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Default JNTU, B. Tech in Biotechnology, Biochemistry previous years question papers

Can you please give me the JNTU, B. Tech in Biotechnology, Biochemistry previous years question papers?
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Default Re: JNTU, B. Tech in Biotechnology, Biochemistry previous years question papers

As you want to get the JNTU, B. Tech in Biotechnology, Biochemistry previous years question papers so here is the information of the same for you:

1. Write Short notes:
(a) Inter conversion D-Galactose forms
(b) Mutarotation. [8+8]

2. Describe the methods used for investigating the kinetics of enzymes catalyzed re-
actions [16]

3. Discuss Gluconeogenesis and Glycolysis are reciprocally regulated. [16]

4. What do you understand by “redox” reactin? Write a note on oxidation versus
reduction in the biological system. [16]

5. What is glutathione? What are its constituent amino acids and comment on its
role in antioxidant defenses. [4+4+8]

6. Write short notes on:
(a) Carnitine shuttle
(b) Thiokinase. [8+8]

7. What is glycolysis? Compare and contrast the aerobic glycolysis with anaerobic
glycolyisis. [2+14]

8. Write short notes on the following connected to RNA synthesis:
(a) Pribnow box
(b) -35 sequence
(c) Elongation
(d) Termination. [4+4+4+4]

1. (a) What do you mean by Epimers. Explain with examples?
(b) How many ways are there to represent the stereo isomers of glyceraldehydes?

2. Write the shortnotes on the following
(a) Effect of PH on enzyme activity
(b) effect of temperature on enzyme activity
(c) Metallozymes
(d) LDH [4+4+4+4]

3. (a) Explain the conversion of stored fatty acids to sucrose in germinating seeds
(b) Explain the conversion of the glycerol moiety of triacylglycerols to sucrose in
germinating Seeds. [8+8]

4. Describe the process of hydrogen transfer along the respiratory chain. [16]

5. What are aminotransferases? Write in detail the reactions catalyzed by GOT and
GPT and comment on their diagnostic value. [2+8+6]

6. Write short notes on their composition and health benefits:
(a) Fish oils
(b) Vegetable oils. [8+8]

7. Compare and contrast the kinetic and functional characteristics of glucokinase with
that of hexokinase. [16]

8. What is the end product of purine catabolism? Write all the steps involved in the
above. [12+4]

1. What do you mean by Glycoprotein’s? Explain Glycoprotein’s are information-rich
Conjugates containing oligosaccharides. [4+12]

2. Define order reaction? Explain indetail about first & second. Order reactions.[16]

3. (a) Describe the conversion of pyruvic acid to acetyl-CoA. How much energy is
gained? at various steps?
(b) Describe the general sequence of events in the citric acid cycle. Which steps
are oxidative? What is the Total input and output of the cycle? [8+4+4]

4. Summarize the flow of Electrons and protons through the four complexes of the
Respiratory chain. [16]

5. Present an overview of amino acid biosynthesis by employing precursors from:
(a) Glycolysis
(b) Citric acid cycle. [8+8]

6. Write short notes on:
(a) Plasmalogenes
(b) Cardiolipin
(c) Sphingomyclin. [6+4+6]

7. Describe the signal transduction processes involving the following as second mes-
(a) Cyclic GMP
(b) NO. [8+8]

8. What are the different classes of RNA? Explain their role in protein synthesis.

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