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Default Re: UP board model paper intermediate commerce

The intermediate commerce papers of UP board are given in PDF file. Here i am giving part of question paper and for get the full papers you can click on following attached PDF files link.

Section – A
I. Annotate any two of the following. 2 x 4 = 8 Marks
a) There he was gladly accepted as a delegate and found himself
lodged with the other oriental delegates to the parliament.
b) ‘You are asking a profound question’. I’ve no idea who I am ! All
my life I have been trying to find the answer. Are you sure you
know who you are ?
c) “He cried out on his mother. She’ll never know. You went on and
on hitting. You were horrible. Why did you ?”
d) He turned to look at his parents. They were not there, ahead of him.
II Annotate any two of the following. 2 x 4 = 8 Marks
a) ….. the work was done _______
How soon my Lucy’s race was run
b) I will shade in from the heat till he can bear,
To lean in joy upon our father’s knee.
c) …… I am Indian, very brown, born in Malabar………
d) If you can trust yourself, when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too.
III Answer any two of the following questions in about 75 words
each. 2 x 4 = 8 Marks
a) Why aren’t we ready for an experiment of cloning the whole
world ?
Answered By StudyChaCha Member
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Rishabh Srivastav
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Default Re: UP board model paper intermediate commerce

Dear Sir,
Please send model papers for class 12th up board (science)
Email Id.- rishabhsrivastav518@gmail.com
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Default Re: UP board model paper intermediate commerce

The Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh, Allahabad (The Uttar Pradesh Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad) conducts examination for both Class X and class XII

Here I am sharing UP Board 12th Model Question paper of Commerce Model Question Paper

Section - A (30 x 1 = 30)
Answer ALL questions.
All questions carry equal marks.

I. Fill in the blanks:
1. Closing stock is valued at cost price or _________ price whichever is lower.
2. After providing provision for bad and doubtful debts, the remaining debtors are called as
3. Trial Balance shows bank loan Rs.5,00,000 @ 10% on 1.4.02. Interest paid Rs.30,000.
Interest outstanding is _________.
4. Statement of affairs method is also called as _________ method.
5. Tax authorities do not accept _________ method.
6. Under insurance policy method, cash is paid by way of ___________ every year.
7. Selling price of a plant is Rs.3,00,000, profit on sale was Rs.28,000. The Book value of
plant is __________.
8. _________ Ratio measures the firm's ability to pay off its current dues.
9. The relationship of net profit to sales is known as _________.
10. Cash budget is an useful tool for _________.
11. Mutual and _________ agency is the essence of partnership.
12. The credit balance of current account will be shown on the _________ side of balance
13. Undistributed loss will appear on the _________ side of Balance sheet.
14. Reserve capital can be issued only at the time of _________.
15. A Ltd. issued 60,000 shares of Rs.10 each, fully subscribed by public. Rs.7 per share
has been called up, then _____________ will represent uncalled capital.

