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Default Bharathiar University Question Bank

Will you please provide the General Awareness question paper of Bharathiar University ,Coimbatore ?

As you are looking for the General Awareness question paper of Bharathiar University ,Coimbatore , here I am providing the list of few questions.
1 Your results depend not only (1) on how long
(2), you have studied and also (3) on how
long (4) you have read.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
2 If you would have seen (1)yesterday’s
Cricket (2). I am sure you would have enjoyed
(3) seeing our team bat (4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
3 These kind (1) of dresses seem to be (2)
expensive but it is relatively economical(3) to
maintain them (4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
4 It was her (1) who suggested that you be(2) at
the door (3) to welcome each participant on
his arrival (4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
5 As we see it (1),she appears to (2)
Be unreasonable (3) anxious about
(4)pleasing her husband.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
6 I began relating (1) several details
connecting with (2)the accident unmindful(3)
of boring the audience (4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
7 She stated to me (1)as blunt as(2) she could
the reasons why(3) she was opposed(4) to my
thoughtless suggestion.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
8 Many a man(1)have realized(2) that real
happiness lies in(3) making sacrifices and not
in personal aggrandizement(4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
9 I am opposed(1) to the plan of action
not because(2) it is ill-conceived but that(3) it
seems impractical(4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
10 It was barely (1) midnight when I
arrived home (2) but I found them Sitting(3)
at the table, waiting on me(4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
11 There is (1) many important details(2) to
attend to(3) before this book gets printed(4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
12 Along(1) the northern frontier of India is
seen(2) the Himalayas, mighty(3)in their(4)
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
13 They questioned me unendingly (1) about my
participation in(2)the conference where(3) I
had made real(4)valuable contributions.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
14 She was noticeably (1) upset over (2) how
indignant(3)she responded to his
a 1 b 2
15 Although (1) there are some similarities in the
qualifications of both the candidates (2) the
differences among (3) them are considerably
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
16 Any woman who is certain (1) of her
judgement is sure (2) a match for (3) a man
who doesn’t know his own (4) mind.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
17 During (1) final minutes of his speech,
the speaker requested to (2) audience
to hold (3)its (4)applause.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
18 Is (1) there further (2) reasons you can give
me (3) for your failure to do (4) as you
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
19 I am disappointed (1) in not having saw (2)
any plays while (3) I was in Delhi on vacation
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
20 For her sake, as well as (1) for Mohan (2): I
hoped fervently (3) that she might get (4) the
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
21 In evaluating (1) your progress, I have taken
(2) into account (3) your class room
performance, your receptivity and how you
have (4) improved.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
22 Him (1)disagreement to (2) the proposals
Outlined (3) by the committee is baffling(4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
23 A body (1) of volunteers have been (2)
organized to help the faculty (3) in their
(4)attempt to raise funds.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
24 The central library, with a large number (1)
of books in its stack, attracts students from
most every constituent college.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
25 After a few minutes (1), I look up (2) and saw
that (3) it was getting (4) dark
a 1 b 4
c 2 d 3
26 Each of the student whom (1) I have chosen
to take part (2) in the discussion have (3)
indicated that he (4) will be happy to do so.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
27 Each cigarette which (1)a person smokes does
(2)some harm and eventually you (3) may get
a serious disease from its (4)effects.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
28 Honestly speaking (1), I like him not because
(2) he is handsome and charming but (3) that
he is exceedingly (4) kind.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
29 One should (1) take advantage of
opportunities (2) to talk with native speakers
if one wants (3) to improve your (4) English.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
30 The alarmed (1) report of a nearby (2)
earthquake frightened (3) everyone in that
disaster prone (4) village.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
31 This widely publicised (1) detergent is not
much (2) different than (3)the bone which I
(4)have been using.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
32 I wrote a paper on a popular subject (1) that
had been (2)the subject (3) of great
controversy among grammarians for many
years (4) .
