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Default PGT English exam previous year question papers

Can you please give me the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan PGT English previous year question papers as it is very urgent for me?
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Default Re: PGT English exam previous year question papers

As you want to get the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan PGT English previous year question papers so here is the information of the same for you:

Some content of the file has been given here:

1 (95.6x 910.3) ÷ 92.56256 = 9?

(A) 13.14

(B) 12.96

(C) 12.43

(D) 13.34

(E) None of these

2. (4 86%of 6500) ÷ 36 =?

(A) 867.8

(B) 792.31

(C) 877.5

(D) 799.83

(E) None of these

3. (12.11)2 + (?)2 = 732.2921


(B) 24.2


(D) 19.2

(E) None of these

4.576÷ ? x114=8208





(E) None of these

5. (1024—263—233)÷(986—764— 156) =?





(E) None of these

6. ?125÷5x ?=6265


(B) 1250


(D) 1550

(E) None of these

7.(42)2÷6.3 x 26 =?


(B) 7269


(D) 7240

(E) None of these


(B) 9216


(D) 6814

(E) None of these



(B) 5.25


(D) 6.12

(E) None of these

10. ?2704 x ?2209=?





(E)None of these






(E) None of these

12. (2560 x 1.4) +(7400 x 0.6) =?


(B) 9746


(D) 8024

(E) None of these

13. 36%of 850+? %of 592 = 750





(E) None of these

14.64%of 2650+40% 0f 320=?


(B) 1902


(D) 1964

(E) None of these

15. 486+32×25—59=?

(A) 514

(B) 528

(C) 599

(D) 507

(E) None of these

16. 1827÷ 36 x ?=162.4




(D) 3.7

(E) None of these

17. 1008÷36=?


(B) 32.5


(D) 22.2

(E) None of these

18. 56.21 +2.36+5.41 —21.4+1.5=?


(B) 46.18


(D) 43.12

(E) None of these

19. 65%of 320+?=686

(A) 480

(B) 452


(D) 475

(E) None of these

20. 83250÷?=74×25


(B) 45


(D) 55

(E) None of these

21. ?7744=?





(E)None of these

22.35%of ?=242





(E) None of these

23. 1256+4813+765=?


(B) 5876


(D) 6878

(E) None of these

24. 22 x4+(?)2=(13)2

(A) 81

(C) 27

(B) 9

(D) 64

(E) None of these

25. 432+2170+35=?


(B) 475


(D) 469

(E) None of these

26. Three numbers are in the ratio of 3: 4 :5 respectively. If the sum of

the first and third numbers is more than the second number by 52, then

which will be the largest number?

(A) 65

(B) 52

(C) 79

(D) 63

(E) None of these

27. The compound interest on a certain amount for 2 years at the rate of

8 p.c.p.a. is Rs.312. What will be the simple interest on the same amount

and at the same rate and same time?

(A)Rs. 349.92

(B) Rs. 300

(C)Rs. 358.92

(D) Rs. 400

(E) None of these

28. The length of a rectangle exceeds its breadth by 7 ems. If the length

is decreased by 4 cm. and the breadth is increased by 3 cms., then the

area of the new rectangle will be the same as the area of the original

rectangle. What will be the perimeter of the original rectangle?

(A)45 cms.

(B)40 cems.

(C)50 cms.

(D)55 cms.

(E)None of these

29. The sum of the digits of a two digit number is 12. If the new number

formed by reversing the digits is greater than the original number by 54,

then what will be the original number?


(B) 48


(D) 93

(E) None of these

30. In a fraction, twice the numerator is two more than the denominator.

If 3 is added to the numerator and the denominator each, then the

resultant fraction will be 2/3 .What was the original fraction ?





(E) None of these

31. Four-fifth of a number is 10 more than two-third of the same number.

What is the number?

(A) 70

(B) 75

(C) 69

(D) 85

(E) None of these

32. A shopkeeper purchased 200 bulbs for Rs. 10 each. However, 5 bulbs

were fused and had to be thrown away. The remaining were sold at Rs. 12

each. What will be the percentage


(A) 25

(B) 15

(C) 13

(D) 17

(E) None of these

33. What should come in the place of question mark (?) in the number

series given below?

