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Default IBPS Clerical previous year question papers

I want to give the exam of IBPS Clerical cadre and for that I need to get the previous year question papers of exam of IBPS Clerical cadre so can you provide me that?
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Default Re: IBPS Clerical previous year question papers

As you want to get the previous year question papers of exam of IBPS Clerical cadre so here is the information of the same for you:

Some content of the file has been given here:

151. Which of the following is NOT a
function of a commercial bank?
(1) Providing project finance
(2) Settlement of payments of behalf
of the customers
(3) Deciding policy rates like CRR,
SLR, & Repo Rates
(4) Issuing credit/debit/ATM cards
(5) Providing services such as locker
facilities, remittances
152. The Election Commission of India is
giving training to the electoral officers
of which of the following countries in
its neighbourhood?
(1) Nepal (2) Pakistan
(3) China (4) Bangladesh
(5) Bhutan
153. What is money laundering?
(1) Conversion of assets into cash
(2) Conversion of Money which is
illegally obtained
(3) Conversion of cash into gold
(4) Conversion of gold into cash
(5) Conversion of gold with foreign
154. As per news reports in various
newspapers and journals, 'IAEA'
Governors approved the safety plan,
so that it can be implemented by all
the countries, willing to adopt it.
IAEA is an agency/organization
working in the area of _________
(1) Nuclear Energy
(2) World Trade
(3) International Banking
(4) Defence
(5) Social Welfare
155. Which one of the following is not a
salient feature of debit card?
(1) No bad debts to banks and no
suits for recovery
(2) No interest earning for banks
(3) Works like a normal withdrawal
(4) 45 days credit is given to the
card holder
(5) All of the above
156. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award is
given for excellence in the field of
(1) Literature
(2) Music
(3) Spots
(4) Science & Technology
(5) Social service
157. Funding of which of the following is

not a lending for infrastructure
(1) Highway project
(2) Construction of Educational
(3) Construction of Hospital
(4) Laying of petroleum pipelines
(5) Higher Studies
158. 'Raag Darbari' is a famous book
written in Hindi by __________
(1) Shri Amarkant
(2) Shri Shrilal SHukla
(3) Shri Nirmal Verma
(4) Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan
(5) Smt. Malti Joshi
159. Which of the following is a measure
takeny by Reserve Bank of India to
control inflation in our country?
(1) Increase in CCR
(2) Increase in SLR
(3) Contraction of supply of
(4) Raising of Repo / Revere Repo
(5) Decrease the SLR
160. Leila Lopes who was crowned Miss
Universe recently is a citizen of
(1) USA (2) Britain
(3) Brazil (4) India
(5) Angola
161. What type of loan is granted by banks
for purchase of white goods?
(1) Consumption loan
(2) Mortgage loan
(3) Consumer durables loan
(4) Home loan
(5) None of these
162. Ms. Helle Thorning Schmidt is the first
Women Prime Minister of __________
(1) Norway
(2) Brazil
(3) Denmark
(4) Argentina
(5) None of these
163. What is a stale cheque?
(1) A cheque issued without
drawer's signature
(2) A cheque with only signature of
the drawer
(3) A cheque which has completed
six months from its date of issue
(4) A six months' post dates cheque
(5) Any one of these
164. The 34the General Assembly of the
International Organisation for
Standardization (ISO) was organized
recently in _________
(1) London (2) New Delhi
(3) Vienna (4) Milan
(5) Stockholm
165. Ram has been nominated in the
Savings account of Sita. Ram requests
the bank authorities to allow him to
operate Sita's account as she is unwell.
What will the bank do?
(1) Bank will allow Ram to operate
the account as he is nominee.
(2) As nomination will come into
effect only after death of
depositor, Bank will not allow.
(3) As Ram is husband Sita in
addition to being the nominee,
the Bank should allow.
(4) Out of pity for Sita and on
account of long term