b 2
. c
d 4
33 He used rather harsh (1) words in
denouncing her (2), but he must have had (3)
some very strong reasons for doing so (4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
34 The green paint (1)on (2)the wall provides a
suitable (3) contrast with (4) the yellow
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
35 How (1) I wish it had been me (2)whom (3)
you had chosen and not she (4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
36 She is (1) one of those persons whom (2), I
am sure, always do (3) their best (4) even in
most trying circumstances.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
37 If one could possibly (1) answer the question
the question,‘what makes a person feel
lonely’(2)one (3) of the great mysteries of the
human’s heart(4) would be solved.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
38 Most of us see the (1) Punjab riots as(2) one
more (3)incidents (4) leading to a civil war.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
39 By the time (1) the plane had arrived (2) I
nearly had (3) despaired of being able (4)to
board it.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
40 The sudden (1)noise frightened (2)the baby
and (3)made it to (4)cry.
a 1 b 3
c 2 d 4
41 Whom (1)did you mean to hurt (2) by your
unkind remarks except (3)SitaI (4)?
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
42 Entering (1)the (2)crowded (3)store I saw two
vaguely (4) familiar faces.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
43 We will (1) learn a lot (2)by (3)attending the
English course, isn’t it (4)?
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
44 I (1)would like you (2) to meet my
Cousin brother (3)who has just returned from
the States(4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
45 The director knowing (1)of my interest in (2)
linguistics asked me that (3) I would like to
attend (4)the national seminar.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
46 It looked (1) like she is just (2)an (3) inch taller
than I (4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
47 The request of(1) the students ‘Union
President that fees be(2) lowered (3)were (4)
immediately supported by a vast majority.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
48 Most of us are not aware(1)that (2) eating
some varieties (3)of mushrooms result (4) in
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
49 After (1)Napoleon had lost (2) the battle of
Waterloo in 1815 he had been (3) exiled to
(4) the island of St.Helena.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
50 We are always (1)complaining that prices are
too high (2) and that we were not (3) getting
our money’s worth (4).
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
51 The real (1) important thing to remember (2)
is that language learning (3)requires (4) a lot
of practice.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
52 After (1)every participant had had(2)three
minutes to express (3)their opinion (4) the
debate was thrown open to the audience.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
53 For (1) a long time I did not know (2) who was
sitting besides (3) me because it was so (4)
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
54 These days (1)we hears(2)less (3)of railway
accidents than motoring (4) accidents.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
55 When asked (1) a question he rose (2)his
(3)hand to catch (4) the teachers attention.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
56 Everyone looked uneasy (1) when I was trying
to explain why we ought to(2)protest but in
(3) the end none had any objection of it (4) .
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
57 The professor tried his very best (1) to
bring home (2)on (3) the students the need
for (4)hard work.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
58 The students distributed cakes(1)
between(2)the classmates(3)on the eve of
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
59 The (1) mission in (2)his life is to improve the
lot (3)of the economically (4) deprived and
the socially oppressed.
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
60 That (1) eminent professor, who discovered
(2)the ancient cure that everyone is talking
about(3), refused to gave (4) a press
a 1 b 2
c 3 d 4
In questions below three words are given.
They are followed by four words one of which
stands for the class to which these three
words belong. Identify the word.
History, Chemistry, Biology
a Subjects b Study
c Science d School
62 Red, Blue, Green
a Yellow b Colour
c Likeness d Bright
63 Honesty, Credibility, Reliability
a Character b Soberness
c Manly d Perfection
64 Second, Hour, Minute
a Time b Day
c Year d moment
65 Pant, shirt, tie
a Man b Clothes
c Colour d Shoes
66 Table, Chair, sofa
a Furniture b Chair
c Wood d Polish
67 Winter, summer, monsoon
a Climate b Season
c Year d Rainy season
68 Railways, airlines, buses
a Trains b Transport
c Vehicles d Fast
69 Bread, Butter, Eggs
a Food b Vitamin A, B
c Protein d Nourishment
70 Ahmedabad, Aligarh, Bangalore
a City b Town
c State d country
71 One word substitute: Find out the proper
word which can be substituted to the
underlined phrase:-
She is burning her candle at both ends.