25, 34, 52,79, 115,?


(B) 140


(D) 190

(E)None of these

34. What number should replace both the question marks (?) in the

following question ?

?/144= 49 /?


(B) 76


(D) 84

(E)None of these

35. The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 252. What is the sum of

the smallest and the largest numbers?


(B) 148


(D) 198

(E) None of these

36. Ajay spends 25% of his salary on house rent, 5% on food, 15% on

travel, 10% on clothes and the remaining amount of Rs. 27,000 is saved.

What is Ajay’s income?

(A) Rs. 60,000

(B) Rs. 80,500

(C) Rs. 60,700

(D) Rs. 70,500

(E) None of these

37. In how many different ways, can the letters of the word ‘CRISIS’ be

arranged ?

(A) 150

(B) 240

(C) 120

(D) 200

(E) None of these

38. At each corner of a square park with side equal to 40 m, there is a

flower bed in the form of a sector of radius 14 m. What is the area of

the remaining part of the park?

(A)984 Square m

(B) 789 Square m

(C) 1014 Square m

(D) 1024 Square m

(E) None of these

39. The length of a rectangular field is thrice its breadth. If the cost

of cultivating the field at Rs. 367.20 per square meter is Rs. 27,540,

then what is the perimeter of the rectangle?


(B) 39m



(E) None of these

40. If the fractions8/5,7/2,9/5,5/4,4/5 are arranged in descending order

of their values, which one will be fourth?





(E) 7/2

41. The present ages of Chetna and Shikha are in the ratio of 5 :7

respectively. After 7 years, their ages will be in the ratio of 11:14

respectively. What is the difference between their ages?

(A)9 years

(B) 4 years

(C)5 years

(D) 7 years

(E) None of these

42. If 13 men can complete a piece of work in 36 days, then in how many

days will 18 men complete the same work?

(A)16 days

(B) 20 days

(C)26 days

(D) 30 days

(E) None of these

43. If the area of a circle is 75.44 square cm then what is the

circumference of the circle?

(A)29.2 cm

(B) 28.9 cm

(C)30.8 cm

(D) 40.2 cm

(E) None of these

44. Girish started a business investing Rs. 45,000. After 3 months, Vijay

joined him with a capital of Rs. 60,000. After another 6 months, Ankush

joined them with a capital of Rs. 90,000. At the end of the year, they

made a profit of Rs. 16,500. What is Girish’s share of profit ?

(A) Rs. 5,500

(B) Rs. 6,000

(C) Rs. 6,600

(D) As. 5,900

(E) None of these

45. What is the average age of a family of five members, whose ages are

42, 49, 56, 63 and 35 years respectively?

(A)60 years

(B) 49 years

(C)45 years

(D) 58 years

(E) None of these

46. A and B are two taps which can fill a tank individually in 10 minutes

and 20 minutes respectively. However, there is a leakage at the bottom

which can empty a filled tank in 40 minutes. If the tank is empty

initially, how much time will both the taps take to fill the tank

(leakage is still there) ?

(A) 8 minutes

(B) 7 minutes

(C) 10 minutes

(D)15 minutes

(E) None of these

47. What is 50% of 40% of Rs. 3,450?

(A) Rs. 690

(B) As. 520

(C) Rs. 517.5

(D) Rs. 499.2

(E) None of these

48. If an amount of Rs. 5,86,700 is distributed equally amongst 25

persons, then how much would each person get?
(A) Rs. 2,54,876

(B) Rs. 2,34,68

(C) Rs. 3,74,20

(D) Rs. 1,95,62

(E) None of these

49. An urn contains 9 blue, 7 white and 4 black balls. If 2 balls are

drawn at random, then what is the probability that only one ball is


(A) 71/190

(B) 121/190

(C) 91/190

(D) 93/190

(E) None of these

50. If the price of 5 transistors and 2 pen stands is Rs. 810, then what

will be the price of 7 transistors and 9 pen stands?

