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Can you please give me the Gujarat Technological University Aeronautical Engineering (Semester-I Communication Skills) previous years question papers?

As you want to get the Gujarat Technological University Aeronautical Engineering (Semester-I Communication Skills) previous years question papers so here is the information of the same for you:

Subject Name: Communication Skills

Q.1 (a) Define the term ‘communication’. Explain communication cycle with
diagrammatic presentation in detail.
(b) Discuss the main elements of Non-verbal Communication. 06
Q.2 (a) What is Noise in Communication? Explain psychological barriers to
(b) Discuss levels of communication. 07

(b) Explain the process of listening and discuss traits of a good listener 07
Q.3 (a) Discuss the steps involved in planning a presentation. 07
(b) Write short notes on Any one of the following. 07
1. Global Warming 2. IPL Cricket Match
3. Technology and Terrorism 4. Vision 2020

Q.3 (a) As a student of Engineering, you want to purchase a Laptop for your personal
use. Write a letter of inquiry asking prices, configuritation, discount, mode of
payment and terms and conditions to The Wipro Technologies, Memnagar,

(b) Prepare a Chronological Resume with a forwarding letter for the post of ‘Junior
Engineer’ at ABC Engineering Ltd., advertised in the ‘The Sandesh’dated April
09, 2009. Send in your application to The Manager(HRD), ABC Engineering
Ltd, phase-2,Naroda, Ahmedabad.

Q.4 (a) Discuss techniques of organizational Group Discussion. 07
(b) Your friend is going to appear in a Personal interview. What tips will you give
him for a better performance?

Q. 4 (a) Micatronics Ltd, Andheri, Mumbai wants to open a factory at Baroda. As a
Consultant engineer, write a feasibility report on establishing a factory in

(b) Complete the following sentences by using the appropriate verb forms. 04
1. A block of iron (not float) in water.
2. They (leave) long before we arrived there.
3. He (study) engineering for the last two years.
4. Mansi (get + repair) her scooty yesteday.
(c) Do as Directed. 03
1.He was deaf ------all instructions.(to, about, with)
2. Don’t pluck the flower. (change the voice)
3. Does he visit the library regularly? (change the voice)

Q.5 (a) Prepare a technical proposal for establishing Wi-Fi system in your institute. 08
(b) Use the following homonyms in sentences so that meaning of each can be
understood clearly. (Any three Pairs)
1. Lead, Lead
2. Case, Case
3. Mole, Mole
4. Yard, Yard
5. File, File

Q.5 (a) What are the reasons for poor reading comprehension? Discuss the Skimming
and Scanning techniques for good comprehension.

(b) Take an example of any Machine that is known to you and write technical
description on it.

Subject Name: Communication skills

Q.1 (a) Explain the process and flow of communication. Explain the importance of
Technical communication.

(b) State the difference between ‘Listening’ and ‘Hearing’. Explain in brief, the
types of Listening.

Q.2 (a) Evaluate your education, professional training, skills, achievements, interest
and experience and write a Resume.

(b) Discuss the barriers of effective communication. State the difference between
verbal and non-verbal communication.

(b) Write the characteristics and formats of Technical Reports. Explain importance
of visual aids

Q.3 (a) What is Paragraph Development? Discuss the techniques for paragraph
(b) What are the guidelines for writing a good Technical Descriptions? 08

Q.3 (a) Suppose you want to take a new Nano car loan from State Bank of India, Write
an Inquiry-letter to the chief Manager SBI branch of your locality, requesting
him/ her to send you all the information related to SBI car loan.

(b) Explain the importance of Job Interviews today. Discuss various types of

Q.4 (a) Excel computer Manufacturing (ECM)) a multinational company, wants to
improve the existing parking facilities for four wheelers and two wheelers
vehicle for its staff. As the personnel Manager ECM draft a proposal sent to the
secretary, Board of Directors of your company for improving parking facilities.
(your proposal should include the following issue (area, lighting, provision of
stand, roofs, security, cost estimates)

(b) Do as directed:
(1) The principle ________to speak to you. (use verb form of ‘want’)
(2) By 2020, robots_______ many of the jobs that people do today. (use
verb form of ‘take over’)
(3) He usally travels to Chennai________train. (use suitable preposition)
(4) Do you need ________ help? (farther, further).
(5) Is the flight _______time? (Use suitable preposition.)
(6) Neither you nor he _______trusted. (was / were).