II. Choose the correct answer:
16. Accrued commission is ________.
a) Liability b) Asset c) Income
17. Trial Balance as on 31.03.04 shows Sundry Debtors Rs.80,500. Write off Rs.500 as
Bad debts. The amount of provision for bad and doubtful debt at 5% will be ________.
a) Rs. 4,000 b) Rs. 5,000 c) Rs. 2,500
18. Under Incomplete Double Entry, Capital of a business is ascertained by preparing
a) Trading A/c b) Statement of Profit or Loss
c) Statement of Affairs
19. Debtors on 1st April 2004 Rs.20,400 and on 31st March 2005 Rs.33,000. Cash received
from debtors during the year Rs.60,800. Thus, Credit Sale made during the year is
a) Rs. 73,400 b) Rs. 81,200 c) Rs. 48,200
20. If selling price is more than the book value of an asset on the date of sale, it is _______.
a) a loss b) an income c) a profit
21. Cost of an asset Rs.1,00,000. Rate of depreciation is 10% p.a. Depreciation is calculated
under straight line method. Book value of asset at the end of second year is _________.
a) Rs. 90,000 b) Rs. 80,000 c) Rs. 70,000
22. Liquid Liabilities means __________.
a) Current Liabilities b) Current Liabilities minus Bank Overdraft
c) Current Liabilities + Bank Overdraft
23. _________ are those assets which are easily convertible into cash.
a) Current Assets b) Liquid Assets c) Fixed Assets
24. Budget is expressed in terms of
a) Money b) Physical Units
c) Money and Physical Units
25. The excess of average profit over normal profit is _________.
a) Goodwill b) Average Profit c) Super Profit
26. Under fixed capital method, the profits of partners will be transferred to their
__________ accounts.
a) Current b) Drawings c) Capital
27. Under _________ method the new partner brings in cash for his share of goodwill.
a) Premium b) Revaluation c) Memorandum Revaluation
28. Calls in arrear is shown in Balance sheet as __________
a) deduction from called up capital
b) addition to paid up capital
c) addition to issued capital
29. When shares are forfeited the share capital of the company will _________.
a) remain the same b) Decrease c) increase
30. Capital reserve is shown on the _________ side of Balance sheet
a) Asset b) Liability c) Contingent liability

Section - B (10 x 5 = 50)
Answer any TEN questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
Answer to theory question not to exceed 50 words.
31. What is an adjusting entry?
32. Mention any two limitations of incomplete double entry.
33. What is Annuity method of depreciation?
34. What are the advantages of Ratio Analysis?
35. Write notes on Cash budget.
36. Mention any two differences between fixed capital method and fluctuating capital
37. What is forfeiture of shares?
38. Give adjusting entry and transfer entry for Depreciation on machinery Rs.5,000.
39. From the following information, find out total sales.
Opening Sundry debtors 1,00,000
Cash received from Sundry debtors 1,60,000
Discount allowed to Sundry debtors 4,000
Sales Return 10,000
Closing debtors 1,50,000
Cash Sales - Rs.76,000.
40. Tmt.Selvi & Company purchased an asset for Rs. 50,000. Depreciation is to be provided
annually according to the straight line method. The useful life of asset is 10 years and
residual value is Rs.5000. You are required to find out the rate of depreciation.
41. From the following particulars, calculate Debt-Equity ratio
Equity share capital 4,00,000
General Reserve 2,00,000
Long term loan 1,00,000
Debentures 2,00,000
42. J and K were partners sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2. J draws Rs.5,000 at the end of
each quarter. K draws Rs.10,000 at the end of each half year. Calculate interest on their
drawings at 10% p.a. for the year ending 31.3.2005.
43. Banu and Kala were sharing profits in the ratio of 4:3. Priya was admitted in the
business as a partner with 3/7th share in the profits of the firm, which she takes 2/7th
from Banu and 1/7th from Kala. Find out new profit ratio and the sacrificing ratio.
44. Z Ltd., forfeited 300 shares of Rs.10 each fully called up for non payment of final call
money of Rs.4 per share. Out of these 250 shares were reissued for a total payment of
Rs.2,000. Pass necessary journal entries.

Section - C (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer any FIVE questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
Question No.45 is compulsory.
Answer to theory question not to exceed 150 words.

