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Sir I am going to take IIT JEE exam and now my exam is near so now I need its study materials and note so somebody suggest me website which provide me IIT study material and notes free of cost?

Hello Mohit as you want free study material of IIT so I’m providing you material of physics.

Motion in straight Line

1 Introduction
2 Position and Displacement

1. Introduction

In our dialy life ,we see lots of things moving around for example car passing through from one place to other ,person riding on a bicycle and many more like this.

In scientific terms an object is said to be in motion ,if it changes its position with the pasage of time and if it does not change it position with the passage of time then it is said to be at rest

Both the motion and rest are relative terms for example mobile kept on the table is resting at its position but it is moving in the sense as earth is rotating on its axis.
So for a person seeing mobile from earth it is at rest and for person on moon earth seems to change its position with time and so mobile is moving.
Simplest case of motion is rectilinear motion which is the motion of the object in a straight line

In our descriotion of object ,we will treat the object as an point object
Object under consideration can be treated as point object if the size of the object is much smaller than the distance travelled by it in a reasonable time duration for example length of a motor car travelling a distance of 500km can be neglected w.r.t distance travelled by it.
Here in kinematics ,we study ways to describe the motion without going into the cause of the motion

2.Position and Displacement

(a) Position:

To locate the position in motion or at rest,we need a frame of refrence.
Simplest way to choose a frame of refrence is to choose three mutually perpendicular axis labelled as X-,Y- and Z- axis as shown in figure below

Frame of Reference

Such system of labelling position of an object is known as rectangular coordinates system
If A(x,y,z) be the position of any point in rectangular co-ordinates system it can be labelled as follows

Describe the object in frame of reference
Point O is the point of intersection of these mutaully perpendicular axis and is known as refrence point or origin of frame of refrence
To measure a time ,we can also attach a clock with this frame of refrence

If any or all co-ordinates of the object under consideration changes with time in this frame of refrence then the object is said to be in a motion w.r.t the frame of the refrence otherwise it is at rest
For describing motion in one dimension we need one set of co-ordinates axis i.e only one of X,Y and Z axis
Similary for two and three dimensions we need two or three set of axis respectively
Motion of an object along a straight line is an example of motion in one dimension
For such a motion,any one axis say X-axis may be choosen so as to co-incide with the path along which object is moving
Position of the object can be measured w.r.t origin O shown in the figure

One dimensional motion coordinate system

Position to the right of the origin has positive values and those to the left of origin O has negative values.

(b) Distance and displacement:

In the graph shown below an object is at position P at time t1 and at position R at time t2.

Describe the distance and displacement difference on the coordinate system

In the time interval from t1 to t2 particle has travelled path PQR and length of the path PQR is the distance travelled by the object in the time interval t1 to t2
Now connect the initial position of the object P with its final position R through a straight line and we get the displacement of the object.
Displacement of the object has both magnitude and direction i.e., displacement is a vector quantity.
Magnitude of displacement vector is equal to the length of straight line joining initial and final position and its direction points from the initial position of object towards its final position.
In contrast to displacement distance is scalar quantity.

PCM study material free

For get more study material free I am giving you a attachment below-
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc IIT Study Material Free.doc (41.5 KB, 58 views)

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Default Re: IIT Study Material Free

As you asked for the study material for the preparation of the IIT JEE exam so here I am providing you name of some books with their authors which will help you in preparation of the exam.

Physics by H.C. Verma
Problems in physics by I.E. Irodov

Morrison & Boyd
Solutions to Morrison Boyd
Reaction mechanism in Organic Chemistry by Parmar ∓ Chawla

Name of the books
Intro. to Probability & its Applications
Author: W. Feller

Organic Chemistry
Author: Arihant Prakashan

IIT Chemistry
Author; O.P. Agarwal

General Chemistry
Author: Ebbing

Physical Chemistry
Author; P. Bahadur

J. Edward
Author; Calculus

Chemistry XI & XII
Author: NCERT

We have already uploaded the paper of the IIT JEE Physics at the following link. Just follow the link and download the paper for preparation of the exam.

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Default IIT Study Material Free

Will you please tell me form where I can download the free study material of Atomic Nucleus for IIT Examination??
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Default Re: IIT Study Material Free

As you are looking for the study material of Atomic Nucleus for IIT Examination so here I am sharing the same with you

Study Material of Atomic Nucleus:

1. Discovery of nucleus

In 1897 J.J. Thomson discovered the electron in the rays emitted from the cathode of discharge tube filled with gas at low temperatures.
Again 1910 Thomson suggested a model for describing atom , known as 'Thomson's atomic model' which suggests that atom consists of positively charged sphere of radius 10-8cm in which electrons were supposed to be embedded.
Thomson atomic model failed as it could not give convincing explanation for several phenomenon such as, spectrum
of atoms, alpha particle scattering and many more.
In 1909 Gieger and Marsden employed α-particles (Helium ion) as projectile to bombard thin metallic foil.
According to Thomson atomic model since all positive charge of atom was neutralized by the negatively charged electrons, there would be rare event for an α-particle to suffer a very large deflection , as expected force of repulsion would not be very strong.
Surprisingly experiments of Gieger and Marsden showed large deflections of alpha particles that were many orders of magnitude and more common then expected.
This result of Gieger and Marsden α-particle scattering experiment was explained by Sir Rutherford in 1911.
Rutherford proposed a new atomic model in which electrons were located at much greater distance from the positive charge.
Rutherford proposed that all the positive charge , and nearly all the mass of the atom, was concentrated in an extremely small nucleus.
The electrons were supposed to be distributed around the nucleus in a sphere of atomic radius nearly equal to 10-8cm.
In explaining this experiment Rutherford made simple assumptions that both the nucleus and α-particles (Helium ion) were point electrical charges and the repulsive force between them is given by Coulomb’s inverse square law at all distances of separation.
These assumptions made by Rutherford were not valid if α-particle approaches the nucleus to a distance comparable with the diameter of the nucleus.
From this experiment there emerged a picture of internal structure of atoms and it also confirmed the existence of the atomic nucleus.
Approximate values for size and electrical charge of nucleus were calculated using data of various scattering experiments.

2. Nuclear Composition

Atomic nuclei are build up of protons and neutrons.
Nucleus of hydrogen atom contains only single proton.
Charge on a proton is +1.6x10-19 C and its mass is 1836 times greater then that of electron.
Neutrons are uncharged particles and mass of a neutron is slightly greater then that of a proton.
Neutrons and protons are jointly called nucleons.
Number of protons in nuclei of an element is equal to the number of electrons in neutral atom of that element.
All nuclei of a given element does not have equal number of neutrons for example99.9 percent of hydrogen nuclei contains only one proton , some contain one proton and one neutron and a very little fraction contains one proton and two neutrons.
Elements that have same number of protons but differ in number of neutrons in their nucleus are called ISOTOPES.
Hydrogen isotope deuterium is stable but tritium is radioactive and it decays to changes into an isotope of helium.

Rest of the study material is attached in below file which is free of cost for you

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Will you please tell me form where I can download the free study material of Atomic Nucleus for IIT Examination??
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc Study material of Atomic Nucleus for IIT.doc (47.0 KB, 38 views)
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Default Re: IIT Study Material Free

Hello sir myself Mohit and I’m am a student of 11th class and want to be an engineer from IIT but my financial condition is not well so I want free study material for preparation for IIT, so is there any option for me???
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