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Default Download UPSC Geologists Exam General English Exam paper

Will you please give me question paper for UPSC Geologists Exam General English Examination?

Here I am giving you question paper for UPSC Geologists Exam General English Examination in PDF file attached with it so you can get it easily.

Write short notes on
Foliation and lineation.
Exotic blocks of Johar
Sequence stratigraphy

2. Write an essay on morphometric analysis
of a drainage basin. 30

3. Write notes on the following ;
(a) Origin of karst topography 10
(b) Application of geomorphology in dam
construction 10
(c) Landsat imagery in geological mapping 10

4. Explain and dflerentiate between :
(n) Stratigraphic separation and Vertical
separation 10
b Shear joints and Tension joints 10
(c) Pure shear and Simple shear 10

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Default Re: Download UPSC Geologists Exam General English Exam paper

If you want to know the details about UPSC Geologists Exam General English Exam paper, you can download the attachment given in this answer.
For more information about UPSC Geologists Exam General English Exam paper, you can write in comment box below.


( Compulsory Section )
1. Describe the following in brief with diagrams wherever necessary : 5 10=50

(a) Measurement of strain from deformed conglomerates
(b) Ductile shear
(c) Image filtering in remote sensing
(d) Assemblage zone
(e) Pandyan Mobile Belt
(f) Glossopteris flora
(g) Upper Siwalik fauna from India
(h) Chemical denudation
(i) Continental growth
6) Low-velocity zone in the mantle


Attempt any one question

2. (a) Describe with sketches, the drainage pattern associated with faulted and folded regions. Give two examples of anomalous drainage indicative of Neotectonism.
(b) Describe the landforms produced by glacial and fluvial actions with examples from India.

3. (a) Enumerate the salient features of aerial photographs and remote sensing imagery.
(b) Illustrate the principle of using remote sensing in mineral exploration.
(c) Write a note on the Indian satellite Cartosat 2.


Attempt any one question

4. (a) What is the principle for the construction of Mohr diagram for 2-dimension stress? Illustrate with neat sketches, Mohr diagrams for some representative states of stress. 15
(b) What are joint sets and joint systems? Briefly discuss the mechanism of formation of joints. 15

5. (a) Illustrate with neat sketches, Ramsay's classification of folded layers.
(b) What are the major types of strike-slip faults? Enumerate with suitable sketches, characteristics and structures associated with the strike-slip faults. 10
(c) Illustrate with neat sketches, the interference patterns that are likely to develop due to superposed deformation. 10


Attempt any one question

6. (a) Critically evaluate the theory of continental drift.
(b) How would you distinguish among mid-oceanic ridges, oceanic trenches and mountain chains from gravity anomaly data?

7. (a) "Plate tectonics did not begin all at once." Justify the statement.
(b) What are the major types of orogeny? How can these types be explained with the help of plate tectonics?
(c) Briefly discuss the emergence and evolution of the Himalaya.


Attempt any one question

8. (a) Give an account of Precambrian stratigraphy of the Singhbhum Craton with reference to stratigraphic succession, lithology and geochronology. 15
(b) Give the stratigraphic succession of the Vindhyan Supergroup. Comment on the sedimentation history and the age of the Vindhyan Supergroup. 15

9. (a) Give the hierarchical classification and definition of lithostratigraphic units. Discuss the methods of lithostratigraphic correlation. 10
(b) Illustrate the principle of radiometric dating of rocks with example from Sm-Nd decay series. Comment on the advantages and disadvantages of the Sm-Nd method of dating.
(c) Briefly describe the nature of the Deccan Volcanic Province. Comment on the geodynamics of the Deccan Volcanic Province.


Attempt any one question

10. (a) Discuss the timing, causes and impact of mass extinction events which led to the disappearance of trilobites and dinosaurs in the earth history. 15
(b) Elucidate the rationale behind using stable isotopes of oxygen and carbon from animal shells for reconstructing the palaeoclimate.

11. (a) Explain with diagrams, the morphology of Ammonoids and add a note on the evolution of their suture pattern.
(b) Describe the internal structure of Brachiopod shells with suitable diagrams.
(c) Give an account of the evolution of Equidae.
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File Type: pdf Download UPSC Geologists Exam General English Exam paper.pdf (1.46 MB, 3 views)
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