a Lavish b Luxury
c Leisure d Lustful
72 The teacher could not make head or tail of
the essay.
a Knowledge b Understand
c Education d Listening
73 The shrewd ant put by a lot of corns for the
a gain b Saved
c Profit d Loss
74 Monishaset her heart upon becoming a
a Desired b Decided
c Wanted d Deceived
75 Sheela was ill at ease in her mother-in-law’s
a Uneasy b Painful
c Tortured d Tormented
76 Meena writes to her parents once in a blue
a Occasionally b Often
c Frequently d Rarely
77 You should not break hard and fast rules.
c Loose d Stubborn
78 Mr. Moorthy always has something in his
a Secret b Cash
c Things d Mobile
79 The arrested thief showed white feathers.
a Anxiety b Fear
c Peace d timid
80 Mr. Nagaraj is the cock of the walk.
a Important b Suppressed
c Dominant d celebrity
81 Most people work _____ nine to five.
a on b at
c from d to
82 It rained all Monday and stopped raining
_____ the day.
a during b with
c on d In
83 She got married ______ age of twenty one.
a in b at
c during d on
84 We arrived ____ the morning of the tenth.
a in b on
c at d while
85 They live ______ a thatched hut.
a in b under
c upon d beside
86 He has been in the hospital _______morning.
a since b for
c from d in
87 Don’t bathe immediately _____ eating.
a before b after
c while d during
88 Tom is standing ______ Dick and Harry
a between b among
c in front of d beside
89 The head mistress was ________ a crowd of
a behind b upon
c across d among
90 Children ______ fifteen are not allowed to
write the metric examination.
a above b under
c below d of
91 Ashok decided to go to America ___ several
a for b of
c since d because of
92 I think the picture look better ___ the
opposite wall.
a above b on
c upon d below
93 An asteroid is coming ______ the earth at the
rate of 25 km/hr.
a towards b to
c against d across
94 She ran _____ the room happily carrying her
grade sheet.
a into b onto
c to the d across
95 How does the snake get ______ the wall.
a behind b beside
c beneath d onto
96 ___ the end of December, I shall have read all
those books.
a For b By
c At d in
97 She ran ____ the fields.
a among b on
c across d into
98 He dived ____ the water.
a onto b upon
c under d into
99 Ann played ___ the doll.
a with b to
c for d beside
100 He made use ___ the book.
a in b of
c on d with

101 The latest negotiations came to a sudden
close with the ___ of renewed agitation.
a demand b threat
c note d call
102 ___ is he in Bombay than he calls his uncle
a While b As soon as
c No sooner d Whenever
103 ___ you ever ___ to the great wall?
a Have
b Have ___been
c Had ___
d Did ___go
104 I have waited at ___ bus stop for half __ hour.
a the, for, an b at, x, an
c the, x, an d the, an, an
105 In Winter the peasants get ready ___ the next
a of b with
c in d for
Is there ___ in today’s newspaper?
a Important
b Something
c Important
d Anything
To be ___ I think you did not do the right
a clever b free
c frank d straight
The teacher asked us ___ we could write a
letter in Japanese.
a that b that if
c whether d if that
109 Two policemen came in to the house. One
was tall, ___ was short.
a other b the other
c another d others
110 She said, I’ll try ___ any mistakes again.
a not to make b don’t make
c not make d to not make
111 The English woman spoke ___ so that all of us
could understand her.
a slowly
b quickly enough
c enough
d enough quickly
112 When they arrived, the train ___ for ten
a have been
b have left
c had been
d had left
113 I would like to have ___.
a two glasses
of milk
b two glass of milk
c two glasses
of milks
d two glass of milk
114 Who sings ___ Jini or Tom?
a better b best
c well d the best
115 Mr. Hi gave me ___ on how to learn a foreign
language well.