(A) Rs. 1,320

(B) Rs. 1,500

(C) Rs.1,150

(D) Cannot be determined

(E) None of these


1 - D 2 - C 3 - B 4 - A 5 - D 6 - A 7 - E 8 - B 9 - E 10 - B 11 - C 12 - D 13 - D 14 - A 15 - B 16 - B 17 - A 18 - C 19 - E 20 - B 21 - A 22 - C 23 - E 24 - B 25 - A 26 - A 27 - B 28 - C 29 - C 30 - D 31 - B 32 - D 33 - A 34 - D 35 - C 36 - A 37 - E 38 - A 39 - D 40 - B 41 - E 42 - C 43 - C 44 - A 45 - B 46 - A 47 - A 48 - B 49 - E 50 - D

1. In a division sum, the divisor is 10 times the quotient and 5 times

the remainder. If the remainder is 46, the dividend is:

(1) 4236 (2) 4306

(3) 4336 (4) 5336

2. If 1.5 x= 0.04 y, then the value of (y-x) (y+x) is:

(1) 730/77 (2) 73/77

(3) 7.3/77 (4) 703/77

3. An employee may claim Rs. 7.00 for each km when he travels by taxi and

Rs. 6.00 for each km if he drives his own car. If in one week he claimed

Rs. 595 for traveling km. How many kms did he travel by taxi?

(1) 55 (2) 65

(3) 62 (4) 70

4. The square root of 3 + “5 is :

(1) “3 /2 + 1/”2 (2) “3 /2 - 1/”2

(3) “5 /2 - 1/”2 (4) “(5/2) + “(1/2)

5. The mean temperature of Monday to Wednesday was 370C and of Tuesday to

Thursday was 340C, if the temperature on Thursday was 4/5th that of

Monday, then what was the temperature on Thursday?

(1) 36.50C (2) 360C

(3) 35.50C (4) 340C

6. A certain number of two digits is three times the sum of its digits.

If 45 be added to it, the digits are reversed. The number is:

(1) 72 (2) 32

(3) 27 (4) 23

7. Three years ago the average age of A and B was 18 years. While C

joining them now, the average becomes 22 years. How old (in years) is C


(1) 24 (2) 27

(3) 28 (4) 30

8. If 2^(2x-1) = 8^(3-x), then the value of x is:

(1) -1 (2) -2

(3) 2 (4) 3

9. A man’s basic pay for a 40 hours’ week is Rs. 200. Overtimes is paid

at 25% above the basic rate. In a certain week, he worked overtime and

his total was Rs. 300. He therefore, worked for a total of (in hours):

(1) 52 (2) 56

(3) 58 (4) 62

10. On a Rs. 10, 000 payment order, a person has choice between 3

successive discounts of 10%, 10% and 30% and 3 successive discounts of

40%, 5% and 5%. By choosing the better one he can save (in Rupees):

(1) 200 (2) 255

(3) 400 (4) 433

11. Rs. 600 are divided among A, B, C so that Rs. 40 more than 2/5 th of

A’s share, Rs. 20 more that 2/7 th of B’s share and Rs. 10 more than 9/17

th of C’s may all be equal. What is A’s share (in Rupees)?

(1) 150 (2) 170

(3) 200 (4) 280

12. A, B, C started a business with their investment in the ratio 1 : 3 :

5. After 4 months, A invested the same amount as before and B as well as

C withdrew half of their investments. The ratio of their profits at the

end of the year was:

(1) 5 : 6 : 10 (2) 6 : 5 :10

(3) 10 : 5 : 6 (4) 4 : 3 : 5

13. If 9 men working 71/2 hours a day can finish a piece of work in 20

days, then how many days will be taken by 12 men, working 6 hours a day

to finish the work? It is being given that 2 men of latter type work as

much as 3 men of the former type?

(1) 91/2 (2) 11

(3) 121/2 (4) 13

14. Three pipes A, B and C can fill a cistern in 6 hours. After working

at it together for 2 hours, C is closed and A and B can fill the

remaining part in 7 hours. The number of hours taken by C alone to fill

the cistern is:

(1) 12 (2) 14

(3) 16 (4) 18

15. A train B speeding with 120 kmph crosses another train C running in

the same direction, in 2 minutes. If the lengths of the trains B and C be

100 m and 200 m respectively, what is the speed (in kmph) of the train C?