relationship, the Bank may
(5) Bank can take a promissory note
from Ram and allow him to
operate the account
166. Who among the following is the
author of the book "Last Man in the
(1) Vikram Seth
(2) Kiran Desai
(3) Shobha De
(4) Chetan Bhagat
(5) Aravind Adiga
167. Which of the following is 'material
alteration' of a negotiable instrument?
(1) Converting an order cheque to
bearer cheque
(2) Converting a bearer cheque to
order cheque
(3) Crossing of an uncrossed cheque
(4) Writing an amount on a black
(5) Putting a signature on the back
of a cheque
168. Which of the following days was
proclaimed "International Literacy
Day" by UNESCO?
(1) 8th September
(2) 18th September
(3) 18th October
(4) 8th October
(5) 28th November
169. What do you understand by term
(1) Sale of a moveable security in
the event of default by the
(2) Registration of charge with the
Registar of Companies
(3) Making the security of
immovable property available as
a cover for a home loan by the
(4) Registration of charge with the
Regional Transport Authority
(5) Returning of the security to
borrower by the bank on receipt
of full payment
170. Which of the following honorary rank
is given to M.S. Dhoni in the
Territorial Army?
(1) Major General
(2) Sergeant
(3) Major
(4) Lieutenant Colonel
(5) Colonel
171. Which one of the following
constitutes the largest percentage of
Retail loans in India?
(1) Auto loans
(2) Personal loans
(3) Personal overdrafts
(4) Consumer loans
(5) Home loans
172. Which of the following is a food crop?
(1) Jute
(2) Jatropha
(3) Jowar (4) Cotton
(5) Tobacco
173. Credit risk to the bank is high from
which of these cards?
(1) Debit cards
(2) Credit cards
(3) ATM cards
(4) All the above
(5) None of these

174. Who among the following is NOT a
Sports person?
(1) Sania Mirza
(2) Azim H. Premji
(3) Leander Paes
(4) Ricky Ponting
(5) Rahul Dravid
175. Depreciation of an asset occurs due to
(1) Fire in the unit
(2) Theft
(3) Labour Trouble
(4) Wear and tear
(5) None of these
176. Which of the following international
event is associated with the game of
car racing?
(1) Twenty - 20
(2) FIFA World Cup
(3) Dubai Open
(4) Singapore Grand prix
(5) Grand Master
177. Which of the followind is NOT a
source of funds of a commerical bank?
(1) Capital
(2) Borrowing from RBI
(3) Call money borrowings
(4) Deposits
(5) Cash Reserves with RBI
178. Who among the following is a Golf
Player and represents India in
International events?
(1) Mahesh Bhupati
(2) Pankaj Advani
(3) Jeev Milkha Singh
(4) Vijendra Singh
(5) Zaheer Khan
179. Which one of the following is a Credit
Card Association?
(1) India Card
(2) Master Card
(3) SBI Card
(4) Citi Bank Cards
(5) BOB Card
180. Which of the following Indian
companies makes Tractors?
(1) Maruti Suzuki
(2) Ford Motors
(3) Ashok Leyland
(4) Mahindra Gujarat
(5) Tata Motors
181. Which one of the following is not an
electronic Banking delivery channel?
(1) Mobile Vans
(2) Mobile Phone Banking
(3) Internet Banking
(4) Tele Banking
(5) ATM
182. Who among the following women is
a Minister in Union Cabinet?
(1) Smt. M. Vijaya Shanthi
(2) Smt. Priya Dutt
(3) Smt. Sonia Gandhi
(4) Smt. Sushma Swaraj
(5) Smt. Ambika Soni
183. The Rate at which the domestic
currency cab be converted into
foreign currency and vice-versa is
known as the _____________
(1) Exchange rate
(3) Inter bank Call money rate
(4) Base rate

