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Default Re: TIFR PHD Entrance Exam

You was took part in TIFR PHD Entrance Exam and now you are looking for your result so as per your request I am giving you link for the result of TIFR PHD Entrance Exam , you can get your result from following link where we have already uploaded a file which contain the result of TIFR PHD Entrance Exam;

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Default Re: TIFR PHD Entrance Exam

Will you please share the previous year question paper of TIFR Phd Biology Entrance exam??
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Default Re: TIFR PHD Entrance Exam

As per your request, here I am sharing the previous year question paper of TIFR Phd Biology Entrance exam

1. Which device transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy?
a. generator
b. motor
c. transformer
d. mass spectrometer

2. The use of biodiesel contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions because
a. the biodiesel manufacturing process uses electricity
b. biodiesel produces no CO2 upon combustion
c. the plants from which biodiesel is made absorb CO2
d. diesel engines are more efficient than petrol engines

3. Which organ in the human body helps us sense acceleration?
a. The eyes
b. The ears
c. The skin
d. None. We cannot directly sense acceleration.

4. We wear special glasses when watching 3-D movies at a theatre because
a. 3-D movies use special colors which cannot be sensed by the human eye
b. 3-D movies are brighter than ordinary movies and can hurt our eyes if seen
c. the glasses allow our left and right eyes to see different images
d. none of the above

5. Fossils of sea creatures are sometimes found on high mountain tops. The most
likely explanation for this is:
a. sea levels were much higher in the past
b. land that once formed the sea floor was slowly pushed upwards to form the
c. intermittent ‘great floods’ moved sea creatures onto mountain tops
d. the fossils are actually of land animals that resemble sea creatures

6. A sundial meant to be used in Mumbai cannot be used in Stockholm because
a. the two cities are in different time zones
b. the two cities are at different altitudes
c. there isn’t enough sunlight in Stockholm
d. the two cities are at different latitudes

7. The sum of all integral numbers from 1 to 10,000,000 is
a. 20,000,000,000,000
b. 23,456,787,654,320
c. 50,000,005,000,000
d. 200,000,000

8. A ball point pen and an ink-pen have the same amount of their respective inks in
them. Which one can be used to write more on paper?
a. Ball point pen
b. Ink-pen
c. Both can be used to write to the same extent
d. It depends upon the paper and ink color

9. If the cross sectional area of the aorta of a normal person is 3 cm2 and the speed of
blood is 30 cm/s. In contrast, the typical cross sectional area of a blood capillary is
3 X 10 -7 cm2 and the flow speed in capillary is 0.05 cm/s. How many capillaries
does the person have?
a. 6 million
b. 6 billion
c. 600 thousand
d. 600 million

10. In a family in Tindivanam, the parents and all four children lack eyebrows. It can be concluded that the underlying cause is
a. genetic
b. cultural
c. a contagious disease
d. any of the above

11. Which of the following spheres will roll down an inclined plain slowest?
a. A solid copper ball
b. A hollow copper sphere of the same diameter as above with mercury to compensate for weight
c. A hollow copper ball filled with a lead ball inside to compensate for weight
d. A hollow copper ball without weight compensation

12. We only see one side of the moon because
a. we live in the northern hemisphere
b. the earth’s gravity attracts one side of the moon more strongly
c. the moon rates of rotation and orbital revolution happen to be equal
d. it is an optical illusion

13. A square has a side of 1 cm. An equilateral triangle with the same area has a base of

14. Two identical containers A and B hold equal amounts of water. Initially, the water in container A is at 70ºC, and the water in container B is at 30ºC. Now we cool both
containers in the same room. Which of the following is true?
a. The water in container A cools slower than in container B
b. The water in container A cools faster than in container B
c. The water in container A cools at same rate as in container B
d. None of the above

15. A monkey experiences fear the first time it sees a snake. This is because:
a. the monkey has learned to beware of snakes from its parents
b. the monkey is frightened by any novel experiences
c. natural selection has lead to monkeys having an instinctive fear of snakes
d. the monkey logically deduces that the snake must be dangerous

16. A stone is tied to a thread of constant length and rotated in a horizontal plane. Which of the following quantities is not constant in time?
a. Kinetic energy of the stone
b. Potential energy of the stone
c. Momentum of the stone
d. Total energy of the stone

17. A cube shaped object made of a certain material has sides of 2 m. The object weighs 6 kg. It is slowly lowered into a certain liquid. What will happen?
a. The object will sink
b. The object will float
c. It depends on the properties of the liquid
d. It depends on whether the object is hollow or solid

18. A ball is thrown up with a velocity of 20 m/s. How long will it be before the ball
returns to the ground? Assume gravitational acceleration = 10 m/s2. You can ignore
air friction.
a. 0.5 s
b. 1 s
c. 2 s
d. 4 s

19. What is the expected pressure of air in the lungs of a diver at 4 meters below sea
a. 140 Kpa
b. 14 Kpa
c. 40 KPa
d. 4 KPa

20. Two balls on a frictionless surface collide and stick. Which of the following is not
a. momemtum
b. angular momemtum
c. kinetic energy
d. mass
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