(1) 111 (2) 123

(3) 127 (4) 129

16. River is running at 2 kmph. It took a man twice as long to row up as

to row down the river. The rate (in km/hr) of the man in still water is:

(1) 8 (2) 10

(3) 4 (4) 6

17. A merchant has 1000 kg of sugar, part of which he sells at 8% profit

and the rest at 18% profit. He gains 14% on the whole. The quantity (in

kg.) sold at 18% profit is:

(1) 560 (2) 600

(3) 400 (4) 640

18. A sum of money becomes Rs. 13, 380 after 3 years and Rs. 20, 070

after 6 years on compound interest. The sum (in Rupees) is:

(1) 8800 (2) 8890

(3) 8920 (4) 9040

19. A well with 14 m inside diameter is dug 10 m deep. Earth taken out of

it, has been evenly spread all around it to a width of 21m to form an

embankment. The height (in metres) of the embankment is:

(1) 1/2 (2) 2/3

(3) 3/4 (4) 3/5

20. A rectangular carpet has an area of 120 sq metres and a perimeter of

46 metres. The length of its diagonal (in metres) is:

(1) 11 (2) 13

(3) 15 (4) 17


1. (4), 2. (2), 3. (1), 4. (4), 5. (2) 6. (3), 7. (1), 8. (3), 9. (2), 10. (2) 11. (1), 12. (1), 13. (3), 14. (2), 15. (1) 16. (4), 17. (2), 18. 3), 19. (2), 20. (4)

Contact Details:
Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan,
Road Number 71,
Surajmal Vihar,
New Delhi,

Map Location:
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Default Re: PGT English exam previous year question papers

Do you have previous year question papers of PGT (English) Exam of Navodaya Vidyalaya? If you don’t have any question paper, so please give source from where I will download question papers of PGT (English) Exam?
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Default Re: PGT English exam previous year question papers

As you want question papers for PGT (English) Exam of Navodaya Vidyalaya, so here I am giving following question paper:

Navodaya Vidyalaya PGT (English) Exam Question Paper

1. Who wrote Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats’ ?
(A) T. S. Eliot (B) Sylvia Plath
(C) Wallace Stevens (D) W. H. Auden (Ans : A)

2. The name of mathematician and philosopher who won the Nobel Prize for Literature is-
(A) Siv Winston Churchill (B) Bertrand Russel
(C) V. S. Naipaul (D) W. B. Yeats
(Ans : B)

3. The fictional era createdby Aldous Huxley in his epoch-making novel-Brave New World-
(A) After Darwin (B) After Marx
(C) After Ford (D) After Armageddon
(Ans : C)

4. The theatre which Yeats launched in 1904 with his associate J. M. Synge-
(A) Drury Lane Theatre (B) Royal Court Theatre
(C) The Rose (D) Abbey Theatre (Ans : D)

5. Newspeak is an artificial language–” designed to diminish the range of thought”. In which book can you read about it ?
(A) 1984 (B) Brave New World
(C) The Cancer Ward (D) Animal Farm (Ans : A)

6. Which of the following novels takes its title from a work by John Bunyan ?
(A) Dombey and Son (B) Vanity Fair
(C) Lord Jim (D) Jane Eyre (Ans : B)

7. The struggle for radical social reform in the 19th Century forms the background of-
(A) Cranford (B) A Tale of Two Cities
(C) Felix Holt (D) Pride and Prejudice (Ans : C)

8. ‘In Memorium’ was written in memory of-
(A) Keats (B) Thomas Arnold
(C) P. B. Shelley (D) A. H. Hallam (Ans : D)

9. Sissy Jupe is a character in-
(A) Hard Times (B) Middlemarch
(C) Jude the Obscure (D) David Copperfield (Ans : A)

10. The writer who wrote a poem in memory of Yeats is-
(A) Eliot (B) Auden (C) C. Day Lewis (D) Edith Sitwell (Ans : B)

11. With which of the following political movements was G. B. Shaw associated-
(A) The Fourth International (B) The New Left
(C) Fabian Society (D) Labour Party (Ans : C)