a some advices b an advice
c a lot of
d many pieces of
116 Lily likes to play ___ football, but Lucy likes to
play ___ violin.
a The, the b X, the
c X, x d The, x
117 Mike sat in the room alone. The others were
all out ___ him.
a Except b With
c To d of
118 Rema has done well in
her examination. Yes,
she ___.
a were b has
c is d will
119 I have written a letter to Raju and so ___ Ravi.
a were b has
c is d will
120 Please Hurry up! There is ___ time left.
a little b a little
c few d a few
121 The teacher tested ___.
a how the boy
could read
b the boy if he
could read
c if the boy
could read
d the boy how he
could read
122 None of the teachers ___.
a is being
b are being
c has taught
d have taught
123 Ravi gets ___ salary.
a less b small
c a less d a small
124 You are ___ the all.
a the cleverest
b the cleverest
c cleverest
d cleverest of
125 Ravi is ___ than cunning.
a much clever b more clever
c clever d most clever
126 ___ came to see the teacher.
a The both
b Both the boys
c Both of the
d Both boys
127 The problem is so difficult that Ravi ___ solve
a can b will be able to
c can not d both boys
128 She asked ___.
a had I
completed my
b whether I had
completed my
c i had
completed my
d that I had
completed my
129 I said that I ___ her last year.
a had seen b saw
c had been seen d had had seen
130 Though he is fat, ___ he runs fast.
a but b however
c still d yet
131 Speaking Japanese is __ writing it.
a the easiest b easy
c easier than d easiest than
132 ___ Summer, we often go swimming ___ the
a In, on b In, in
c On, on d On, in
133 Would you like ___ skating with the next
a go b to go
c going d to going
134 Don’t u think there are __things to do on
holidays than watching tv all day.
a better b well
c best d much
135 I am doing well and I wish ___ you.
a to hear the
same of
b to hear the same
c to hear the
shame from
d to hear the same
136 That’s ___.
a alright b allright
c all right d all-right
137 ___ TV is stolen.
a A black and
b A black and a
c Black and white d Black and a white
138 One should do ___ duty properly.
a their b his
c her d ones
139 I ___ my lunch.
a just finished b am just finished
c just finish d have just finished
140 You ought to have treated her ___ sister.
a as your b as if your
c like your d your
141 It is nothing else ___ pride.
a than b as
c but d like
142 You are ___ weak in studies.
a so b too
c very d much
143 They are going to visit the great wall ___ next
a sometime b some time
c sometimes d some times
144 What ___ while I was playing football?
a have you done b were you doing
c had you done d you did
145 He persisted ___ in spite of warning.
a to do it b on doing it
c in doing it d upon doing it
146 Many a student ___ attended my class.
a has b have
c is d are
147 How about ___ a walk?
a Take b Taking
c To take d Taken
148 He came to see me with a view to ___ her
a recommended b get
c have
d recommending
149 He ___ 3 years ago.
a Was died b Was dead
c Died d Death
150 Nehru was a great man ___.
a isn’t it b isn’t he
c wasn’t he d isn’t nehru
151 He ___ go there.
a dares not b dare not
c dares not to d dare not to
152 Look, there is a report ___ the newspapers
with pictures.
a on b to
c in d of
153 A great deal of money ___ on books.
a has spend b has spent
c have been
d has been spent
154 None but those having experience ___.
a needs to apply b need apply
c needs apply d need to apply
155 ___ we went for a walk.
a it being a fine
b being a fine day
c since it being
fine day
d because of a fine
156 ___ the street, he met with an accident.
a While walking
b Walking along
c As he was
walking along
d When walking
157 Do you know ___ talking about?
a Who we are b When we are
c Whom we are d Who are we
158 She did nothing but ___.
a But Played b Played
c She played d Dancing
159 As I am ill ___ to college today.
a i will not go b so I will not go
c therefore I will
not go
d so long will not
160 “Do you speak Tamil”?