45.(a) The Trial Balance on 31.3.2002, shows Sundry Debtors Rs.1,25,000. Bad debts
1. Bad Debts to be written off Rs.5,000.
2. Provide @ 5% Provision for bad and doubtful debts and
3. Provide @ 2% Provision for discount on debtors.
Pass adjustment entries and also show how these items will appear in the final
(b) Mr. Sugan kept his books by incomplete double entry. He started business with
Rs.3,00,000 on 1.4.02. On 31.3.03 his position was as under.
Rs. Rs.
Cash in hand 8,000 Outstanding expenses 8,000
Sundry Creditors 50,000 Plant 2,00,000
Cash at bank 20,000 Sundry Debtors 1,50,000
Bills payable 10,000 Stock 1,50,000
Furniture 40,000 Bills receivable 15,000
Additional capital Rs.10,000; and drawings Rs.5,000.
Ascertain the profit or loss made during the year 2002-03.
46. Explain the causes of depreciation
47. Explain the features and advantages of cash budget.
48. Explain the accounting rules applicable in the absence of partnership deed.
49. A company purchased a machinery for Rs.80,000 on 1.4.2001. On 1st October 2002,
another machinery was purchased for Rs.48,000. On 30th September 2003, the first
machinery was sold for Rs.48,000. Depreciation is to be provided at 10% p.a. on straight
line method. The accounts are closed on 31st March every year.
Prepare machinery account and depreciation account for 3 years.
50. From the following calculate Gross Profit Ratio, Net Profit Ratio and Operating Profit
Rs. Rs.
Sales 1,00,000 Loss on sale of investment 800
Gross Profit 30,000 Dividend received 400
Administration expenses 1,000 Net Profit 26,600
Selling expenses 2,000
51. Ravi and Arun are partners in a firm sharing Profits and Losses in the ratio of 3:2. Their
capitals on 1.4.03 were Rs.1,60,000 and Rs.1,20,000 respectively. Drawings of the
partners during the year were Ravi Rs.12,000 and Arun Rs.8,000. Following details are
also given:
a) Interest on Capital at and on drawings at 6% p.a.
b) Ravi and Arun to get a salary of Rs.10,000 p.a.
c) Ravi to get a commission of 10% on the net profit before charging such
The net profit of the firm for the year ended 31.3.04 before making of the above
adjustments was Rs.60,000. Show the Profit and Loss Appropriation account and
Capital Accounts of the partners.
52. The directors of Ashok Ltd. forfeited 3000 shares of Rs.10 each fully called up, for nonpayment
of first call Rs.3 and final call Rs.2 per share.
Out of these 2000 shares were reissued at Rs. 7 each as fully paid. Give necessary
journal entries and prepare ledger account for forfeiture and capital reserve account.

Section - D (3 x 20 = 60)
Answer any THREE questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
Question No. 53 is compulsory.

53.(a) Mr.X maintains his books under incomplete double entry, you are required to
prepare Trading and Profit and Loss A/c. and Balance Sheet as on 31.3.04.
1.4.2003 31.3.2004
Stock 5,00,000 2,50,000
Sundry Debtors 12,50,000 17,50,000
Furniture 50,000 50,000
Cash 1,25,000 2,00,000
Sundry Creditors 7,50,000 8,75,000
Other Details:
Rs. Rs.
Discount received 75,000 Discount Allowed 50,000
Sundry Expenses 1,50,000 Cash paid to creditors 22,50,000
Cash received from debtors 26,75,000 Drawings 2,00,000
Sales return 75,000 Purchase return 25,000
Charge depreciation on furniture at 5% p.a.
(b) A and B were partners, sharing profits in the ratio of 3:2. They admit C as a new
partner for 1/3 share on April 1st 2000 under the following terms:
a) C has to bring Rs.25,000 as Capital.
b) Goodwill is valued at Rs.26,000.
c) Land and Building be appreciated by 40%
d) Depreciate plant and machinery by 10%.
e) The provision for bad and doubtful debts was to be increased by Rs.800.
f) A liability of Rs.1,000 included in creditors is not necessary.

Balance Sheet as on 1.4.2000
Liabilities Rs. Assets Rs.
Sundry Creditors 29,000 Goodwill 10,000
Bills Payable 6,000 Land & Buildings 25,000
Capital: Plant & Machinery 30,000
A Rs. 50,000 Stock 15,000
B Rs. 35,000 85,000 Sundry Debtors Rs. 20,000
General Reserve 16,000 (-) Provision for
doubtful debts Rs. 1,000 19,000
Cash 9,000
Profit & Loss A/c. 28,000
1,36,000 1,36,000
Pass journal entries. Prepare revaluation account, capital account and new
Balance Sheet.