12. The character whose nickname is Rabbit (an ordinary middle-class man lost in the sterility of the modern world) is featured in the works of-
(A) Saul Bellow (B) Simclair Lewis (C) Huxley (D) Updike (Ans : D)

13. Sea of Poppies is written by-
(A) Amitav Ghosh (B) Vikram Seth (C) Arvind Adiga (D) Raja Rao (Ans : A)

14. ‘Anxiety of Influence’ –the term has been coined by-
(A) Lionel Trilling (B) Harold Bloom (C) Cleanth Brooks (D) Derrida (Ans : B)

15. Which of the following is a formalistic critic ?
(A) Arnold (B) Northrop Frye (C) Empson (D) Ezra Pound (Ans : C)

16. Of the four seminal feminist texts, which one is written by a man?
(A) A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (B) The Second Sex
(C) A Room of One’s Own (D) An Essay an the Subjection of Women (Ans : D)

17. ‘Paradox’ and ‘Tension’ are critical terms promoted by-
(A) Tate and Brooks (B) Wordsworth and Coleridge
(C) Pound and Eliot (D) Johnson and Pater (Ans : A)

18. According to Coleridge, what it is dissolves, diffuses, dissipates, in order to recreate and to unify-
(A) Fancy (B) Secondary imagination
(C) Epiphany (D) Sensibility (Ans : B)

19. The Long Revolution (1961) is written by-
(A) David Daiches (B) Terry Eagleton
(C) Raymond Williams (D) Jonathan Culler (Ans : C)

20. ‘Difference’ is a critical concept introduced by-
(A) Foucault (B) Lacan (C) Edward Said (D) Derrida (Ans : D)

21. Which device has been used in the lines “Success is counted sweetest/By those who never succeed” ?
(A) Hyperbole (B) Ambiguity (C) Conceit (D) Paradox (Ans : D)

22. ‘Darkness visible’ and ‘Fearful joy’ are example of-
(A) Oxymoron (B) Antithesis (C) Anti-climax (D) Simile (Ans : A)

23. Who, of the following, is supposed to be the exponent of the theory of dhvani (suggestion)-
(A) Bharatamuni (B) Anandavardhana
(C) Abhinavagupta (D) Kuntaka (Ans : B)

24. Which of the following is not a dramatic monologoue ?
(A) Ulysses (Thennyson) (B) Fra Lippa Lippi (Browning)
(C) On his Blindness (Milton) (D) The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock (Eliot) (Ans : C)

25. “The pen is mightier than the sword” -this is an example of-
(A) pathetic fallacy (B) synecdoche
(C) transferred epithet (D) metonymy (Ans : D)

26. Who, of the following, did coin the word-’Yahoo’ ?
(A) Swift (B) Twain (C) Wodehouse (D) Orewell (Ans : A)

27. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie was written by-
(A) Iris Murdoch (B) Muriel Spark
(C) Virginia Woolf (D) G. B. Shaw (Ans : B)

28. Which of the following was the first novel in English written by an Indian writer?
(A) Kanthapura (B) Untouchable
(C) Rajmohan’s Wife (D) Murugan, The Tiller (Ans : C)

29. Which of the following is written by Sri Aurobindo ?
(A) The Religion of Man (B) The Mark of Vishnu
(C) Delhi : A Novel (D) The Future Poetry (Ans : D)

30. Which of the following is written by Raja Rao?
(A) The Meaning of India (B) Two Lives
(C) The Death of Vishnu (D) The English Teacher (Ans : A)

31. The 2013 Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to-
(A) Chinua Achebe (B) Alice Munro
(C) Margaret Atwood (D) Wole Soyinka (Ans : B)

32. Which of the following Indian writers was given the Sahitya Academy Award for English in 2013 ?
(A) Allan Sealy (B) Vikram Seth
(C) Ternsula Ao (D) Anjum Hasan (Ans : C)

33. The central character in Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children is-
(A) Padma (B) Dr. Narlikar (C) Shiva (D) Saleem Sinai (Ans : D)

34. The Gunny Sack is written by-
(A) M. G. Vassanji (B) Nadine Gordimer
(C) Wole Soyinka (D) Alan Paton (Ans : A)

35. Which of the following novels is written by Margaret Atwood?
(A) Cry, the Beloved Country (B) Foe
(C) The Handmaid’s Tale (D) A Man of the People (Ans : C)

