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Default Previous year question papers of Rubber Board Junior Assistant Exam

Will you please give me the previous year question papers of Rubber Board Junior Assistant Exam?
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Default Re: Previous year question papers of Rubber Board Junior Assistant Exam

As you want to get the previous year question papers of Rubber Board Junior Assistant Exam so here is the information of the same for you:

1. India has the world’s largest deposits of :

2. The first Indian state to introduce the Panchayth Raj System?


3. The tenure of Rajya Sabha Member is :

6 Years

4. Who has won the Global Diversity Award November 2005?

Aiswarya Rai

5. International Literacy Day is observed on :

September 8

6. The centenary of Olympic Games was celebrated at :


7. When was ISRO setup?


8. Which Maharaja of Travancore was an eminent composer of Carnatic Music?

Swathi Thirunal

9. The basic regulatory authority for mutual fund and stock markets ?

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

10. Which seashore in Kerala is famous for deposit of mineral sand ?


11. Which one of the following is a great circle?
(a) The Equator
(b) The Tropic of Cancer
(c) The Tropic of Capricorn
(d) The Arctic Circle

The Equator

12. The Odakkuzhal Award is given in the memory of ?


13. The first Indian woman to get Nobel Prize?

Mother Teresa

14. Which of the following is the river valley civilization?
(c) Mesopotamian
(d) Roman


15. The exact difference between Greenwich and Indian Standard time is?

Five and a half hours

16. Pallava dynasty was established in 300 A.D. The capital city of Pallavas was:


17. The Netaji subhash National Institute of Sports is located at :


18. The total length of Konkan Railway is :

760 Km

19. The Chairman of the Planning Commission is :

Prime Minister

20. The practice of keeping more than one crop in a field is called :

Mixed cropping

21. The type of rear view mirror in a car is :


22. Credit of starting space research in India goes to :

Vikram Sarabhai

23. The highest percentage in the atmosphere is of:


24. The medicine used to fight against Plague :


25. Which among the following is an astronomical unit of distance?
(a) Angstrom (b) Femometer (c) Light Year (d) Mach

Light Year

26. Television stations cannot transmit their regional programme to far off places because:

They are not reflected by the ionosphere as radio waves.

27. Which is the name of the instrument used for measuring the blood pressure?


28. Which of the following is an egg laying mammal?

(a) Platypus (b) Kangaroo (c) Mouse (d) Fish


29. A ligament connects :

Bone and bone

30. Halley’s comet appears once in :

76 Years

31. Sheep herding is most common in :

Steppe grasslands

32. Samuel. L. Clemens was popularly known as :

Mark Twain

33. The two predominant gases that constitute the sun as fire ball are?

Hydrogen and Helium

34. The two best paintings ‘Mono Lisa’ and ‘The Last Supper’ were painted by ?

Leonardo da Vinci

35. Open Sky policy means :

Permission of foreign airlines.

36. ‘Kolla Varsham’ began in ?


37. When was the practice of “Sati” abolished in India?


38. What is the study of coins is called?


39. The words “Sathymeva Jayate” is taken from?

Mundaka Upanishad

40. Which of the following cities has the modest temperature throughout the year ?

(a) Allahabad (b) Dehradun (c)Bangalore (d) Delhi

41. Under whose advice the president of India declares emergency under article 352?

The Prime Minister

42. The longest highway in India is from Varanasi to Kanyakumari . Which is that ?


43. The highest Indian Peak is: ?

Godwin Austin

44. What does UNESCO deal with?

International Educational, Scientific and Cultural matters

45. Which organization is popularly called the “World Bank”?

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

46. Temporary tax levied to obtain revenue is called?


47. Bordeaux Mixture, one of the best known fungicides is a mixture of?

Copper Sulphate and Lime

48. Which is concerned with the study of ancient skeletal remains?

Anthropological Survey of India

49. Kundara Proclamation in 1809 was made by?

Veluthampi Dalawa

50. First Governor of Kerala was?

B.Ramakrishnan Rao

51. The “Hollerith” Code is used with?

Punched Card

52. Volatile memory means :

Content will lose if power fails

53. A “T” State means?

Portion of operation in a cycle

54. Memory interleaving means?

Concurrency of operation of several independent memories

55. Which of the following flip-flop has only one input ?

(a) D flip-flop (b) JK flip-flop (c) Master slave flip-flop (d)All of the above

D flip-flop

56. Computer’s processing speed is measured in ?

MIPS( Millions of Instructions Per Second)