54. From the following Trial Balance, prepare Final Accounts for the year ending 31.3.2002.
Trial Balance as on 31.3.2002
Debit Rs. Credit Rs.
Furniture 30,000 Capital 2,00,000
Cash 8,000 Commission 14,000
Opening Stock 1,00,000 Sales 6,00,000
Purchases 3,20,000 Creditors 1,00,000
Investments at 10% 20,000 Interest 1,500
Drawings 60,000
Bad debts 12,000
Salaries 60,000
Carriage inwards 20,000
Insurance Premium 12,000
Rent 26,000
Debtors 1,80,000
Advertisement 40,000
General Expenses 27,500
9,15,500 9,15,500

1. Closing Stock was valued at Rs.80,000.
2. Accrued Interest on investment Rs.500.
3. Commission received in advance Rs.4,000.
4. Depreciate Furniture at 5% p.a.
5. Provide Interest on Capital at 6% p.a.
55. From the following Balance Sheet calculate current ratio, liquid ratio, debt-equity ratio
and proprietory ratio.
Balance Sheet of XYZ Ltd. as on 31.3.04

Liabilities Rs. Assets Rs.
Share Capital 40,000 Goodwill 24,000
Reserves 20,000 Fixed Assets 56,000
Loans 32,000 Stock 16,000
Creditors 20,000 Debtors 8,000
Overdraft 8,000 Bills receivable 4,000
Cash 12,000

1,20,000 1,20,000
56. Prepare cash budget for the month of June, July and August 2004 from the following
a) Opening Balance of cash in June Rs.7,000.
b) Cash Sales for June Rs.20,000; July Rs.30,000 and August Rs.40,000.
c) Wages payable Rs.6,000 every month.
d) Interest receivable Rs.500 in the month of August.
e) Purchase of furniture for Rs.16,000 in July.
f) Cash purchase for June Rs.10,000; July Rs.9,000; and August Rs.14,000.
57. A Ltd. issued 20,000 shares Rs.100 each at Rs.120 payable as follows:
On application Rs. 25 On First Call Rs.20
On allotment Rs. 45 (including Premium) On Second Call Rs.30
The company's shares were fully subscribed. Both the calls were made and all the money
were duly received.
Pass journal entries. Prepare necessary ledger accounts and Balance Sheet.

Rest of the Questions are attached in below file which is free of cost
Attached Files
File Type: pdf UP Board 12 Commerce Model Question Paper.pdf (1.75 MB, 1110 views)
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Default Re: UP board model paper intermediate commerce

Can you provide me the English question paper of intermediate UP Board as my sister is preparing for the exam this year?
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Default Re: UP board model paper intermediate commerce

English question paper of intermediate UP Board is as follows:

Q1: Explain with reference to the context one of the following passages:- 04marks
(a) John comes from a family where heart disease has occurred often , so statistics say that I
am going to give him trouble too, of course , he can’t do anything about here ditty. But he
can do a lot to minimize risk.
(b) Not many people bought kites these days. Adults destined them and children preferred to
spend their money at the movies. Moreover, there were few open spaces left for flying
kites. The city had swallowed up the green ‘maiden’ which had stretched from the old fort
walls to the river Bank.
(c) I could not help it .I burst into a shout of laughter as I looked at Georges wrathful face I
recalled in my chair. I very nearly fell on the floor. George never forgive me. But Tom
often asks me to excellent dinners in his charming house in May four, and if he
occasionally borrows a trifle from me , that is merely force of habit. It is never more than
a sovereign.

