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Default Re: WBUT MBA 3rd Semester Question papers Along with

Here I am giving you question paper pattern for West Bengal University of Technology Master of Business Administration (MBA) - 3rd Semester examination ..

West Bengal University of Technology Master of Business Administration (MBA) - 3rd Semeste

MB301 Management Accounting
MB302 Operations Research
MB303 Project Work & Viva Voce
MM301 Sales & Distribution Management
MM302 Advertising & Sales Promotion
MM303 Marketing Research
FM301 Corporate Taxation & Tax Planning
FM302 Corporate Finance
FM303 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
SA301 Concept Of Community Health
HSA302 Epidemiology & Analysis of Healthcare Information Data
HSA303 Health Policy & National Healthprogramme
SM302 System Analysis & Design
SM303 Computer Aided Management
HR301 Employment & Compensation Administration
HR302 Human Resource Planning
HR303 Labour Laws

MB-301] : Management Accounting
1. Background - Nature of Management Accounting 2L
2. Financial Analysis - Cash Flow Statement (as per AS3), Financial Statements Analysis
3. Cost Accumulation - Fundamentals of Job-Order Batch & Process Costing, Variable Costing and Absorption
(Full) Costing, Activity Based Costing System 8L
4. Profit Planning - Cost -Volume-Profit Analysis, Budgeting and Profit Planning, Flexible Budgeting
5. Cost Control - Standard Costs and quality Costs, Cost Variance Analysis, Revenue and Profit Variance Analysis,
Responsibility Accounting
6. Relevant Costing – Introduction – Relevant Costs and Revenues- Cost Concepts – Outsourcing Decision –
Decision to accept or reject a special order – Decision to continue or abandon a project 6L
7. Total Cost Management – Introduction – TCM and Business competitive edge - TCM Principles and
implementation 6L

For more details I am attaching a PDF file with it ..

Contact Details
West Bengal University of Technology
BF 142, Sector 1, Salt Lake City,
Kolkata 700064, West Bengal
Phone: (033) 2321 0731 / 1327
Attached Files
File Type: pdf WBUT MBA Syllabus.pdf (581.9 KB, 31 views)
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Default Re: WBUT MBA 3rd Semester Question papers Along with

Ok, as you want the question paper of MBA 3rd Semester of WBUT so here I am providing you.

WBUT MBA 3rd Semester Question paper

Commercial and shipping law-

1. Choose the correct alternatives for any ten of the following :

i) The Association of Indian Shipowners is known as

ii) Compared to International Gross tonnage of a vessel,
Suez Canal tonnage is
a) Equal
b) Lower
c) Higher.

iii) Flag of vessel denotes
a) Flag of the Company
b) Flag of Marchant Navy
c) Flag of the Registered Country.

iv) Apart from LBP, Beam and Draft, Principal dimensions in commercial shipping include
a) Moulded depth
b) LOA
c) Freeboard Length.

v) Ship's Article is either agreement between owner and the crew or
a) Agreement between Master and crew
b) Agreement between Flag state and shipping
c) Agrement between Flag state and the crew.

WBUT MBA 3rd Semester Question paper
1. Choose the correct alternatives for any ten of the following :
10 1 = 10
i) Which of the following is not a trait of advertising ?
a) It is a paid form of communication
b) There is an identified sponsor
c) It is personal in nature
d) All of these are traits of advertising.
ii) Who of the following is not involved in advertising ?
a) The client b) The agency
c) The media d) All are involved.
iii) Who is the founder of famous ad agency O & M ?
a) David Ogilvy
b) Prasun Joshi
c) Piyush Pandey
d) Pritish Nandi.
iv) Which of the following is not an element of promotional
mix ?
a) Advertising
b) Publicity
c) Interactive Marketing
d) All are elements of promotional mix.
v) Which of the following is India’s oldest ad agency ?
a) Clarion
b) Pritish Nandi Communications
c) Mudra
d) B. Dattaram & Co.
16039 2
vi) Among the following which scientist invented movable
type printer ?
a) Johann Gutenberg
b) Thomas Alva Edison
c) Alfred Barnard Nobel
d) James Chadwick.
vii) The famous ad agency JWT is also known as
a) Lika b) HTA
c) D. J. Keymer d) BOMAS.
viii) The objective of store image advertising is
a) Brand Recall
b) Brand Attitude
c) Brand Purchase Intention
d) All of these.
ix) Co-operative Advertising, also called “Vertical
Advertising”, can take which of the following forms ?
a) The use of logo-types
b) Cost sharing
c) Ready artwork
d) All of these.
x) “Mille Sur Mera Tumhara” campaign in TV is an
example of
a) Political Advertising
b) Public Services Advertising
c) Financial Advertising
d) Consumer Advertising.
xi) Segmentation based on age, sex, colour, creed is
known as
a) Demographic segmentation
b) Psychographic segmentation
c) Behavioural segmentation
d) Geographic segmentation.
xii) A detergent that advertises how clean it gets clothes is
appealing to the ………………… consumer need.
a) Functional
b) Symbolic
c) Biological
d) Utilitarian.
( Short Answer Type Questions )
Answer any three of the following. 3 5 = 15
2. Explain the concept of reach, frequency and coverage with
an example. What is advertising wearout ? 3 + 2
3. Make a comparative analysis of all response hierarchy
models with AIDA model as the reference.
4. Explain the concept of ‘Subliminal’ and ‘Surrogate’
advertising with adequate examples.
5. What do you understand by a POP display ? Explain its
usage with suitable examples.
6. Mention Promotional Strategies for the following products /
brands : 2
2 + 2
a) Samsung Galaxy Tab
b) Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund.
( Long Answer Type Questions )
Answer any three of the following. 3 15 = 45
7. a) Define Advertising. 2
b) How is advertising related to different Promotional
Mixes and Marketing Mix elements ? 4 + 4
c) Write a note on ‘Advertising Trinity’. 5
8. a) What are the different steps in Advertising Planning
Process ? 3
b) What are Advertising objectives ? Substantiate your
answer under the light of Sales approach versus
communication approach. 3 + 6
c) State the requirement for measuring advertising
effectiveness. 3
9. a) Explain the concept of advertising ethics. Do you think
surrogated advertisements violate advertising ethics ?
4 + 4
b) State the role of ASCI towards regulating the advertising
industry. 7
10. a) What is Sales promotion ? 2
b) What are its objectives ? 3
c) What are the different types of Sales Promotion ? 3
d) Mention the merits and demerits of consumer and trade
promotion. 4
e) Write a note on role of Sales Promotion in an IMC
Programme. 3
16039 6
11. a) Explain the concept of brand equity with adequate
examples. 7
b) State the role played by advertising in building up
brand equity. 5
c) What do you understand by brand essence ? 3

Contact details

West Bengal University of Technology
BF 142, sector 1,Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064 ‎
033 2321 1327

Map location

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I have need HR303 and MM303 previous 3 years questions pepper and solutions
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