36. Which of the following novels is the sequel to Chinua Achebe’s first novel-Things Fall Apart (1958) ?
(A) Arrow of God (B) A Man of the People
(C) Anthills of the Savannah (D) No Longer of Ease (Ans : D)

37. July’s People is a novel written by-
(A) Nadine Gordimer (B) Coetzee
(C) Alan Paton (D) Wole Soyinka (Ans : A)

38. Who of the following writers, is credited with having coined the term, cyberspace’?
(A) Bruce Sterling (B) Rudy Rucker
(C) William Gibson (D) Neal Stephenson (Ans : C)

39. The Playboy of the Western’ World is a play by-
(A) Bertolt Bercht (B) G. B. Shaw
(C) J. M. Synge (D) Inoesco (Ans : C)

40. The Time Machine is a novel written by-
(A) Erelyn Waugh (B) Aldous Huxley
(C) George Orwell (D) H. G. Wells (Ans : D)

41. Roland Barthes is the author of one of the following texts-
(A) “The Death of Tragedy” (B) “The Death of the Author”
(C) “The Death of Literature” (D) “The Death of a Hero” (Ans : B)

42. The Brothers Karamazov, the famous novel was written by-
(A) Leo Tolstoy (B) Chekhov (C) Dostoevsky (D) Pushkin (Ans : C)

43. The Waste Land, the famous poem by T. S. Eliot is divided into-
(A) Three parts (B) Four parts (C) Six parts (D) Five parts (Ans : B)

44. Who, of the following, said that ‘Milton belongs to the Devil’s party without knowing it’ ?
(A) William Blake (B) William Empson (C) C. S. Lewis (D) Frank Kermode (Ans : A)

45. Strophe, antistrophe and epode form a three part structure in-
(A) a Greek ode (B) a Classic ode (C) a Medieval ode (D) a Petrarchan sonnet Ans : (B)

46. The Well-Wrought Urn is written by-
(A) Rene Wellek (B) Winsatt (C) Cleanth Brooks (D) Terry Eagleton (Ans : C)

47. The soul of tragedy, according to Aristotle is-
(A) Character (B) Thought (C) Spectacle (D) Plot (Ans : D)

48. The author of The Hungry Tide is-
(A) Amitav Ghosh (B) Vikram Seth (C) Shobha De (D) Upamanyu Chatterjee (Ans : A)

49. The woman character who is an artist by prfession in Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse is-
(A) Mrs. Ramsay (B) Lily Briscoe (C) Mrs. Dalloway (D) Miriam (Ans : B)

50. The poet who described poetry as ‘inspired mathematics’ is-
(A) T. S. Eliot (B) G. M. Hopkins (C) Ezra Pound (D) Yeats (Ans : C)

51. The posthumously published novel of Jane Austen is-
(A) Sense and Sensibility (B) Mansfield Park
(C) Emma (D) Northanger Abbey (Ans : D)

52. Carlyle’s Sartor Resartus means-
(A) The tailor retalaired (B) I know not where
(C) Satan’s Story Retold (D) A set of elegant clothes (Ans : A)

53. The theatre of cruelty is associated with-
(A) Grotovsky (B) Antonin Artaud (C) Brecht (D) Ionesco (Ans : B)

54. Using the expression– ‘crown’ for the monarchy is an example of-
(A) Hyperbole (B) Personification (C) Metonymy (D) Synecdoche (Ans : C)

55. The concept of ‘arche writing’ is developed by-
(A) Foucault (B) Barthes (C) G. C. Spivak (D) Derrida (Ans : D)

56. Table Talk is a collection of essays by–
(A) Hazlitt (B) Lamb (C) Hunt (D) Addison (Ans : A)

57. Dr. Johnson’s A Dictionary of the English Language was published in the year-
(A) 1757 (B) 1756 (C) 1755 (D) 1758 (Ans : C)

58. Willy Loman is a character in-
(A) A Doll’s House (B) The Cherry Orchard
(C) Waiting for Godot (D) Death of a Salesman (Ans : D)