Q2: Select one of the following passages and answer the questions that follow: 04marks
(a) I told this Storey to Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. I told him, it was
. one reason I had fallen in love with India
The people I saw in India-Those in the village as well as those
in high office –have both pride and lively sense of decency and citizenship They also have
a passion for independence. This beautiful born in squalor and poverty, uneducated in
both grammar and manners-had given me a glimpse of the warm soul of India.
1. Which story did the author tells Pandit Nehru? 01marks
2. What virtue did the author discover in the Indian people? 01marks
3. What did the author see in India? 01marks
4. Who had given the author a glimpse of the warm soul of India? 01marks

(b) The commonest from of forgetfulness ,I suppose, occurs in the matter of posting letters ,
So common is it that I am always reluctant to trust a departing visitors to post an important
letter. So little I do I rely on his memory that I put him on his oath before handling the letter
to him. As for myself, any one who asks me to post a letter as a poor judge of character. Even
if I carry the letter in my hans. I am always past the pillar

1. What is the commonest form of forgetfulness? 01marks
2. Why is the author unwilling to trust anyone to post a letter? 01marks
3. What does the author do with the letters of others? 01marks
4. Give the antonyms of the words-
(i) reluctant (ii) remember ½+1/2=01marks

Q3. Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 30 words each :
(1) Why could the writer Mr. Washington not make a good impression upon the head
teacher? (2) What are the advantages of traveling alone in a railway compartment?
(3) What are the things which modern people do not forget?

Q4: Answer one of the following questions in not more than 150 words : 06marks
(i) What according to c.E.M.Joad is civilization?
(ii) Describe Radhakrishan`s view on women`s education?

Q5: Fill in the blanks in the following Sentences selecting the most Suitable word from
those given within brackets : 4x1/2=02marks
(a) Many people ……………. That they have down through over work.
(wonder , inform , complain, suggest)
(b) Some kind of dream of unity has occupied the mind of India since…………...of
civilization. (development , dawn, middle, change)
(c) The old family Systems is …………… itself to present day condition.
(connecting, adopting ,adapting, finding)
(d) My work pleased the captain so well that he told me I could……………..working
for the small amount per day. (continue , stop , deny, like)

Q6: Answer one of the following questions in not more than 150 words: 05marks
(a) What is your opinion of Portia`s argument that Shylock could not Shed even a drop
of Antonio`s blood while cutting off a pound of his flesh.
(b) How does Shakespeare portray Shylock`s character?

Q7: Answer one of the following questions in not more than 30 words: 02marks
(a) What reason does Shylock give for hating Antonio?
(b) What is Shylock`s reply to Antonio`s request for a loan?

Q8: Answer one of the following questions in not more than 750 words: 05marks
(a) Compare and contrast the characters of Jimmy and Bob?
(b) What do you learn from the story ‘The Selfish Giant’?

Q9: Answer one of the following questions in not more than 30 words: 02marks
(a) Why did Sanku not get any sleep for Several say?
(b) How did the resignation of Gyan babu affect the principal?

Q10: Explain with reference to the context any two of the following extracts:
(a) O, What can all thee, Knight-at-arms,
So haggard and so woe-begone?
The Squirrel`s granary id full,
And the harvest’s done,

(b) When I consider how my light is Spent, Ere half my days, in this dark would and
wide, And that one talent, Which is death to hide, Lodged arth me useless, though
my soul more bent.
(c) Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high; Where knowledge id free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;
Q11: Give the central idea of one of the following poems: 04marks
(a) Education of Nature
(b) To the Pupils
(c) Stopping By woods on A Snowy Evening.

Q12: Answer one of the following questions in about 150 words: 04marks
(a) Contrast the character of Sidhartha with that of his father.
(b) Discuss the role of in “The Light of Asia –‘Book The Third’.

Q13: Define Apostrophe or Metaphor and give an example of it. 1+1=02marks
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Default Re: UP board model paper intermediate commerce

account exam paper in hindi with answer
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Default Re: UP board model paper intermediate commerce

sir plz 12th commerce u.p bord ka model paper send my email id...upadhyays565@email.com
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mai inter me reading krta hun kya english ka paper mil skta hai
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Default Re: UP board model paper intermediate commerce

Originally Posted by mahenderbaskar View Post
I am going to take part in UP Board intermediate commerce examination. For my successful exams I need the previous year model paper of intermediate commerce. Please give me the link from where I can take papers.
please send your complete set of up board commerce section question paper(accountancy,business organisation,money and banking,hindi and english) on anuragmishra0298@gmail.com.
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