Q. 4 (a) Modern institute of Technology, Ahemadabad is new educational institute,
which has well equipped lab and huge computer center. The Dean, students
welfare unit of this institute has been receiving a complain of various kinds
like (Back pain, Head aches, eye problems, Food habits etc). Students using
internet facilities for non academic purpose. All this has led to significance
behaviour changes.
Assuming yourself to be the chief warden of this residential institute.
Write a Memo report to be submitted to the Dean, students’ welfare Divs.
(Your report should include findings and recommendations)

(b) Rewrite the following sentences using the correct verb.
(1) Will you go to school if you ______ ill. (be)
(2) Listening is as important as _________ in a group discussion.
(3) If water is heated, it _______into steam.(turn)
(4) The quality of their products________ satisfactory. (is/are)
(5) The committee ______submitted its report.(has/have)
(6) Perhaps we ________ Kolkata next week. (visit).

Q.5 (a) Write the major forms of Group Discussion. Explain different techniques of
Group Discussion

(b) Use the following confusables in sentences so that meaning of each can be
understood clearly (Any three).
(I) Affect, Effect
(II) Eligible, Illegible
(III) Pray, Prey
(IV) Perspicacious, Perspicuous

Q.5 (a) What are the purpose of reading? Explain in detail, how and which way the
reading is helpful to us?

(b) Use the following homonyms in sentences so that meaning of each can be
understood clearly. (Any three)
(i) cricket, cricket
(ii) pen, pen.
(iii) Wear, Wear
(iv) Pulse, pulse.

Communication Skills

Q.1 (a) Define ‘communication’. Explain communication cycle and distinguish
between General and Technical communication.
(b) Explain benefits of effective listening. 06
Q.2 (a) What is meant by barriers to communication? Explain intrapersonal
barriers to communication.

(b) Discuss the main elements of non-verbal communication. 07

(b) Discuss levels of communication. 07
Q.3 (a) Narrate types of Visual Aids generally used in presentation along with
some tips pertaining to the use of Visual Aids.
(b) Explain expectations in you from your prospective employer when you
appear for an interview.

Q.3 (a) As the Purchase Manager of Alpha Engineering Co., Salt Lake City,
Kolkata, you placed an order for 15 HP scanners to National Systems
Limited, Electronic City, M.G. Road, Bangalore- 560 100. You received
only 12 scanners. Write a letter to General Manager (Sales &
Marketing) of NSL, making a complaint and asking him to send the
remaining 3 scanners immediately (Use block layout format).
(b) Explain importance of writing resume’ in job application. Discuss
standard parts of a resume’.

Q.4 (a) You are an assistant engineer. There has been a fire in the factory and
three of the workers have been badly burnt and hospitalised. You are
asked to send a report to the manager. Write the report using
memorandum form.

(b) Rewrite the following sentences using the correct verb from the
(i) The mechanic and driver (is, are) ill.
(ii) Neither the engineer nor the overseers (discharge,
discharges) the duties honestly.
(iii) None of the students (has, have) done their homework.
(iv) Each of the boxes (weighs, weigh) ten Kilograms.
(v) All of the students (is, are) present.
(vi) My brother as well as my father (is, are) good at English.

Q.4 (a) As the general secretary of the students union of your institution,
prepare a proposal of setting up of a canteen on the campus. The
proposal is to be written in the form of letter and submitted to the vicepresident
of students’ Gymkhana.

