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions

11. A brass plate of uniform thickness 6mm varies in width from
80mm to 160mm and is subjected to a load of 3 kN tensile. The
length of the plate is 500mm. Find the elongation of the plate if
Eb = 820 Pa from the first principles.

12. (a) Explain stress-strain diagram for mild steel.
(b) A steel bar 25mm x 15mm in cross section is 400mm long
and in subjected to a tensile force of 50 kN. Find the change in
length, width and volume.

13. Draw BMD and SFD for the beam shown in figure. 1

14. (a) Explain the relationship between load, shear force and
Bending moment. (4)
(b) For the beam shown in figure 2 draw BMD. (8)

15. A beam AB is simply supported. The cross section of the beam is
‘T’ having flange width 125mm, thickness 25mm, web thickness
25mm and overall depth 200mm. Calculate the maximum shear
stress in the beam and sketch the shear stress distribution. Shear
force at the section is 200kN.

16. (a) A rectangular section 200mm wide and 400mm deep is used
as beam of span 6m for the loading shown in figure. 3. Find the
maximum value of ‘W’ if the permissible stress is 50 MPa. (6)
(b) What is beam of uniform strength? (3)
(c) What is core of a section? (3)

17. Derive the torsion equation for a circular shaft subjected to a
Torque ‘T’.

18. A weight of 350N is dropped through a height of 500mm on a
close coil helical spring. Due to impact it compresses by an
amount 130mm instantaneously. The mean diameter of the coil
and the diameter of the wire are 200mm and 20mm respectively.
What is the instantaneous stress developed in the wire and the
number of coils of wire G = 84 x 109 N/m2.

19. For the beam shown in figure 4 find the total strain energy stored.
EI constant.

20. For the truss shown in figure 5 find the forces in all the members
by method of joint.

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