184. Which of the following is NOT a
major IT company in India?
(1) CMC Ltd.
(2) Raymonds
(3) HCL Technologies
(4) Infosys Technologies
(5) Tata Consultancy Services
185. Which of the following is an asset
reconstruction company?
(5) IRDA
186. Which of the following institutions is
an asset reconstruction company?
(1) Biosphere (2) Exchange Rate
(3) Equator
(4) Harmonic Tremor
(5) Lignite
187. Crossing on a cheque terms is used in
the field of Economics?
(1) payee (2) drawee
(3) endorser (4) holder
(5) drawer
188. Who among the following is the
President of a country at present?
(1) Bank-ki moon
(2) Pascal Lemy
(3) Margaret Chan
(4) Dmitry Medvedev
(5) Kaushik Basu
189. Which of the following category of
advance accounts is not an NPA?
(1) Standard account
(2) Substandard account
(3) Doubtful account
(4) Loss account
(5) All (1) to (4) are NPAs
190. Who among the following is the
Cabinet Secretary, Govt. of India at
(1) Shri Ajit Kumar Seth
(2) Shri Ranjan Mathai
(3) Shri Shiv Shankar Menon
(4) Shri R. K. Singh
(5) None of these
191. Which of the following terms is used
in the game of Cricket?
(1) Leg - Bye (2) Smash
(3) Kidney Punch
(4) Deuce
(5) Love
192. Which of the following is a metal?
(1) Chlorine (2) Zinc
(3) Neon
(4) Iodine
(5) Hydrogen
193. Which of the following is the name of
India's Space launching vehicle?
(1) Edusat (2) G-SAT
(3) PSLV (4) Kalpana 1
(5) HTPB
194. Who among the following is the
author of the famous Russian Classic
book "The Mother"?
(1) Maxim Gorky
(2) Vladmir Nabokov
(3) Leo Tolstoy
(4) Edgar Allan Poe
(5) Nikita Khruschew
195. Which of the following is NOT the
name of a game?
(1) Billiards (2) Polo
(3) Bridge (4) Wrestling
(5) Olympic

196. Which of the following is the name of
a Chinese food equality popular in
(1) Chopsticks (2) Sumo
(3) Chowmein (4) Fengshui
(5) Kanji
197. Which of the following films is
directed by Karan Johar?
(1) Wake up Sid
(2) Chandni Bar
(3) My Name is Khan
(4) Fashion (5) Ra.One
198. Which of the following awards has
been given to Brajesh Mishra in 2011?
(1) Padma Vibhushan
(2) Bharat Ratna
(3) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
(4) Padmashri
(5) Man of the Year 2011
199. Which of the following is the Capital
of Madhya Pradesh?
(1) Indore (2) Lucknow
(3) Dehradun (4) Bhopal
(5) Raipur
200. Kabul is a town in ________
(1) Pakistan (2) Nepal
(3) Bhutan (4) Bangladesh
(5) Afghanistan

201. The smallest unit of information a
computer can understand and process
is known as a _____
(1) digit (2) byte
(3) megabyte (4) kilobyte
(5) bit
202. Compatibility, with regard to
computers, refers to _________
(1) the software doing the right job
for the user
(2) it being versatile enough to
handle the job
(3) the software being able to run on
the computer
(4) software running with only
other previously installed
(5) software permanently available
in the computer
203. A _________ use pressure as a use r
presses it with a stylus to sent signals.
(1) touchpad (2) TrackPoint
(3) graphics tablet
(4) trackpad
(5) keyboard
204. The justification that aligns text on
both margins of a document in Word
is ________
(1) Justify (2) Bold
(3) Center (4) Right
(5) Balanced
205. A partially completed workbook that
contains formulas and formatting, but
no data is called a _____
(1) prototype (2) template
(3) model (4) function
(5) None of these
206. A byte can represent any number
between 0 and ______
(1) 2 (2) 255
(3) 256 (4) 1024
(5) 1025
207. Connectivity for a new computer
means ________