“Yes, I learned ___ in Tamil nadu”.
a It how to speak b How speaking it

c How to speak it d It how to
161 “Did you have time to see the art exhibition”?
No, but I wish I ___ time to see it.
a Have had b Had had
c Had have d Have have
162 The new dress makes her ___ very beautiful.
a looking b to look
c look d looked
163 “Did you get wet yesterday”?
“Yes I did not take my raincoat ___ it was
a in spite of b although
c because of d unless
164 He has ___ for a week.
a died b Been died
c dead d been dead
165 What colour are you doing to have your car
painted? It will have ___.
a it white painted b it painted white
c white it painted d white painted it
166 Why was Ravi late to class?
___ his notebook, he had to go back to his
room before class”.
a having to forget b have forgot
c having
d Forgot
167 “Have you finished your home-work?”
No, it is very difficult ___ I have a head ache.
a still b however
c besides d in addition
168 “Is Ravi a good player?”
Yes, he plays football, tennis and cricket ___
he is an accomplished sportsman.
a otherwise b however
c besides d conversely
169 Tick the correct sentence.
a he deny such a
b he denied making
such a statement
c he denied to
make such a
d he is denying
such statement
170 I hope it won’t go on ___ all day.
a rain b raining
c to rain d rained
171 It’s time for us ___
a do our lessons b to do our lessons
c doing our
d did our lessons
172 He is a strange boy. He ___ his friends and
___ his enemies.
a hating, loving b loving, hating
c hates, loves d loves, hates
173 He went to Shangai ___ business last week.
a on b in
c for d of
174 The rider saw a beautiful building at a
distance. He ___ at it.
a stopped
b stopped to look
c had stopped d stopping to look
175 If he ___ time, he ___ the prize.
a had not wasted
his, would have
b had wasted his,
would win
c wasted his, will d wasted his, will
have won
176 Look there’s a report ___ the newspaper with
a on b to
c in d of
177 The food smelt ___.
a nice b badly
c well d terribly
178 Our new house ___ now.
a is building b is being built
c is built d will be built
179 This is ___.
a a story worth
b worth reading story
c reading worth
d a worth reading
180 I have a letter ___ today.
a write b to write
c to writing d writing
181 There is no harm ___ him.
a in meeting b to meet
c for meeting d of meeting
182 Please lend me your eraser. I ___ a mistake
and I wish to rub it.
a have made b made
c am making d may make
183 Do you remember the story or ___ it?
a you have
b did you forget
c have you
d do you forgot
184 It depends on my ___ passing the
a friend b friends
c friend’s d friendly
185 I need ___ five kilos of sugar.
a as many as b so many as
c as much as d so much as
186 May I have ___ apples, please?
a any b some
c are d is
187 My friend as well as I ___ busy.
a am b have been
c are d is
188 Ravi was afraid ___ I came back.
a as long as b nevertheless
c still d until
189 This is a comfortable house to ___.
a live by b live for
c live in d live with
190 He would prefer to die ___ beg.
a than b rather
c to d rather than
191 He ___ to buy that book, but now he finds he
has not enough money.
a intends b is intending
c intend d had intended
192 I made him ___.
a do it b to do it
c did d done
193 “Did you see Ravi this afternoon?”
Yes, I saw him ___ football.
a to play b play
c was playing d played
Insert ‘a’ or ‘an’ or ‘the’ – in the blank spaces
in the following sentences if necessary.
194 The story came to ___ end.
a an b a
c the d of
195 The Bible is ___ Holy Book.
a the b a
c an d on
196 Rosy is ___ cleverest girl in our class.
a an b a
c the d in
197 I saw ___ baby. ___ baby was attractive.
a a, the B the, a
c an, a D the, an
198 Raj is ___ eminent lawyer.
a a b an
c the d if
199 Srirangam is ___ island.
a a b an
c if d of
200 Mr. Siva is ___ international merchant.
a of b the
c a d an

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