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Default Sathyabama University-B.E in CSE-5th Sem C# and .NET previous year’s question papers

Can you please give me the Sathyabama University-B.E in CSE-5th Sem C# and .NET previous year’s question papers?

As you want to get the Sathyabama University-B.E in CSE-5th Sem C# and .NET previous year’s question papers so here is the information of the same for you:

Some content of the file has been given here:

1. What is metadata?
2. How C# Basic addition operator used to concatenate two strings
into one longer string give an example?
3. What is garbage collection?
4. What is an Interface?
5. Write a note on error provider?
6. Define stream class?
7. Explain the structure of the registry in C#.
8. What are the basic ADO.NET objects?
9. Give the basic structure of a HTML document?
10. What is the difference between Authentication and authorization?
PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions
11. Explain in detail about the building blocks of .NET?
12. (a) What are different types of parameters? Illustrate with
(b) What is string data type? Illustrate the terms interning,
immutable and verbatim.
13. With example explain the core principle of OOPS and how it is
supported in C#.
14. (a) What is a delegate? How it is declared? Illustrate with code
segments to pass encrypt and decrypt methods to implement
secured transmission of an integer using delegates?
(b) What is exception? How it is handled in .NET?
15. (a) Discuss the mouse events and keyboard events of the control
class in detail with code snippets.
(b) What is application class? Discuss core methods and core
properties of application class?
16. Explain with example how different type of means are built using
window forms.
17. Illustrate the following with code segments.
(a) Text boxes
(b) Radio buttons and group boxes
(c) List boxes and combo boxes
18. Explain in detail how read and write operating can be performed
using stream reader and stream writer classes.
19. (a) What is the difference between ADO and ADO.NET? (4)
(b) Explain with code segments how data binding is done using
ADO.NET? (8)
20. (a) Discuss in detail about the anatomy of a web service. (4)
(b) Explain the following with example coding (8)
(i) Transmission of data using HTTP GET and POST.
(ii) Transmission of data using SOAP.

1. What is .NET? Also, mention the significance of .NET.
2. What do you mean by CLR Debugger? Describe its working.
3. Explain different types of polymorphism.
4. What is casting?
5. List the control event available in C#.
6. What is the use of Namespace?
7. Compare the List Box and Combo Box.
8. List down the steps to controls in the form.
9. What is the use of command GET and POST?
10. Define data view and data relation.
PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions
11. Describe in detail about the salient features of C#
12. Explain the various operators available in C#
13. Discuss in detail how inheritance is incorporated in C#.
14. Write short notes on
(a) Clone able objects
(b) Overloading operators
(c) Garbage collector
15. List and discuss about the controls available in the windows
16. Discuss windows forms application.
17. Discuss in details windows form control hierarchy with suitable
18. Explain file and folder operation with an example.
19. Discuss in details about Client side scripting.
20. Write short note on
(a) Registry
(c) unsafe code
(d) Data set.

1. Enumerate the major services provided by the CLR.
2. How do you create a dynamic array?
3. What is inclusion polymorphism?
4. What are the characteristics of multicast delegate?
5. State any 2 reasons why C# is deal for building Windows
6. Give two typical examples where events are used.
7. Differentiate between Windows forms and Web forms.
8. Give an example for asynchronous I/O.
9. List any two differences between ASP and ASP.NET.
10. What is disconnected data architecture? What is the advantages
in it?
PART – B (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer ALL the Questions
11. Explain the looping construction in C# with syntax and examples.
12. Write a program to implement the stack data structure and
perform the operations push and pop.
13. Define operator overloading. Write a C# program to perform
addition and multiplication of Complex numbers by overloading
the ‘+’ and ‘*’ operators respectively.
14. Discuss in detail about inheritance. Write a program with the
following constraints.
Assume that a bank account maintains two kinds of accounts for
customer, one called savings account and the other current
account. The savings account provides compound interest and
withdraw facilities but no cheque book facility. The current
account provides cheque book facility but no interest. Current
account holders should maintain a minimum balance and if the
balance falls below this level, a service charge is imposed.
Create a class Account that stores customer name, account
number and type of account. From this derive the classes
Current_Acc and Saving_Acc to make them more specific in
their requirements. Include the necessary member methods in
order to accomplish the following tasks
Accept deposit from a customer and update the balance.
Display the balance.
Compute and deposit interest.
Permit withdraw and update the balance
Check for the minimum balance, impose penalty if necessary and
update the balance.
Do not use constructors. Use member methods to initialize the
class members.
15. List out the categories of control supported in windows based
application and explain the importance of each.
16. Write a C# Windows program to create five buttons and display
the caption in label control when the buttons are clicked.
17. Write a Windows application program to change the background
color by using 3 scroll bars in C#.
18. Explain the process of creating a window based calculator with
your own UI.
19. Explain the steps involved in extracting information from a
database using ADO.NET.
20. Explain how to create, discover and deploy web services in the
.NET environment.

Contact Details:
Sathyabama University
Rajiv Gandhi Road,
Jeppiaar Nagar,
Tamil Nadu 600119 ‎
044 2450 3150

Map Location:

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