57. Cache memory will be available :

In between processor and RAM

58. Kernal is the program which interact with :

User Programs and Computer hardware

59. The function of the DOS commands DIR/OD/S is :

List all files in the directory including sub directories in date wise

60. GUI stands for :

Graphical User Interface.

61. Alt+F4 is the short cut key used in windows for:

Terminate the current application

62. Which type of Operating System reads and react in terms of actual time?
Real time system

63. Which of the following contains a list of files in UNIX?
(a) Special File (b) Ordinary File (c) Directory File (d) Batch File

Directory file

64. In Unix ‘grep’ command is used for:

Search a word in a file

65. Which of the following is a DOS based word processing package?
(a) MS Word (b) Notepad (c) WordPad (d)Word star


66. Which is the short cut key for search a word in a document is:

Ctrl + F

67. In a word document, grammatical errors are marked with :

Green Line

68. To select multiple words but not continuous in a document the key combination used is :

Ctrl + mouse button

69. “Line space” in a word document means :

Vertical spacing of lines

70. Auto text features

Generate the text just by typing a few letters

71. When the text in a document exceeds the length of a page, word insert :

Soft Page Break

72. The feature available in MS Word to type data in row and column form :


73. A Template is :

A collection of formatting options

74. Which of the following feature of word processor has a document and a data source?

(a) Spelling Check (b) Grammar Check (c) Mail merge (d) Tables

Mail merge

75. A book mark is :

A location in a table for quick reference

76. The short cut key used to make all caps :

Ctrl + Shift +A

77. When dates are placed in a main document in a mail merge operation, data are placed in the symbols?

Double angular Bracket

78. A hierarchical listing of heading within a document is called?

Outline View

79. Which tool is used to copy the formatting from one place to another?

Format Painter

80. Which of the following lists the term and topics of a document?


81. Duplex printing means :

Printing in both sides of a page

82. A file with ‘.dot’ extension is associated with :


83. In Lotus 1-2-3, 1-2-3 indicates :

Spreadsheets database and graphs

84. When a new Excel worksheet is opened, generally the number of worksheets available will be :


85. A ‘range’ in MS Excel means?

Set of Cells

86. If a word in cell A1 is “kerala” and when type ‘k’ in the cell A2, MS Excel will display ‘kerala’ because of the feature

Auto complete

87. In which of the number format, the number is represented in exponential notation?

88. A line drawn around a cell or group of cell is :?


89. Orientation in printing means :

Direction of print in the paper.

90. Excel functions can be grouped into : ?

10 categories

91. The cell reference address $E$1 is:

Absolute Mode

92. Which of the following chart requires only one data range?

(a) Bar Chart (b) Stacked 3D Chart (c) Pie Chart (d) Line chart

Pie Chart

93. Which of the following number format code will display insignificant digits also ?

(a) # (b) 0 (c)% (d) /

94. Which of the following feature of Excel selects record with a specified condition ?

(a) Filter (b)Range (c)Template (d) Sort


95. What feature of Excel is used to type in error free values for an application?

Data Validation

96. What is the short cut key for selecting format cells dialog box?

Ctrl + 1

97. Which of the following error message will style with three options: Yes, No & Cancel?


98. A series of worksheet rows that contain related data is ?


99. Which option of Alignment, in Format cell dialog, make the data type in cell, divides into more than one row ?

Wrap Text

100. Which of the following date format is used to display day names as Sunday, Monday…etc?

(a)d (b)dd (c)ddd (d)dddd
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