(b) Complete the following sentences using appropriate tense of the verbs
given in bracket.
(i) What messages they (receive) from them today?
(ii) He (work) as an assistant engineer for ten years now.
(iii) He (take up) a new job already.
(iv) We (be) in Delhi last year.
(v) We asked him what dams he (see).
(vi) The workmen (leave) as soon as the trouble had started.

Q.5 (a) Discuss techniques of organizational group discussion. 08
(b) Use the following homonyms in sentences so that meaning of each
can be understood clearly (any three pairs):
(i) Date, Date
(ii) Racket, Racket
(iii) Palm, Palm
(iv) Litter, Litter
(v) Flap, Flap

Q.5 (a) What are the reasons for poor reading comprehension? Discuss
techniques for good comprehension.
(b) Use the following confusables in sentences so that meaning of each
can be understood clearly (any three pairs):
(i) Loath, Loathe
(ii) Hoard, Horde
(iii) Ingenious, Ingenuous
(iv) Precipitate, Precipitous
(v) Titillate, Titivate.

Contact Details:
Gujarat Technological University
Koba Highway, Near VISAT Three Road,
Nr. Vishwakarma Government Engineering College,
Gujarat 382424 ‎
079 2630 0499

Map Location:

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Default Re: Gujarat Technological University Aeronautical Engineering (Semester-I Communicati

I want the syllabus of Communication Skill of BE Aeronautical Engineering I semester of Gujarat Technological University so can you please provide me?
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Default Re: Gujarat Technological University Aeronautical Engineering (Semester-I Communicati

Gujarat Technological University is headed by the state government. It was established on 16th of May, 2007. It is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

GTU BE Aeronautical Engineering I semester syllabus

Communication Skills

Unit – 1 Communication skills
Process, types and levels of communication.
Technical Communication and General Communication. Factors to be
considered in technical communication.

Unit – 2 Verbal and non-verbal communication (kinesics)
Components of Non-verbal Communication (Kinesics)
Barriers to effective communication. (Noise in oral and written
communication) Communication across cultures.

Unit – 3 Listening skills - Types of Listening Active Listening V/s Passive Listening
Empathetic Listening. Traits of a good listener, barriers in effective listening,
Tips for effective listening.

Unit – 4 Effective presentation strategies. Defining purpose, analysis of audience and
locate, organizing contents. Preparing an outline of the presentation. Visual
aids, nuances of delivery, Body language and effective presentation.

Unit – 5 Interviews
Introduction, General preparations for an interview, Types of questions
generally asked at the interviews. Types of interviews, Importance of nonverbal

Unit – 6 Group Discussions
Introduction, Group discussions as a part of the selection process, guidelines
for group discussion. Role functions in group discussion.

Unit – 7 Paragraph Development, Introduction, Topic sentence and supporting
sentences. Attributes of a good paragraph. Types of paragraphs.

Unit – 8 Letter - Writing
Business Letters, Structure and types of a business letter, Letter of Inquiry,
Letters of complaint, regret and adjustment.

Unit – 9 Technical reports
Introduction, types of reports, structure of reports, objectives and
characteristics of reports.

Unit – 10 Technical Proposals
Definition, Purpose, Types, Characteristics, Structure, Style and appearance.

Unit – 11 Technical Descriptions
Gujarat Technological University B.E Sem I 13
Introduction, Definition of an object or a process. Guidelines for writing good
description - organization, content, structure.

Unit – 12 Effective Reading Skills
Purpose of reading, skimming and scanning. Tips for improving
comprehension skills.

Unit – 13 Job application
Essential parts - Cover Letter and the ‘resume’. Types of ‘resumes’
(Curriculum Vitae) Chronological ‘resume’, functional ‘resume’.

Unit – 14 Grammar and Vocabulary
Tense and the concept of Time. Passive Voice, Conditionals Prepositions,
Concord. Idioms, Confusables, one-word substitutes, homonyms,
homophones eponyms.

Contact address

Gujarat Technological University
K-6 Circle, E-4 Electronic Estate, G.I.D.C, Sector - 26
Near Govt Polytechnic
Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382028

Map location
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