(1) allowing a printer to be
connected to it
(2) having a modern and/or
network connection to
communicate with other
(3) connecting to software to the
hardware of the system
(4) connecting a mouse, a keyboard,
and a printer-all essential
hardware pieces for the average
(5) software permanently available
in the computer
208. A ________ is used to read
handwritten or printed text to make
a digital image that is stored in
(1) printer (2) laser beam
(3) scanner (4) touchpad
(5) keyboard
209. The shortcut key Ctrl + F in Word is
used for __________
(1) To view document in full view
(2) To open the Formula dialog box
(3) To save the file
(4) To open the Find and Replace
dialog box
(5) None of these
210. Each cell in a Microsoft Office Excel
document is referred to by its cell
address, which is the _______
(1) cell's column label
(2) cell's column label and
worksheet tab name
(3) cell's row label
(4) cell's row and column labels
(5) cell's contents
211. The most widely used code that
represents each character as a unique
8-bit code is _______
(2) Unicode
(3) Binary numbering system
212. Operating system and utility
programs are in a class of software
known as _______
(1) application software
(2) sequential software
(3) software suites
(4) BIOS software
(5) System software
213. OCR stand for ________
(1) Optical Coding Recognizer
(2) Ostensibly Characterized
(3) Original Code Reader
(4) Original Character Reader
(5) Optical Character Recognition
214. The Open, Print, and save buttons are
all located on the _________
(1) Status bar
(2) Formatting toolbar
(3) Standard toolbar
(4) Title bar
(5) Status and title bars
215. To copy a cell, you would drag the cell
border while simultaneously holding
down the Ctrl key when _______
(1) You have one more to copy.
(2) Only some of the cells are visible
in the window.
(3) You don't want to refer to
absolute references.

(4) The distance between cells is
short and they are both visible
in the window.
(5) None of these
216. The permanently etched program in
ROM that automatically begins
executing the computer's instructions
is the _____
(1) BIOS (2) ROM
(3) CMOS (4) RAM
(5) None of these
217. Information stored in RAM is
considered volatile, which name it is
(1) stored there permanently.
(2) not held permanently, only
(3) stored when the electricity is
shut off.
(4) stored permanently in the CPU
(5) None of these
218. The display size of a monitor is
measured ___________
(1) zig-zag
(2) horizontally
(3) vertically
(4) from center to the further corner.
(5) diagonally
219. The name of a Microsoft Office Word
document is displayed in both the
________ and the taskbar.
(1) Menu bar
(2) Task bar
(3) Formatting toobar
(4) Standard toolbar
(5) Title bar
220. Excel is designed to provide visual
cues to the relationship between the
cells that provide values to the
formulas or the cells that depend on
the formulas by __________
(1) Bolding the cell references to
match the color coding of the
borders around the referenced
worksheet cells.
(2) Highlighting the cell references.
(3) Color coding the cell references
in the formula to match the
border around the referenced
worksheet cells.
(4) Bolding the cell references.
(5) None of these
221. A limitation of software that digitizes
voice data is that it ____________
(1) is prohibitively expensive.
(2) must be trained to recognize
individual voices.
(3) can only be used on high-end
(4) cannot be used to laptop
(5) cannot be used on desktop
222. External devices such as printers,
keyboards, and modems are known
as ___________
(1) add-on devices.
(2) Peripherals.
(3) Extra hardware devices.
(4) PC expansion slot add-ons.
(5) special-buys
223. The higher the resolution of a monitor,
the _________
(1) larger the pixels