59. Which of the following plays was written by Samuel Beckett ?
(A) Endgame (B) A Doll’s House
(C) Volpone (D) Mother Courage and Her Children (Ans : A)

60. Who wrote “A tiger does not proclaim its tigertude” ?
(A) Ngugi (B) Wole Soyinka (C) Achebe (D) Derek Walcott (Ans : B)

61. “Did He who made the Lamb made thee” –appears in the poem-
(A) “Chimney Sweeper” (B) “London”
(C) “The Tyger” (D) “Introduction” (Ans : C)

62. In his “Foreword” to Kanthapura, Raja Rao describes Kanthapura as a-
(A) historical novel (B) political novel
(C) work of magic realism (D) sthalapurana (legend of a place) (Ans : D)

63. Who among the following was not a member of the group, ‘The University wits’ ?
(A) Ben Jonson (B) Thomas Nashe
(C) Christopher Marlowe (D) George Peele (Ans : A)

64. The Great Gatsby is written by-
(A) Saul Bellow (B) F. Scott Fitzgerald
(C) John Updike (D) D. H. Lawrence (Ans : B)

65. Who among the following has translated Beowulf ?
(A) Thom Gunn (B) Edward Thomas
(C) Seamus Heaney (D) Alan Lewis (Ans : C)

66. Which of the following feminist critics used the term–’Gyno- criticism’ for the first time?
(A) Kate Millet (B) Simone de Beauvoir
(C) Mary Ellmann (D) Elaine Showalter (Ans : D)

67. ‘Anagnorisis’ is a term used by Aristotle in order to describe-
(A) the moment of discovery by the protagonist
(B) the reversal of fortune
(C) the happy resolution of the plot
(D) the convergence of the main plot and the sub-plot (Ans : A)

68. ‘Only connect’ is the epigraph to a novel by-
(A) D. H. Lawrence (B) E. M. Forster
(C) Virginia Woolf (D) Joseph Conrad (Ans : B)

69. Which of the following novels makes intertextual references to Jane Eyre?
(A) No Telephone to Heaven (B) Crick Crack Monkey
(C) Wide Sargasso Sea (D) Between Two Worlds (Ans : C)

70. J. M. Coetzee’s Foe is a postmodern retelling of-
(A) Ivanhoe (B) Evelina
(C) The Moonstone (D) Robinson Crusoe (Ans : D)

71. The Apprentice is written by-
(A) Arun Joshi (B) G. Y. Desani
(C) Bhabhani Bhattarcharya (D) Nayantara Sahgal (Ans : A)

72. Sheridan’s first play was-
(A) St. Patrick’s Day (B) The Rivals
(C) A Trip to Scarborugh (D) School for Scandal (Ans : B)

73. The term “Campus novel” is associated with-
(A) Graham Greene (B) William Golding
(C) Margaret Drabble (D) Kingsley Amis (Ans : D)

74. The line– “I am no Prince Hamlet nor was meant to be ……….” appears in T. S. Eliot’s.
(A) “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (B) “Four Quartets”
(C) “Gerontion” (D) “The Waste Land” (Ans : A)

75. Bosola is a character in a play by-
(A) Ben Jonson (B) Webster
(C) Marlowe (D) Thomas Mddleton (Ans : B)

76. The play–” A Dance of the Forests” is written by-
(A) Margaret Atwood (B) Nadine Gordimer
(C) Wole Soyinka (D) Ngugi (Ans : C)

77. Who among the following popularized the expression– ‘The
Two Cultures’ ?
(A) T. S. Eliot (B) Matthew Arnold
(C) Raymond Williams (D) C. P. Snow (Ans : D)

78. “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven” –this occurs in a poem by-
(A) William Wordsworth (B) S. T. Coleridge
(C) Byron (D) Shelley (Ans : A)

79. In The Waste Land, Eliot uses the expression– “il miglior fabbro” to refer to-
(A) W. B. Yeats (B) Ezra Pound
(C) Sylvia Plath (D) W. H. Auden (Ans : B)

80. The term “a stream of consciousness” is derived from the writing of-
(A) Mary Sinclair (B) Dorothy Richardson
(C) William James (D) James Joyce (Ans : C)
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