(2) less clear the screen is
(3) further apart the pixels
(4) closer together the pixels
(5) None of these
224. To select a Word, you click it ______
(1) once (2) twice
(3) three times (4) four times
(5) none of these
225. The Excel feature includes functions
to calculate an Average, Minimum,
and Count.
(1) Format (2) Number
(3) AutoSum (4) Calculate
(5) MIN
226. For a computer to recognize and
understand analog data, it must first
be __________
(1) sent a mainframe for
(2) analyzed by the ALU of the CPU
(3) decoded
(4) analyzed for viruses
(5) digitized
227. Expansion cards are inserted
(1) slots
(2) peripheral devices
(3) the CPU
(4) the back of the computer
(5) pegs
228. Which types of software is distributed
free but requires the users to pay
some amount for further use?
(1) freeware (2) shareware
(3) rentalware
(4) public-domain softare
(5) abandonware
229. Using Print Preview is useful when
you want to _______
(1) Colour the document
(2) Save the document
(3) Delete the document
(4) Copy the document
(5) View how the document will
appear when printed
230. What does a Web site address
uniquely specify?
(1) Web browser
(2) Web site
(3) PDA
(4) Storage
(5) Hard-disk
231. A pixel is a __________
(1) picture element of dot on a
(2) point of ink on a laser-printed
(3) point of ink on a ink-jet printed
(4) light beam used as an input
(5) None of these
232. The most common pointing input
device is the _______
(1) trackball. (2) touchpad.
(3) touchscreen. (4) mouse.
(5) scanner.
233. The file that is created through word
processing is a _______________
(1) database file
(2) storage file
(3) worksheet file
(4) document file
(5) graphical file

(1) http;// (2) HTML
(3) DOC (4) URL
(5) None of these
235. What are the two parts of an E-mail
(1) User name and street address
(2) Legal name and phone number
(3) User name and domain name
(4) Initials and password
(5) Login name and password
236. If employees reside in different parts
of the country and need to meet
monthly, useful computer technology
would be ________
(1) video-display software
(2) video-digitizing
(3) videoconferencing
(4) video scanning
(5) None of these
237. The wheel located between the two
standard buttons on a mouse is used
to ________
(1) click in Web pages
(2) shut down
(3) click and select items
(4) jump to different Web pages
(5) scroll
238. Which type of software is used it the
design of products, structures, civil
engineering drawings, and maps?
(1) CAD programs
(2) desktop programs
(3) drawing programs
(4) painting programs
(5) video/audio programs
239. Advanced word processing features
include all except creation of
(1) alternate headers and footers.
(2) columns.
(3) detailed architectural drawings.
(4) stylesheets.
(5) None of these
240. The computer that hosts your e-mail
account is known as (a(n) __________
(1) Host
(2) E-mail client
(3) E-mail server
(4) Listserv
(5) None of these
241. ________ can interpret voice data into
words that can be understood by the
(1) Speech input hardware
(2) talking software
(3) word recognition software
(4) speech recognition software
(5) adobe reader
242. A touchpad responds to ________
(1) light (2) pressure
(3) clicking
(4) the sense of heat from fingertips
(5) None of these
243. What is the term of calculations used
within spreadsheets?
(1) analyses (2) ranges
(3) formulas (4) recalculations
(5) values
244. This is a set of value that you want to
chart in Excel.
(1) Object (2) Numbers
(3) Data Mart (4) Formulas
(5) Data series

you must have a(n) _______
(1) Browser. (2) Modem.
(3) Server (4) Scanner
(5) Account
246. Until a computer can recognize
handwriting, an input device must
(1) store the information in
secondary storage
(2) optimize the information
(3) digitize the information
(4) show the information of a screen
(5) become an output device also
247. The pointing device that comes built
into a laptop computer can be any
except a _______
(1) mouse (2) trackball
(3) touchpad (4) pointing stick
(5) None of these
248. The button that displays the window
over the entire screen is _________
(1) Scroll box
(2) Downsize
(3) Restore Down
(4) Minimize
(5) Maximize
249. The .xls extension is used for
(1) Windows (2) Access
(3) PowerPoint (4) Word
(5) Excel
250. Which of the following are tasks that
may be completed when configuring
your e-mail client?
(1) Provide the IP address of your
ISP's mail server
(2) Provide the name of your e-mail
(3) Specify that mail is to be deleted
from the host computer after it
is downloaded to your
(4) All of these
(5) None of these

For more detailed information I am uploading PDF files which are free to download:

Contact Details:
Institute of Banking Personnel Selection
IBPS House,
Western Express Hwy,
Asha Nagar,
Kandivali East,
Maharashtra 400066 ‎
1800 22 2366

Map Location:
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